Wednesday, August 3, 2016


   The US Corporate Media has an especial hatred for the Vatican. After all, the Church believes in things like the Ten Commandments and the Sermon on the Mount; both of which condemn behaviors that the Media and its Wall Street overlords routinely engage in.

     There's also been a latent hatred for the Vatican among the Right-Wing Media too, though with the emergence of Donald Trump, it has become more overt. Pundits, commentators, and radio shock-jocks refer to Pope Francis as "Lenin's Pope" and accuse him of being a radical Leftist. This was exacerbated by the Pope recently speaking out against both the Border Wall and War Profiteering which outraged the Neocons on the Alt-Right; although none of them have bothered to explain why allowing more Christians into America and suppressing the international weapons, slavery, and narcotics smuggling trade are bad things.

     So the Pope spoke out today against the moral degeneracy of Western governments, who are proliferating the poison of sexual anarchism worldwide.

    "It is terrible that today in schools they are teaching this to children---to children! This doctrine that everyone can choose their own gender...We must think about what Pope Benedict said on the subject: this is the epoch of sin against the Creator. He is intelligent! God created man and woman and we are doing the is the epoch of sin against God the Creator."

     That does not sound especially like the sentiments of some Left-Wing radical. So how about what Donald Trump, the Alt-Right's champion of the American Way, has to say on these subjects?

    On the Supreme Court's decision to redefine marriage, Trump stated "The decision has been made and it's the law of the land." On mandatory unisex bathrooms: "Transgenders should be allowed to use any bathroom with which they feel comfortable." Trump has also donated considerable money to homosexual activist causes.

    Maybe those on the Alt-Right should pay a little closer attention to what the Pope has to say than their own leaders on these issues.

      Critics are also outraged that the Pope hasn't issued a blanket condemnation of Islam, like the Neocons all do. Maybe that has something to with the number of Christian lives that Moslem soldiers have saved in places like Syria? Or maybe last weekend, when European Moslems attended Catholic Masses to show solidarity with Christians after the murder of a priest? The Alt-Right Corporate Media doesn't mention these things: they don't fit their politically correct narrative.

       Of course, when we examine the Right's two major media corporations: Clear Channel and News Corp, and see the incestuous ties both have to the security and defense industries, we understand why they support things like border walls and war profiteering. But supporting traditionally Conservative values, not so much.



  1. Another great article. I really appreciate this blog btw.

    I am not Catholic but I deeply respect and admire Pope Francis. He has a great moral compass and truly reflects Christ. And we need that. We really, really do.

    This Pope tempers justice with mercy and the Alt Righters just hate any form of compassion. It is viewed as weakness. These folks need prayers for the softening of their hearts.

    1. Thank you and you're right about the Pope. The Alt-Right claims to stand for traditional values but won't accept any spiritual guidance from religious leaders unless it agrees with their agendas.