Saturday, August 27, 2016


     Hilary Clinton, in her attack on the so-called Alt Right, has taken to tying Russia in with the movement. As we have previously noted, the Alt-Right had its origins in the early 1990s, a fact Mrs. Clinton acknowledged herself then when speaking of a vast, Right-Wing conspiracy. The Clinton Administration was certainly no friend to the emerging Russian Federation; giving asylum to Gorbachev and attacking Russian allies like Serbia. And as we have also seen, Clinton's chief advisor John Podesta had some rather questionable dealings in Ukraine himself---while accusing Trump's former advisor Paul Manafort of the same things.

     Robbie Mook, Clinton's campaign has claimed that "the hand of Kremlin is in this election." And Clinton herself called President Putin "the great godfather of this global brand of extreme nationalism."

     Awkwardly enough for Clinton, the intrepid Julian Assange today published the third set of 2,500 documents leaked from the Soros Foundation. It seems that Hilary Clinton's good friend, Wall Street robber baron George Soros was deeply involved in an attempt to manipulate another election---the 2012 presidential elections in Russia.

      And who was US Secretary of State in 2012?

      According to the leaked documents, Soros' Open Societies Foundation was organizing Non-Governmental Organizations inside of Russia to foment political disturbances and influence the Russian government. After Putin's re-election, most of the NGOs were thrown out of Russia on the grounds that were viper's-nest of foreign provocateurs. The Soros leaks are proving that Putin's policy was correct.

        Frustrated, Soros admitted in the documents that his plot to instigate a Ukraine-style coup in Russia had failed. At a meeting with some of his fellow financial freebooters, he lamented that Russia's policy of publically funding alternative parties undermined the factions he was controlling---a mistake he later corrected in Ukraine. Soros then submitted a plan to destabilize Russia, among the points of which were flooding the country with Moslem refugees and trying to buy influence in the Russian media.

       Soros agreed to what he called The Russia Project. He offered that the Soros Foundation establish contacts with anti-Putin elements inside Russia and to foment an anti-Russian smear campaign in the Western Corporate Media prior to the Sochi Olympics. The project concluded with a statement committed to Globalism, which by the definition of the American Left actually means US cultural and economic imperialism.

        So it would seem from these revelations that Hilary Clinton and her camarilla are actually the great fairy-godmothers of this national brand of extreme globalism.

        In recent statements, Hilary Clinton even went so far as to accuse Russian media outlets of paying the American Alt-Right. Of course, this is simply more Projection of the same stripe. The abject servility of the US Corporate Media to Obama, Clinton, and Soros has become so transparent that the Soros Scandal is barely even mentioned by the American Press. A recent report stated that the birth of a sea-lion in a city zoo got nine times the media coverage than the Soros Foundation document-leak has received.

         Which, sadly, in the Prozac Nation is about typical. It's doubtful that a country that considers reality-TV stars and stand-up comedians as deep political thinkers is going to pay much attention to Soros and his crimes. Thankfully, Putin is standing tall and unscathed; and Assange is exposing the truth to the world.

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