Saturday, August 20, 2016


   Some readers have recently noted that it is increasingly difficult, and often impossible, to access RT News feeds from our site. This problem is temporary, we believe and not a problem from the blog site.

   RT News has been under a sustained and sophisticated cyber attack for the past week. They have technicians addressing the problem. According to sources, the attack originated from a central point in the US and is designed to flood RT's gateways and shut down access.

   Kalinsky Security Specialists---the same organization who exposed the NSA ties to the Equation Group, estimates that the RT attack has cost the hackers about a quarter million dollars so far to implement. So obviously it is not the handiwork of a few random cyber-anarchists.

   These types of attacks are not new. SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency) is also hit sporadically; typically coinciding with news of a US-backed forces' defeat, or implication in a war crime. As Edward Snowden revealed this week, Russia, Syria, Iran, and China are known targets of The Equation Group.

    It's rather ironic that in the last century, it was the countries in Nazi-occupied Europe and later those behind the Communist Iron Curtain who were notorious for jamming and disrupting broadcasts from the Free World. America never bothered jamming Axis or Communist propaganda. The belief then was that the Truth needed no defense; only the lies promoted by freedom's enemies needed protection from closing dissent.

    And really the same principle holds today. We don't see these types of attacks aimed at Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or Reuters. It does give one pause to consider who is and who isn't reporting the truth these days.   

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