Tuesday, August 23, 2016


      The so-called Alt-Right, thanks largely to the political success of Donald Trump, has emerged as a major American sociopolitical movement. Unlike the Reform Party or the Tea Party, it appears that the Alt-Right has some permanence on the political landscape, for better or worse.

        The Alt-Right is not ideologically or culturally connected to traditional American Conservatism as we knew it in the last century under the Reagan Administration. The Alt-Right is essentially a reactionary movement. There is no one in the Alt-Right who corresponds to the genteel William F. Buckley who could articulate clearly and succinctly what defined a Conservative position. The Alt-Right does not actually stand for much of anything. It is however, filled with loud and active media figures and bloggers who tell us what they are against.

         Their solutions to socioeconomic problems basically can be summarized as whatever  goes to opposite extreme of the Far Left.  In fact, their positions on nearly issue is identical to those of the Cultural Marxists with the Alt-Right politically correct substitutions. We have seen for example how the Manosphere 'Red Pills' have taken Radical Feminism and applied to men---and not surprisingly the Red Pill/Game Cult are huge supporters of the Alt-Right.

         The Alt-Right does the same in a broader sense: their racial politics basically is Leftist Multiculturalism applied to Whites. They claim to oppose hiring quotas, but want to expel immigrant labor and force businesses to hire native-born Americans instead. And so on. In fact, what one sees in every issue that the Alt-Right supports is Political Correctness in reverse. There is nothing Conservative about the segregationism, anti-Semitism, male gender-supremacy, anti-Catholicism, militarism, xenophobia, and crony-cartel capitalism that their pundits advocate on a regular basis. There's nothing traditionally American about any of it either.

        Despite their claims to the contrary, the Alt-Right is a product of the post-Reagan Era like the Cultural Marxism it emulates. Its origins come from the early 1990s when political shock-jocks began to dominate AM Radio. These people claimed that the Mainstream Media then had a liberal bias and editorialized rather than reported news. They promptly then copied that very model and have since grown via radio, television, and the Internet. Alt-Right Media engages in all of the worst tactics of the Far Left: shouting down opponents; personal attacks, guilt-by-association, historical revisionism, spreading nonsensical neologisms, etc.

          The Alt-Right also has the typically Leftist tendency to regard political opponents as dangerous enemies---illustrating that they've totally internalized the 'personal is political' attitude of the Cultural Marxists. Their derision is not exclusively reserved for the Left either, but also for traditional conservatives whom the Alt-Right doesn't deem sufficiently loyal to the Official Party Line.

           This is probably the one thing that most separates the Alt-Right from Traditional Conservatives. Some of us remember the aforementioned William Buckley and others of his political persuasion sitting in quiet studios in easy chairs having polite discussions with their opponents. Today, the commentators are screaming the most vile epithets their fevered imaginations can suggest; their rhetoric filled with references suggestive of warfare; and offering the most extreme and inhuman solutions.

            Now let it be understood that the Cultural Marxists are indeed the devoted foes of everything positive about American Culture. But the point is that we don't defeat them by imitating or becoming like them. The one thing that the Cultural Marxists cannot tolerate is truth and the Society they wish to destroy was better than the one they've offered in its place. Fight them with that fact and we'd actually Make America Great Again.





  1. "-illustrating that they've totally internalized the 'personal is political' attitude of the Cultural Marxists."

    Yes precisely! I rue the day we ever heard those words. The personal is NOT political. That is a phrase often used by Marxists, by feminists, and now the altright.

    We have now taken political ideas outside the realm of rational thought and well reasoned arguments, and debate is nearly non existent. People are pretty much just reacting to one another emotionally. Needless to say, this doesn't bode well for anyone.

    1. It doesn't bode well at all. 20th Century Europe and Asia were full of regimes built on that very concept. It's interesting too that all of them turned into exactly what they were supposed to be against. Germany, Italy, and Japan were anti-Communist; and set up authoritarian regimes based on obedience to the Party and total economic control. The Soviets set up a police state with all property owned by the central government---just like the Czarist system they replaced. Maoist China drove out all the Chinese warlords and made a militarized society dominated by local Commissars.

      The Alt-Right is going to go exactly the same way.