Wednesday, August 17, 2016


   Technology-related news has come to the fore recently, with stories of Chinese advances in space, and Freedom-fighters' sophisticated cyber-warfare methods. So naturally, the Manosphere Game Cult has come up with their own technological answer to advance the cause of Civilization and Freedom. One of the leaders of their cult, who writes under the ridiculous name of The Chateau Heartiste suggests that sexbots are the wave of the future.

     Sexbots, or more accurately female androids, is a concept that's been floating around among the Red Pills for some time. In 2010, a Japanese scientist developed a fairly life-like artificial girlfriend, which spurred hopes among many Manospherians that real females would soon become obsolete. The current models---available at very steep prices---look somewhat realistic, though lacking in quite a few feminine attributes. Not the least of which are motility and the capacity of rational thought.

      But hope springs eternal in the Red Pill bosom. Mr. Heartiste is mulling a plot for an upcoming book---doubtless also available at steep prices---about a future where men fall in love with their comely robots, and spurn the more traditional-type females.

       "It's not like the real world isn't serving up daily reminders that sexbots are coming sooner than we think."

       Somewhere between the stories of the Yemen Cyber Army causing Saudi military defeats; Wiki Leaks taking down the Clintons, Soros, and the NSA; and the Chinese quantum communications space satellites---somehow we missed these important reminders. But assuming that what Heartiste says is so, it ought to give some pause to these futuristic-minded fellows to consider that both criminal hackers and cyber warriors may also envision the considerable mayhem they can cause with a sexbot. 

         The Game Cultists see nothing but evil in feminine psychology, and they hope that Artificial Intelligence will correct all of these alleged defects. Some of the commenters on Heartiste's article even go so far as to include artificial womb technology in their idealized robots---as if pregnancy is somehow something separated from feminine psychology. Assuming that all of these things could actually happen (and be within the price range of an average man), the damage that a hacker could do far exceeds what even some the less emotionally stable real-life females could accomplish. 

        That's an important point that the Game Cultists do not seem to grasp fully: a sexbot is really nothing but a machine. Robots can be programmed and controlled; real females are born with certain psychological tendencies. In other words, there are social boundaries that the average female will not cross---robots will act as they are programmed. The Red Pills who complain so much about females using sex to control men have no idea what damage a weaponized sexual machine can actually do. And make no mistake about it: practically any technology has the capacity to be employed as a weapon.

       Heartiste gushes over a futuristic scenario of "a civilization rapidly yielding to a cataclysmic sex market disruption that dwarfs the schism (that) online porn and obesity had caused the prior generation...the sensual and psychological possibilities of sexbot love in context with the cultural upheaval that sexbots would doubtless unleash on advanced hedonistic civilizations."

        For a group who is so obsessed with the pornography and marketing industries, it seems strange that none of the sexbot-proponents have considered the actual economic trends of sexual marketing. If one looks at typical female porn stars---admittedly they are pretty girls, but rather generic-looking with little physical differences between them. This is because the pornography industry has taken composites of so-called 'attraction triggers' and found (or photoshopped) women who closely match these generic qualities. So why should anyone assume that mass-marketed sexbots are going to offer a variety of choices? Again, these same people who complain about the lack of sexual options are advocating a solution that will likely end up giving them fewer sexual options.

      Heartiste would probably be a lot better served if he'd put his technological theories into something a little more practical. But we're talking here about a guy who's written a Decalogue, of sorts, for the Game Cultists with the rather embarrassing title The 16 Commandments of Poon. Among the gems of relationship advice to men in this landmark article are to keep other women on the side; use fear and manipulation instead of love; and think of yourself always before thinking of her. Small wonder that men who hold such theories find establishing permanent relationships with real women difficult.

        So then, are sexbots going to be part of the future? Probably so; there's always going to be a demand for unusual sexual tastes and the pornography industry is always especially quick to employ new technologies. But it is doubtful that sexbots will ever be widely used. Whether the Game Cultists will admit it or not, there are a lot more features in natural women that simply can't be reproduced by machine.   




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