Saturday, August 13, 2016


      The weekend is only halfway through and already there have been an unusually high number of violent, often fatal, outbursts of Ameroboob outrage. An especially noteworthy incident happened this morning in New York City's Queens Neighborhood. Despite the Big Apple's reputation for having some of the Prozac Nation's strictest gun control laws, an Islamic Imam and his assistant were gunned down outside their mosque.

     The Imam and his assistant were ambushed and shot execution-style on their way home from religious services. The NYPD isn't sure at this point the motive behind the attack, although they quickly ruled out the possibility of anti-Moslem motives. Like the Seth Rich case, the NYPD suggest a robbery---even though nothing was taken from the victims. This is probably to be expected from a police department which also believes that there are 31 different genders.  

        Not to be outdone, the Corporate Media rushed to the scene. The American Media, which has the most uncanny ability to find shocked and grief-stricken interviewees who are willing to make political speeches, immediately scapegoated Donald Trump.

      "This is not what America is about" one such media shill was quoted as saying at the scene, "We blame Donald Trump for this. Trump and his drama have created Islamophobia."

        What the Media Cartels and their paid actors seem to forget are the thousands of Moslems slaughtered globally from Bosnia to Somalia; and from Libya to Afghanistan by the Clintons and their policies. Granted, the Bushmen slaughtered a lot of them too; but the same Leftist street rioters who protested Bush Senior and Junior are nowhere to be heard when the Clintons and Obama continued their policies.

        Though the investigation is ongoing, the general consensus of those most acquainted with the Imam is that he was targeted because he was a high-ranking member of NYC's Islamic community. And it has to be admitted that American Moslems---at least those outside of the Wahhabi Cult---have actually suffered considerable demonization from the mouths and pens of the so-called Alt-Right.

         The American Right attacks Islam with about the same vigor and vitriol as the Left attacks Christianity. Typically, the average media figure on the Right doesn't even draw a distinction between Islamic sects. They call for things like atomic attacks on Sunni Iraq and Shiite Iran alike; and scream to deport all Moslems; regardless of said Moslems' backgrounds or beliefs. It's a common mantra among them that all Moslems are potential terrorists---not unlike the feminist belief that all men are potential rapists.

         Another Alt-Right talking-point is their repeated claim that no leading Moslem nation ever condemns Islamic terrorism. In fact, the government of Iran---whom the Alt-Right universally despises---frequently condemns terrorist attacks, both at the civil and clerical levels. It cannot be denied, even by the worst political warhawks, that the Iranian contributions in defeating Al-Qaeda and ISIS have been invaluable.

        What is even more to the point is that thousands of Moslems have actually died fighting against the Jihadists. Nearly every Moslem household in Syria has sacrificed at least one patriot in the fight against Jihad. Thousands of Moslem volunteers from Iran, Lebanon, Chechnya, and Afghanistan have joined ranks with the Allied cause to defeat the Jihad. In fact, just this week, the Afghani Brigade (attached to the Iranian Expeditionary Force) was cited for valor in holding a key position in Aleppo against a numerically superior Jihadist force.

        What is actually behind this so-called Islamophobia? Two things, mostly. The first is that the US Corporate Media, Wall Street, and the United Nations are heavily dependent on Wahhabi money. The Wahhabis foment anti-Islamic sentiments (when it's directed at non-Wahhabis) and then complain about 'Islamophobia' (when the narrative benefits them).

        The second is rooted in the same ideological bent driving American anti-Catholicism. Authoritarian ideologues cannot tolerate religions which preach that a duty to God overrides one's duty to the state. Which is why both the Left and Right hate mainstream Islam, but tolerate the Wahhabi fanatics. This is because the Wahhabis claim that duty to God and duty to their government are the same---which is also what American Liberals and Conservatives mostly believe.

        The only one responsible for this Imam's murder is the thug who pulled the trigger and co-conspirators (if there are any). The Corporate Media's shameless staging of these post-tragedy interviews needs to be exposed; and their own complicity in encouraging mob violence investigated. But given that we live in culture that is more outraged about shooting gorillas and lions than about shooting clergymen, it likely will not be.



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