Wednesday, August 31, 2016


      Two of the chief characteristics of a religious cult are that they make claims that the mainstream religion is corrupt; and then in turn import concepts alien to that faith in opposition to it. We have written here at length about the cultish aspects of the Manosphere Alt-Right movement called 'Game'. This cult has largely co-opted the Men's Rights Movement during the 2010 decade. It preys upon alienated Western males who have fallen victim to the Cultural Marxist sociopolitical attacks upon our common heritage. Like most movements of its type, it focuses on scapegoating rather than solutions; and offers quick-and-easy solutions to complex human social interactions. The Cult, thus, is gaining a significant following.

       Both the Game partisans and its critics are abuzz about an article published today by one of the cult's leaders who calls himself The Rational Male. In a long tome, this author argues a common Game theme that modern religion---Christianity in particular---has become corrupted by Feminism, which he obliquely refers to as the Feminine Imperative. This latter term is a Game Cult doctrine, a notion though essentially borrowed from Radical Feminism, can be loosely defined as the theory that the natural male instinct to protect and provide for females is artificially socially programmed. What the Feminist revisionist historians term Patriarchy; according to the Gamers (who've adopted the same historical perspective) was a period under which men regulated and controlled all of these supposed negative feminine tendencies, which the Gamers claim to be at the root of Western society's ills.

       "For the past five generations," says the Rational Male, "there has been a concerted re-engineering of religion (and not just limited to Christianity) to better suit the ends of the Feminine Imperative. Just as men are sold the idealism of the 'old set of books' while living in a social context that confounds them, religion has been co-opted by the feminine. The 'old-books' religion has either been replaced wholesale by a feminine-interpreted, feminine-directed religion that places women as its highest authority; or has been restructured or re-written to serve the same feminine-primary objectives."

       This is all nonsense, of course. Assuming that the author is referring to the major Western religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam---there certainly has been no coordination between them to feminize their faiths. The last major meeting between Christian and Islamic leaders that we know of had to do with organizing and coordinating humanitarian aid to the Middle East. Certainly women and children probably benefitted most from this aid, but this hardly proves a pro-feminine collusion between Christian Popes and Patriarchs with Islamic Ayatollahs.

        During his recent trip to Poland, Pope Francis made several strong speeches supporting the Church's positions on gender polarity and stressed the importance of male governance of the Church, as supported both by Scripture and Doctrine. Francis denounced the Feminist/ Cultural Marxist tendencies in the West towards gender neutrality and androgyny.

        The author cites the Game Cult leader, The Voice of God, who has apparently taken on a Twitter account with the very Christian-sounding name of The Supreme Dark Lord. The Dark Lord opines that "Churchians bewail their emptying pews, then continue to preach their false gospels that drive men and nationalists out of the church."

       It may come as news to 'The Voice of God', but Nationalism is not a part of Christian Doctrine. The word Catholic in fact comes from a Latin word meaning universal. Even today, negotiations are underway between the Vatican and China; and two of the main obstacles are that the Chinese government objects to foreign appointments of bishops and that the Vatican recognizes Taiwan as an independent diocese.

       What is actually causing American church attendance to decline is the breakdown of the family and the anti-Christian bias of the US Corporate Media and Academic Mafia. The Game Cult, prudently ignores these problems because they share the same objectives as the Cultural Marxists: to subvert traditional religion.

       "Church culture" he continues---as though all non-Game churches think exactly alike---"is now openly hostile to any expression of conventional masculinity which does not directly benefit women or condition men into becoming gender-loathing Betas."

        This statement comes from a writer who teaches his disciples a series of Iron Rules. Let the reader ask himself why he supposes that the following things are not taught in churches:

        #7: "It is always time and effort better spent developing new, fresh, prospective women than it will ever be in attempting to reconstruct a failed relationship."

        #3: "Any woman who makes you wait for sex, or by her actions implies that she is making you wait for it, is never worth the wait."

       #6: "Women are utterly incapable of loving a man in the way he expects to be loved."

       #5: "Never let a woman be in control of childbirth."

        The curious reader can look up others, but they continue in the same vein. As Christ taught "By their fruits you shall know them", and the fruit of the Game Cult is toxic to both Faith and Manhood.


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