Thursday, August 25, 2016


     The Manosphere Game Cult is beside themselves with glee over Hilary Clinton's speech attacking the Alt-Right. To the Red Pills, this is confirmation that the Radical Feminists---which by their definition is 100% of the female gender---is really engaged in a war with them. What has them so elated is that Clinton has drawn national attention to them; which they imagine will swell their numbers. The Game Cult leader, The Voice of God, among others, harken back to the so-called 'Gamer-Gate' controversy in 2014 which won them lots of recruits.

      They've likely already forgotten the 1990s, when the Clintons were continually scapegoating the Far Right for their continual policy failures. Hilary Clinton's speech is actually nothing new. Recall that she herself had brought up the specter of a "vast Right-Wing conspiracy" back in 1994, when Clinton's proposed national healthcare plan failed to generate public support.

       Now as we pointed out in another recent article here, that the so-called Alt-Right is really not Right-Wing or Conservative at all; but simply a reactionary movement within the larger Cultural Marxist framework. Traditional Republicans repudiated people like White Nationalists with whom the Alt-Right is rife. Hilary Clinton is not likely to point that out, however.

       White Nationalism, which has always been a latent force among these recent reactionary elements, has really come out in the open during the last few years. As we have observed, it is really nothing more than a variant of Leftist so-called Multiculturalism. Some of the extremists on the Left have fantasized about partitioning the US into racial zones; now some on the Alt-Right have taken the idea globally. According to these innovators, Blacks belong in Africa; Arabs in the Middle East; Orientals in Asia; Whites in Europe and America.

        But here is a problem, which these Alt-Right racial theorists need to address.

        When you speak of racial homelands, aren't you forgetting that the Red Man also needs a home? See, from what anthropology and history teach us---the Americas were originally the American Indians' homeland. We also know from geography that the Central and South Americans are mostly of Indian descent.

         Those on the Alt-Right speak of proprietary rights a great deal. It seems to us, by Alt-Right logic, that the Americas are Indian territory and the White Man really has no claim to this continent. As for building a border fence---we know the Aztecs, Mayans, Incas, etc., were all descendants of North American tribes. It would seem that, to be consistent, the Alt-Right should welcome Latin American immigrants. For even though they've since evolved to speak Spanish and practice Catholicism, they are more Red and therefore, more indigenous to the continent than we are.

          Silly, you say? Of course it is: but it illustrates just how absurd this bogus racial purity movement among the Alt-Right really is. George Bush Jr. came up with the same plan to partition Iraq along cultural lines and look how well that plan worked out. Iraq has been in a near nonstop state of civil war since Bush imposed the plan on them. If it hadn't been for the rise of ISIS as a common enemy, Iraq would still be divided.

         Many of the Alt-Right Red Pills are deeply against interracial marriages, although paradoxically they also claim that white women are unfit to be good wives and mothers. That aside, they argue against race-mixing on the grounds that such unions lower the genetic stock. They all base this theory on lower IQs of non-whites without bothering to consider of course that IQ tests are based on Western cultural norms. 

        The Red Pills go on to claim that these low IQs result from generations of inbreeding, and then proceed to offer inbreeding among Whites as the solution. Isolationism never works in practice. Notice that the most isolated and remote tribes on earth today are the least culturally advanced. Which is also true of isolated nations. Do we really want to look like a white, neo-Christian version of Saudi Arabia in a few decades?

         These same Manospherians also claim that reproductive success is the hallmark of the superior 'Alpha' male---apparently forgetting that China's population is 4 times ours; and that the Arabians have 3 times our birthrate. Their White Nationalism---like their Game Theory is in todo a contradiction of itself through-and-through.

         Now it is true that Hilary Clinton and other Cultural Marxists have used Multiculturalism as a pretext to institute anti-White policies and discriminate against American Whites. But the truly Conservative way to fight this is to expose the Left's policies for what they are and take a firm stand against all racial and religious discrimination. The true Conservative believes that everyone is entitled to "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" and that only false religions need to be upheld by the power of the State. Can the Alt-Right White Nationalists explain why they alone are entitled to the blessings of Liberty? "White Men created our values of Liberty." they will answer.

         To which we say in response: "No---God created Human Liberty, as our Declaration of Independence itself states. White men may have discovered this truth and put it into practice, but it is to the common good of all mankind."



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