Sunday, August 21, 2016


     This weekend, over 100,000 Yemeni citizens gathered in the capital of Sanaa to demand the Wahhabi government abdicate in favor of Yemen's legal president Ali Saleh. Saleh was forced from office in 2012 as part of Obama's and Clinton's so-called Arab Spring. Saleh's supporters---over the objections of the Beltway and Wall Street---reinstated his party, which led to a US-backed invasion led by the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia.

     This weekend's protest was met with a typically barbaric Wahhabi response: the Saudi Air Force launched air strikes near the demonstrations. There were an unknown number of casualties, though at least three were killed by the bombs and numerous others killed or injured in the subsequent stampede.

     Wahhabi atrocities in Yemen have reached such a level that even our Rainbow-Pride Pentagon is feeling the pressure to downplay its own involvement in these crimes. Speaking from a US Naval Base in Bahrain---another country suffering from Wahhabi oppression---one Lt. Ian McConnughey stated to the press that 'fewer than five' US personnel were now involved in the Saudi-led Coalition in Yemen.

      "The cooperation we've extended to Saudi Arabia is modest and not blank check." reiterated Adam Stump, a spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon.

       Saudi forces have been directly implicated in hundreds of civilian deaths in Yemen, mostly targeting Yemeni Shiites and Christians. Their policy of ethnic cleansing seems particularly directed at children: schools, hospitals and orphanages not being spared. The United Nations recommended sanctions against Saudi Arabia, which were blocked by the US and Wahhabi-controlled countries. Three days after the sanctions were withdrawn, the US concluded a lucrative arms deal with the Saudis.

      Has the treacherous Obama actually decided to slink away from Yemen and throw his allies under the bus as he's done elsewhere? Not really. The military draw-down in Saudi Arabia merely involves transferring personnel to Bahrain; one of the Saudis' coalition partners in Yemen. The Pentagon is also upping arms sales to the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait---who are in turn allied with the Saudis.

       This military draw-down is all for show. Last week, Saudi jets bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders which caused a huge stir in Europe. Obama, who needs European support in the Middle East, took these actions for the benefit of the European Press. The other reason is that the Saudi-led Coalition, supplied with the latest Pentagon weapons and US military advisors, is meeting spirited resistance from Yemeni forces. The Yemenis have practically no outside help and yet have fought the Wahhabis to a standstill after nearly 18 months of fighting. This is bad advertising for future US military sales. 

      If anything, Obama's policy shift is Yemen is one of overt-to-covert aid for the Wahhabi Regime. The Wahhabis can now behave with even greater impunity, since they no longer even need US diplomatic cover. But the bright spot is that Yemen is showing sign of capitulating to the Wahhabis, and the region is rapidly turning from the 'Arab Spring' into the 'Arab Vietnam' for the Beltway and its confederates.

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