Wednesday, August 10, 2016


     The intrepid Julian Assange, head of Wiki Leaks is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the assassins of US Democratic Party operative Seth Rich. Rich was murdered under suspicious circumstances in Washington, DC in July. Many have speculated that Rich---a Sanders supporter who had access to DNC voter databases---may have been the source behind Assange's recent exposure of Hilary Clinton's underhanded tactics against the Sanders Campaign.

       "Whistleblowers go to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks." Assange said in an interview with Dutch TV, "We have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States. Our sources face serious risks. That's why they come to us, so that we can protect their anonymity."

       Rich's case is being treated as a homicide with a possible motive of robbery by the DC Police, and the case is still unsolved.

        Assange's statement, while not naming Rich as a source (which would be unethical as a journalist for Assange to do anyway), strongly implies that there was a connection between Rich and Wiki Leaks. Assange's offer of a reward suggests too that he has a professional interest in this case.

         This revelation comes a day after Donald Trump suggested that political assassination was justifiable; and the suggestion of Hilary Clinton supporter Michael Morrell that Russian and Iranian officials should be the targets of covert assassinations. A less narcotized populace and a less servile media than we have in modern America would recognize such things as the sentiments of mobsters; but most Ameroboobs prefer to sit in the Hookah Lounges, reading homosexual pornography and pontificating, to care very much.

       It's somewhat sad to consider that Assange's words sound similar to those used by American journalists in the past, when speaking of their sources inside the Third Reich or the Soviet Union. Even sadder is the fact that he is correct. Cases like Seth Rich's are not uncommon in the United States. The secrets these courageous few have generally go the flames and only a few, like Edward Snowden, manage to escape the fate of their writings with a hasty egress across an international boundary line. Others are not so fortunate.

      Since the late 1980s in the US, the sheer number of reporters, investigators, whistleblowers, and government officials who have conveniently died violent deaths---always at the most opportune moment for those under scrutiny---is too high to be coincidental. And the reason for this is because of the cultural shift that occurred in the United States around that time. The American public, by and large, has accepted the ethos of the Underworld as the New Normal. This ethos is reflected in leaders like the Bushmen, the Clintons, Obama, Sanders, and Trump. 

        As proof of this note that the recent urban riots have universally been directed at police---most of whom have been exonerated---accused of killing a suspect---most of whom had extensive criminal histories. Yet we have seen in America not one demonstration in support of Seth Rich or any of these other suspicious deaths

        Americans reflect this attitude likewise in their habits: narcotics, illicit sex, and (mostly rigged) athletic events. The contemporary attitudes of most Americans; the worship of success and force at any cost, subservience to corrupt and immoral systems, gaming and manipulating interpersonal relationships---all these reflect the character of a gang mentality. Thus it is small wonder that our cultural elites conduct policy in the same ways. Wall Street and the Legal Establishment game the system and call it free enterprise and the pursuit of justice. The occasional political hit, violent protests, and spin-doctoring are called public service and good politics. Media smear tactics are considered journalism. Foreign policy is conducted like drive-by shootings and turf wars. The top leaders simply run gang-style personality cults; bullies and cowards in real life, they project an image of strength and confidence built on their power and prestige alone.

        In short, this is why none of the recent political reform movements have met with any success. They all preach grass-roots solutions, while failing to understand that what is fundamentally wrong with our culture is originating at the grass-roots level. A few political figures in the US actually understand this, but they are voices in the margins. All governments are ultimately only as good as the people who comprise the nation itself. When a culture is corrupted in autocratic governments, the tendency is toward dramatic end as we saw historically in the Roman Empire, Bourbon France, and Czarist Russia. When it happens in republican countries, the tendency is to end in repressive regimes, as we've also seen in Weimar Germany, most South American republics, and are currently seeing in the United States.

            Ultimately, culture does matter. Americans need to put away the Happy Pills, turn off the TV and talk-radio; start thinking for themselves and about what we were and what we've become before they start talking about 'making America great again.' A future built on the ethics of the Underworld is only going end one way and we have Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Pol Pot as examples of where that road ultimately goes. It's past time to wake up and change course, because it can happen here.


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