Monday, August 15, 2016


    George Soros, one of the most notorious of Wall Street's political incendiaries, has finally begun to get some public exposure into his criminal dealings. Last week, Wiki Leaks exposed Soros as one of Obama and Clinton's advisors on a political situation in Albania, a country in whose currency Soros is heavily invested. Hilary Clinton obsequiously bowed to Soros' demands---just as her husband did in 1999, when Soros helped instigate the so-called Kosovo Crisis.

      On Saturday, nearly 3,000 internal documents from Soros-controlled front-groups were released by cyberactivists into the public domain. These documents reveal his dealings with the Obama Administration and his meddling in foreign affairs from 2008-2016. Like Hilary Clinton, Soros immediately accused Russia of being behind the leaks. Soros has a particular hatred for Russia. His hopes of a hostile takeover of Serbia were dashed when Russian troops intervened in the Kosovo Crisis, leading to a mutiny of NATO officers against Clinton toady Gen. Wesley Clark and the intended invasion's collapse. In 2007, Russian intervention foiled a Soros-Halliburton scheme to seize the South Ossetia oilfields.

     Today, the Russian news service Pravda reported the contents of the new revelations relating to Soros' double-dealings in Ukraine, another Wall Street international hostile takeover thwarted by Russia. The Neo-Nazi government in what is left of that country has been receiving support from Soros. Ukraine broke up after an Obama-backed coup in 2014, with Crimea voting to join Russia, and the Donbas region gaining its independence. The Wall Street looters lost the most economically valuable part of the country; and since have had to pump billions into the Ukrainian rump-state; a country governed by Nazi neurotics upheld by an army of European Skinheads and Islamic Jihadists trained by Obama's LGBTQ-friendly  military advisors.

       The batch of 300 documents relating to Ukraine, according to Pravda, illustrate Soros' involvement in upholding that Regime. The Soros Fund, for example, invested nearly 1 billion into projects influencing Ukrainian media and creating liasions between them and the Western Media. $195,000 was spent in the Netherlands to lobby that country's Parliament to ratify EU relations with Ukraine. Additionally, Soros spent about $750,000 on establishing a 2016 'advisory committee' for the Ukrainian government---at the same time negotiating an EU bailout for that country's economy (which is heavily invested in by Soros and his Wall Street cronies).

       The documents revealed that Soros has put together a $1 billion Wall Street investment fund for Ukraine if the proposed EU bailout can stabilize the country. In exchange, of course, Ukrainian debt to Russia would be cancelled.

        Most here in the Prozac Nation---who can't find places like Albania, Ossetia, or Ukraine on a world map---will likely shrug their shoulders and say, 'Oh well. Sucks to be them. Soros is a Smart Boy who knows how to play the game." But they ought to consider that Soros' good friends Trump and Clinton are competing for the US presidency right now; and that Soros has been tied to funding several 'activist' groups in the US. Among them are Media Matters, Moveon, and Black Lives Matter. Are we to suppose that Soros, a globalist, not even born in the US would ply his trade on the American public like he does on foreign nationals?

        The answer is, of course he would; but Ameroboobs are too concerned with Pride Rallies, Prozac, and anti-Police Riots to care. So men like Soros continue to grab more power and profit, while fanning American outrage in any direction but towards themselves.


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