Sunday, August 14, 2016


   In the ongoing saga of America's Summer of Rage, the infuriated citizens of Milwaukee went on looting and burning rampage during the last 24 hours. The Governor of Wisconsin has now deployed the State National Guard to the scene. 

   The catalyst behind this latest Ameroboob outburst was another police shooting a ghetto thug. In this case, a hoodlum with a stolen pistol and a lengthy criminal history was fleeing from police when he turned to shoot at them. In the Prozac Nation, a police officer killing a dangerous criminal in self-defense is grounds for a popular uprising. There are never any such protests when political whistleblowers like Seth Rich are mysteriously murdered; but it's politically correct to be outraged by police shootings; and so Milwaukee burns.

      All of these riots start before any official inquest is even conducted, and the police are exonerated in the overwhelming majority of cases. In spite of that, not only do cities burn where the shootings happened; riots and rampages also erupt in cities hundreds of miles of the scene. These facts alone ought to raise some red flags that these riots are being orchestrated. As is the fact that the Obama Administration doesn't seem to be taking any especial initiatives to prevent them.

        The Cultural Marxists would like nothing than a pretext for creating a national police force and abolishing all local jurisdictions. Bush Junior started the process in 2001, by creating the Department of Homeland Security and consolidating federal functions under it. DHS also has the authority to intervene in local jurisdictions (though of dubious legality under the Constitution). This what the Cultural Marxists and the so-called Libertarians actually mean when they talk about community policing.

        What we have today---although in a corrupted form in many municipalities---is actual community policing. In the past, cities hired and promoted local policemen and often assigned them to neighborhoods where they lived. The same Cultural Marxists who now want 'community policing' were the ones who changed the old system on the spurious grounds that it bred corruption and nepotism.

        The best course of action would be for municipalities to return to the old system---throw out the political correctness and limit federal intrusion to its proper jurisdictional boundaries. But as we have seen since 2001, the Security Industry translates to billions of dollars, and effective policing would bite into the profit margins.

        There are no incentives for anyone at a national level to stop these riots. The Government profits by expanding its power; the Media profits by sensationalizing the events for ratings; Wall Street profits from rebuilding the communities and selling security; et cetera. If these things are going to stop, they'll have to be stopped by the communities themselves.

        But this is unlikely to happen given the fact that the Corporate Media and Big Pharma keep the average Ameroboob in a constant state of narcotized rage and ready to explode on cue. Proof of that can be seen in Milwaukee where these rioters created a virtual war zone over institutional racism in the police department without realizing that the police officer who shot the suspect is himself, black.


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