Sunday, August 7, 2016


    Here in the Prozac Nation, the political process has actually degenerated to the point where the two top presidential candidates are debating over each other's mental fitness to hold office and accusing each other of employing foreign spies. The mere fact that Ameroboobs are basing our national future on which candidate we believe is less insane speaks volumes about the nadir to which our culture has sunk.

     But while the American people are busy getting into political street fights, getting stoned, and watching the Rio Olympics, some politicians elsewhere are doing some worthwhile things. In the African country of Malawi, one of those countries despised by American pundits as a third-world hellhole, members of that country's parliament crossed the aisles and joined hands to donate help to a struggling orphanage in the Malawian capital, Lilongwe. The Mother Teresa Children's House is home to 52 orphans. The politicians brought a supply of badly-needed food items such as milk, corn, and cooking oil.

      "You know that this is the Year of Mercy as declared by our Pope---Pope Francis---and as the Catholic Community in Parliament, we thought that we should do something to support those in need." said Francis Kasaila, who organized the delegation, "Though many of us here today are political opponents, we believe our duty as Catholics comes before politics."

       Kasaila's statement explains the contempt American politicians feel for Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular. In a culture where the personal is political, and the public conditioned to see political opponents as insane, there is obvious hostility toward anyone who thinks that morality transcends politics.

       The Parliamentarians also spent time with the children, and plan future donations of educational and other personal needs. Sister Mira, Mother Superior of the orphanage, thanked the politicians for their support. Afterwards, she also stated to the press:

       "We would want to discourage the social tendency of aborting innocent children. Therefore, let those who feel they couldn't manage caring for their children to bring them here to the Center instead of aborting or abandoning these innocent souls. As you know, life is a gift from God, and who knows? These children too may one day be our future leaders."

        It should be noted that both major presidential candidates, as well the candidates of the two minor parties in the US elections are unequivocally 'pro-choice'. And it is even worse that politicians in tiny countries in Southern Africa are moral examples to mankind, while ours are international laughing-stocks.

        In the exceptionalist United States, in fact---the nation that first enshrined religious liberty---the political Left is trying to shut down Catholic charities for refusing to provide abortion and homosexual services. And the political Right is trying to shut them down for not turning away immigrants. Meanwhile, 52 Malawian children have hope for the future, because politicians heard the Church's call to be "faithful witnesses of charity and love one another despite political differences."





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