Thursday, August 4, 2016


    Allied military engineers confirmed today that yesterday's poison gas attack in Aleppo, Syria originated in zone controlled by the Pentagon's so-called moderate rebels. General Sergei Chavarkov, commander of the Russian Expeditionary Force notified the Beltway of its discovery. The barbarians deployed the gas---probably Chlorine---on a residential neighborhood in Aleppo, killing 7 and critically poisoning 20 others.

    This is certainly not the first incident of US-backed forces committing atrocities in Syria. Most recently they publically beheaded a 12-year old boy, and massacred about 40 women and children in cold blood outside Aleppo. Other noteworthy actions include the slaughter of the entire village of Zara, and systematically burning out farms in the Ghouta District.

    "We haven't confirmed those reports." said Mark Toner, spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly US State Department of the gas attack. "Obviously we condemn the use of chemical weapons. We'll investigate."

    And no doubt, like the inquiry into Hilary Clinton's Benghazi e-mails, whatever we hear will be to the Beltway's liking. They will probably go about as far as the official inquiries into US bombings of civil targets in Syria, or the Chilcot Report's conclusions about US war crimes in Iraq.

      It is interesting to recall that one reason Obama was elected in 2008 was his opposition to the Bush Administration's meddling in the Middle East. Yet Obama has not left Afghanistan or Iraq, and has expanded the conflict into Syria, Libya, Yemen, and possibly Turkey. During the entire 8 year Reign of Terror that Obama's foreign policy has been, we have not seen any of the types of orchestrated protests or media criticism that we formerly saw against Bush.

      Instead, the Corporate Media is distracting everyone's attention because Hilary Clinton had some token Moslem speak at the Democratic Party Convention and Donald Trump made some allegedly insensitive comments about it.

      If we would care to discuss Moslem heroes we can look instead to the brave people of Syria who've been fighting for their country against both Wahhabi Jihadists and Western Leftists for 5 years. Or the Moslem volunteers from Lebanon, Iran, and parts of Russia who've joined the fight. We could look at the Moslems in Iraq who have been doing the same. Or the ones in Yemen, who've been resisting---successfully---a US-backed Wahhabi invasion. We could look at the Moslems in Libya whose country was occupied by US-backed Wahhabis and are fighting to liberate themselves. We could look at the oppressed Shiite population in Bahrain rising against another US-backed Wahhabi Regime.

       But the interests of Wall Street and International Organized Crime would prefer that we not look into such things. Hence, Ameroboobs are at each others' throats over some political name-calling, while ignoring things like poison-gas attacks on civilians.




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