Monday, August 1, 2016


     Throughout the 2010 decade, the International Jewish Conspiracy has experienced a revival among Postmodern Ameroboob fringe-groups. The International Jewish Conspiracy holds that the Jews---though comprising 1/5 of 1% of the world's population---control governments and economies on a global scale with the ultimate intention of enslaving the Gentiles.

       This theory crops up, like a noxious weed, at various intervals throughout Western History. The most drastic expression of it, of course, happened during the Second World War when the Nazi Regime carried out a Mediaeval-style pogrom with advanced technology. We've seen less dramatic outbreaks of Anti-Semitism here in the US as well. The 1840's Nativist Movement, the US Civil War, and the post-WW1 era saw it at its heights. As a rule, American Anti-Semitism never gained much legal traction here outside a few excesses during the Civil War.

       It's a singular fact that the theory of an International Jewish Conspiracy always arises in regions during periods of economic or political turmoil. It never seems to occur to the partisans of this theory that, if the Jews really did run everything, then they must also have been in control during times of peace and plenty. Yet we never hear of praise being heaped upon International Jewry during prosperous times. It's also noteworthy that countries like China, Korea and Japan---places where there are few or no Jews---manage to experience national emergencies without any Jewish input.

        Parts of the Manosphere and the so-called Alt-Right are the hotbeds of contemporary Anti-Semitism. The general trend of their arguments are that the Jews are fomenting Radical Feminism and Cultural Marxism to destroy the White Male. While it is true that Feminists and Marxists do in fact hate white men, the forces behind these movements have really nothing to do with Judaism. The Western Progressive/Left hate Jews about as deeply as they hate Christians.

          It is rather disingenuous to argue, as many Anti-Semites do, that the Cultural Marxists have a large percentage of ethnic Jews among their numbers. Most of the American Left had ancestors who were Christians. None of these people are taking orders from the Israeli Government; in fact most of them oppose Israeli policies.

         Let us look at this objectively: contrary to what most Ameroboobs seem to imagine, Israel is not a world superpower. It is a powerful country in the Near East, but probably less so than even Turkey or Iran. Israel is a country roughly the size of New Jersey. It hasn't the population or the resources to dominate anybody---the Israelis can barely control the Palestinians let alone control the world. And admittedly, like most other world governments, Israel engages in international intrigues and plays geopolitical strategies. Some conspiratorial types say that our government gives Israel a free pass over some its objectionable behavior; but in perspective, that's nothing compared to the behavior our government routinely overlooks from countries like Saudi Arabia or Imperial Japan.

         What's really motivating the Anti-Semitism on the Alt-Right is that Judaism recognizes a Higher Power than the ideologies flowing out of the Far Right. Authoritarian forces simply don't tolerate competing authorities. 

          Blaming the Jews for America's current problems is ultimately just another way of shifting responsibility for our own generation's failures. The Eternal Jew is what he's always been throughout history: the eternal scapegoat.


  1. Well said. Thank you, I appreciate your perspective.

    1. Thank you---I enjoy reading your thoughts as well.

      This is another problem being greatly promoted in the Manosphere. It's rather ironic; since the Game Cult is constantly appealing to the Old Testament, which was written by Jews, as supposed proof of their doctrines.