Tuesday, April 30, 2019


    The Corporate Media lost another local member recently after Anna Conkey, a producer at NBC-7 in San Diego was jailed following a bizarre incident at a local church on Easter. Conkey was captured at the scene by a parishioner, but her name was only released recently.

    According to Pastor Benjamin Wisan, Conkey emerged through the back of a stage at the Mount Everest Academy holding an infant, brandishing a handgun, and screaming hysterically about blowing up the church. Rev. Wisan was able to keep is head and distracted the crazed journalist until the congregation could be evacuated safely and police arrived.

       We got the baby away from her. A few minutes after that, the cops came in. She was trying to run away or something so a cop tackled her through a row of chairs. They arrested her and pulled another gun out of her bra.”  Wisan noted. God divinely protected everyone and then we were able to get the gun away and the baby away and the police came and we were all good."

     Conkey is currently being held on $1 million bond and facing multiple charges; although these are pending the outcome of psychological evaluations. Like several others involved in these kinds of incidents, Conkey is a product of the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Era military. Social media excerpts indicate that Conkey believes that Christ is actually a demon and that since the Trump Era, America has fallen under curses outlined in the Mosaic Law. 

     Pastor Wisan said that Conkey had to be removed from the church before for disruptive behavior. He tried to contact her and discuss her issues with the church.  But,  "she explained that, in her view, the curses set out in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy have come to pass today. She said that because human beings have stopped being obedient to God’s will, they’ve been cursed with fevers, short lives, and even sun burns."

     Interesting, when we contrast that to what's written on her profile at KPBS where she also once worked: “Anna is interested in writing about women’s rights, military and veteran issues, and education and hopes to work as an investigative journalist, feature writer, or military correspondent.”

      Yes---there we have it again. Another specimen of the class of people comprising the American media. Just think about the fact that ideas like hers rested at the back of 'news' stories that she produced and wrote. 

Monday, April 29, 2019


    In the San Diego area yesterday, another radicalized Red Pill loser named John Earnest shot up a synagogue during worship services. Earnest also claimed to have been behind the unsolved arson at a local mosque committed in March. The Red Pill gurus are mostly pretending that they did nothing to instigate or encourage this kind of crime. 

     One exception this time is Brett Stevens, author of the blog Amerika. Like most Alphas, Stevens believes himself a great genius though what he typically writes is laughably absurd. However, it's not so humorous this time. Stevens has a unique take on solving religious violence in article titled "John Earnest Shoots Up Southern California Synagogue," in which he argues that, ---well, we'll let him explain:

"This action seems misplaced to me for two reasons: 1. Identifies the wrong enemy. Maybe Jews are as horrible as some of you say, but our problem began when we accepted equality/individualism as our new god, culture, and purpose. We have been hijacked by a mental virus that comes to us in symbols that sound good, but are reality replacements. If Jews are a problem, they only arrived after this virus weakened us and made us crazy. Removing Jews will not fix our problem; we made a bad choice and we need to un-do it. 2. Shoots the wrong people. If I were going to go out there and slaughter anyone, I would start totaling white Leftists. They are the ones who act affirmatively to perpetuate and promulgate the virus of equality/individualism, and their removal is effective. Anders Breivik and Tim McVeigh had the right idea; Robert Bowers and John T. Earnest took the wrong approach; Brenton Tarrant, who shot Muslims, is somewhere in the middle but would have been more effective shooting white Leftists. We do not want them in our gene pool anyway, and they will do nothing but subvert us in a class, resource, ethnic/racial, or political war."

      What a scumbag Stevens is. This is whole passage is typically Red Pill arrogance. They think their supposed superiority entitles them to dispose of human life in this cavalier fashion. This makes them no better than the Communists: even though their social goals differ their means of implementing these goals are identical. 

     Also characteristic of Red Pills, Stevens is a big advocate of the 'Civil War 2.0' nonsense. Beginning with Pat Buchanan at the 1992 GOP Convention, Conservative pundits and leaders have spoken frequently of a Cultural Civil War. But they are referring to a 'war of ideas;' that battle we're fighting against the Left is spiritual and ideological. The Red Pills mean a literal war. "As the West spirals down into oblivion," reads the first line of Stevens' article. 

    "We are fighting an invisible, intangible, and infectious enemy. Blacks, Jews, and Muslims are just some of its many tools."

      In the first place, the West is not 'spiraling into oblivion.' With the advent of the Trump Administration, BREXIT, and other popular movements, we're seeing pushback against Cultural Marxism. Even institutions infested with Radical Left ideology, like Academia, are becoming more emboldened to fight back.  It will take time, but we're winning without firing a shot. The Deep State never rebuilt the Twin Towers; President Macron has vowed that Notre Dame will be rebuilt within five years. 

     In second place, Stevens and other Alphas are so blinded by their own hubris that they fail to see the enormous contributions that American Blacks, Jews, and Moslems are making to the Conservative Movement. 

   "The important thing to remember: we need to destroy the policy of diversity, and send everyone home, instead of killing them. This requires that we abolish civil rights, affirmative action, human rights, equality, and other egalitarianism/individualism based programs. It may require that we shoot a bunch of Leftists, but only after we have tried everything else."

    No---the important thing to remember is that being an American means being committed to the ideals embodied in the Constitution. American does not refer to a specific race or tribe. A common Red Pill meme is that "Diversity + Proximity= War." Nothing could be further from the truth. In a free society, diversity contributes to things like Free Enterprise and freedom of expression. 

     But the Red Pills fear Freedom just as much as the Left---and for the same reasons. They are failures and losers who need scapegoats so that they can play the Victim Card. Understanding that is the real way to curb radical violence. Once dissatisfied and disillusioned men realize what kinds of yahoos are really trying to lead them, they'll turn their backs upon them and work on improving themselves. 

Monday, April 22, 2019


    Yesterday, we celebrated Easter, commemorating Christ's bodily Resurrection and conquest of death. And, by UN decree, today is also Earth Day---a day to reflect upon environmental concerns. Meanwhile, over at the White House, Mrs. Trump is leading the traditional Easter Egg Roll; while the President reaffirmed America's commitment to protecting the environment. He began the Earth Day Proclamation by noting that "On this day, we reaffirm our responsibility to protect God’s wondrous creation for future generations."

    So what did the Whackos in the Washington State Legislature do? They sent to the creepy Governor Inslee a Bill which would make Washington the first state to promote turning human remains into fertilizer since the Third Reich. 

     I suppose that this was inevitable in Washington---a state which actively promotes abortion, euthanasia, homosexual 'marriages' and recreational narcotics abuse has no especial respect for the sanctity of the living human body. They certainly aren't going to have any regard for a dead one. In fact, like many policies originating in these West Coast Liberal cesspools, this one seems deliberately aimed against Christians; judging by what various pinheads have had to say in support of this law.

    The same Bronze Age bigots who buried or cremated their dead knew nothing according to the mental midgets of Postmodern America. In fact, among our ancient forefathers, leaving the dead unburied was considered an insult. Maybe they also vaguely understood what science understands: that dead human organisms have the capacity to contaminate live human beings---as multiple studies have shown. But we can't expect a culture of scientific illiterates to understand this. They don't even officially believe in Washington State that gender has a basis in biology or psychology.

     Supposedly a university in Washington did a study on six carcasses which 'proved' that human compost is safe. We would answer by pointing out that Washington State has almost no credibility when it comes to such studies. They told us that bans on conventional trapping could lead to controlling pests the Green Way more efficiently. The Seattle area now has the worst rat infestation in the US; and pollution from wild geese have made city lakes and streams unusable in places. They told us that the Seattle ban on plastic bags would save the environment---instead reusable bags have contributed to some of the highest national rates of Salmonella and E. Coli contamination.

     They claimed that higher taxes on tobacco and sugar would lead to better health; and the area today has around the highest per capita Medicare rolls in the nation. They told us that legal marijuana would be the 'cash crop of the future' without even considering that the farmlands of Eastern Washington have neither a long enough growing season nor the proper soil composition for growing hemp sustainably. They also 'proved' that marijuana cultivation would be environmentally friendly and have ended up polluting waterways to the extent that salmon farms have been condemned by the USDA because the fish are unfit for human consumption. They claimed that legalization would curb abuse of other drugs: today Washington has one of the worst Opioid and Methamphetamine problems in the nation. They cited studies 'proving' that legal marijuana would not cause psychological damage, and today Washington leads the nation in consuming prescription psychiatric drugs. The same studies showed that crime would decrease: marijuana-related traffic fatalities have instead doubled.

       This is the same state which 'proved' by studies that building a highway tunnel on a backfilled Seattle waterfront could be done in stable ground. The project was stalled for a year after the tunnel flooded and the boring machine was stuck in a sandbar. This also undermined the stability of surrounding streets, bridges, and structures. Only a few years ago, the village of Oso, Washington was wiped out in a mudslide because the environmental 'experts' in the state saw no need for a retaining wall. Hundreds lost their lives in that 3rd-World like disaster.

       Sure, we'll take their word that human composting is safe. 

      It stands to reason that if human remains were safe as a fertilizer that cemeteries would be prime farmland. Instead, farmers historically avoid such places and the World Health Organization has explained in great detail why they should. 

      But try and explain any of this to the whackos on the Left and you'll be met with either a blank stare or with an outburst of outrage. In this day and age, whatever self-styled experts say is always the final argument to everything.


Sunday, April 21, 2019


    After years of trying to efface the West's Christian heritage, once again this year, leaders of the free world proudly proclaimed the Message of Easter. President Trump and the glamorous Melania arrived at Mar-a-Lago for festivities.

    The President sent a brief Easter message to the public via Twitter, reminding us all that the anniversary of Christ's Resurrection was a time to be thankful for the ongoing progress in resurrecting our own society:

      That statement brought down a chorus of jeers from the Whacko Left who spend Christian holidays shrouded in gloom and depression. The news of a terrorist attack against churches in Ceylon revived their spirits even more than the Notre Dame Fire did. At last report, there have been eight coordinated bombings on the island with over 200 dead and nearly 500 injured. The British newspaper, The Guardian, fairly accurately predicted the American Media's response:

     "The president of the US has expressed his “heartfelt condolences” to the people of Sri Lanka, although, as so often with Donald Trump, his tweet will no doubt generate headlines for the typo it contains - a shame given today’s terrible events."

    As we've often said, the two greatest current threats to Civilization are Western Cultural Marxism and the rise of extremist religious cults. No one has claimed responsibility nor have suspects been captured in the Ceylonese attacks yet; but the mere fact that churches were targeted suggests that terrorists were in sympathy with one of the two aforementioned groups. 

     The reason that the enemies of both Christianity and Civilization hate Easter is because of what the Resurrection of Christ really means. It's a common misconception among many of us that our enemies deny the doctrine of Original Sin. Actually, most don't deny it all; though they employ different names for the same concept. What they deny is the doctrine of Redemption. The secular Left believes that humanity is prone to evil, but we should simply accept our sins and embrace them since none of us are perfect---therefore none of us can judge what anyone else does. The cults believe that the rest of humanity is sinful; but that redemption comes from obedience to their leaders and ideologies. The idea of God redeeming mankind through His own Will by our repentance and faith is repugnant to both types. Cultural Marxists make an idol of the collective; cultish fanatics make an idol of the individual. Christians subordinate both society and the individual to God. 

     One of the concepts behind Making America Great Again is restoring that kind of humility. When people recognize that a Power exists higher than government, the kinds of divisiveness and proclivities towards international violence---which the Deep State promoted as official policy---begins to recede. People begin understand again that the answers to social problems aren't solved by politics, but by faith. Thus, they turn to God instead of turning on each other. 

     Similarly, leaders who understand that they will account to God someday for their stewardship of the nations with which they were entrusted govern much differently than those without such a belief. One aspect of the Easter Message is not to be fooled by charlatans who claim to be national or cultural messiahs. As Christ taught us,  "Then if any man shall say to you: Lo here is Christ, or there, do not believe him.  For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect."

     Both the Mueller Conspiracy and today's attacks in Ceylon are specimens of contemporary signs and wonders carried out by modern false prophets and false messiahs. As it was in Christ's day so it is now, and so it will be in the future. But in the Reality of Easter, we restor our faith and our hope and go forward with confidence. 


Friday, April 19, 2019


   In the midst of all the rabid anti-Trump hysteria fanned by the Corporate Media, few Americans have heard of the Appalachian Regional Prescription Strike Force (ARPO). ARPO was created in December 2018 as a coordinated effort between the FBI and the Office of the Inspector-General for HHS. The Opioid Crisis has hit Appalachia especially hard; and a high percentage of the dope being pushed is coming from Obamacare-connected medical facilities. 

   Yesterday, Attorney-General Barr and HHS Secretary Azar announced that their efforts had paid off. They handed down a whopping 63 indictments against 31 doctors, 7 pharmacists, 8 general-practitioners, and several others for illegal distribution of Opioids. The criminal activities of this bunch involved over 350,000 illegal prescriptions for 32 million pills. 

    Remember as Election Year draws closer that Obama and the Clintons assured us that there was no possibility of corruption in the Affordable Care Act. Since Trump took office, the Federal Government has removed and disbarred 650 medical providers from the system as well as suspending operations in 31 clinics and revoking the licences of 1,385 others. And note that these numbers only pertain to Opioid-related crimes. The numbers are higher for Obamacare fraud and abuse---of which $5 billion have been recovered. 

     These crimes were not simply the result of clerical oversights. According to the FBI report, several doctors filled out blank prescriptions and instructed the pharmacies to fill them out for people who asked for them. Some were being paid bribes by drug-pushers; including one doctor who was paying a local pimp for prostitutes with free Opioid prescriptions. One doctor arranged on Facebook to deliver Opioids to his customers in person. Another actually sent medical staff out to deliver Opioids to the addresses of known drug-dealers in exchange for cash.

     In the Memphis Area, the FBI reported that "15 individuals were charged, involving eight doctors and several other medical professionals.  In one case, a nurse practitioner who branded himself the “Rock Doc,” allegedly prescribed powerful and dangerous combinations of opioids and benzodiazepines, sometimes in exchange for sexual favors; over approximately three years, the doctor allegedly prescribed approximately 500,000 hydrocodone pills, 300,000 oxycodone pills, 1,500 fentanyl patches, and more than 600,000 benzodiazepine pills.  In another case, a nurse practitioner charged with conspiracy to unlawfully distribute controlled substances allegedly prescribed over  500,000 Hydrocodone pills, approximately 300,000 Oxycodone pills, and approximately 300,000 benzodiazepine pills (mostly Alprazolam), along with a myriad of other controlled substances.  In another case, a physician charged with controlled substances and health care fraud violations allegedly prescribed approximately 300,000 hydrocodone pills, 200,000 oxycodone pills, 2,500 fentanyl patches, and 180,000 benzodiazepine pills, and prescribed medically unnecessary durable medical equipment that was billed to Medicare.  Another doctor charged with controlled substances violations allegedly prescribed approximately 4.2 million opioid pills, sometimes in dangerous combinations with other drugs, such as benzodiazepines, and prescribed opioids to known addicts."

      In the Birmingham, Alabama area:  "In one case, the owners and operators of a medical clinic and dispensary were charged with the unlawful distribution of controlled substances and health care fraud.  In that case, a doctor allegedly prescribed opioids in high dosages, dangerous combinations, and in many cases, after having knowledge that patients failed drug screens and were addicts, preferring cash payments and charging a “concierge fee” that ranged from approximately $50 per visit or $600 per year.  In another case, a doctor allegedly recruited prostitutes and other young women with whom he had sexual relationships to become patients at his clinic, while simultaneously allowing them and their associates to abuse illicit drugs at his house."

     In two cases, the doctors turned out to be addicts themselves; and were supplying their own habits with false identifications and fraudulent prescriptions. In two other cases, two doctors who'd been sanctioned by the State of Tennessee from prescribing Opioids continued to do so, using false names. 

     Before the President began 'draining the swamp', most of us suspected that our culture was rife with corruption and that our so-called 'elites' were nothing but a pack of vile scumbags. But what's truly amazing is the extent of what's being uncovered and the depths of depravity that these people really engage in. Let's be thankful this Easter Season that the Deep State is eroding more and more every day. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


    Today, we got the good news from French authorities that the towers and edifice of Notre Dame Cathedral survived yesterday's horrific fire, much to the disappointment of anti-Catholic elements in the US. President Emmanuel Macron vowed that the structure would be rebuilt---and even set a timeline of 5 years. That statement of course brought derision from American Deep-Statists---the same bunch who never rebuilt the World Trade Center. 

    There have been many theories on how the fire started; none of which have a shred of evidence so far. That hasn't stopped the Corporate Media from swarming over the disaster like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a stew-pot. Despite the fact that they've been egging on anti-Christian violence for years; they were faking their 'shock and horror' at the tragedy; taking time out bash Trump in the process. 

    The MSM also trotted out a few Cultural Marxist pundits who took some backhanded swipes at the Church. They were mostly repeating the Marxist line about these magnificent structures were built to keep the masses down, make monuments to clerical opulence, etc. Since Mediaeval History is rarely taught these days (and distorted when it is), it might do well to remember how Mediaeval Economics worked.

    In those days, the majority of men were peasants engaged in agriculture on large estates owned by the nobility. The Middle Class was small but essential: these were the tradesmen, merchants, artisans, and others who provided services. During hard economic times, the Middle Class was hit especially hard. The peasants at least were guaranteed a home and food regardless of their poverty. But the Middle Class had no safety net. 

    The Church ran the welfare system during the Middle Ages, and numbers of skilled and able-bodied men were seeking relief during recessions. At some point, the Church leaders evolved the idea of constructing great churches and cathedrals and renovating older ones as a way of giving these men meaningful work instead of handouts. The Church had plenty of money and usually paid the highest wages. A project like Notre Dame Cathedral would have given jobs to hundreds of craftsmen, plus the businesses dependent upon them.

     In fact, this was a common practice among Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches well into the early 20th Century. President Roosevelt's New-Deal Era 'workfare' projects were modeled on these church programs. 

    The Radical Left, though, wasn't alone in its despicable behavior. The Alt-RINO Red Pills were sniping in the same way; exploiting the tragedy to advance their agendas. Christian-bashing with a good measure of Jew and Moslem bashing thrown into the mix highlighted most of their commentary. In the lead, as usual, was Vox Day who took some swipes at National Review author Ben Shapiro whom Vox bitterly envies and often uses a proxy to attack all Jews. Today, Vox had this to say: 

    Thus implying that his Alpha-Gnosticism represents true Christianity. Vox really is much closer to the heretics whom the original builders of Notre Dame opposed. And other Red Pills like the execrable bloggers PA, and Chateau Heartiste, continued in the same vein: drawing stupid analogies between the fire and the supposed decline of the West. Naturally, they ignored scenes like these outside the cathedral yesterday:

    There's the real future of the West. People bound together by Faith and actually doing positive things. It's noteworthy that none of these self-appointed manly Alpha leaders had a word of praise for the brave men of the French police and fire departments who went into that inferno and rescued scores of priceless treasures and artifacts---some of which dated from the Apostolic Age. 

     Heartiste is as ignorant of Mediaeval History as the Marxists, bashing President Macron by saying that 
"Understand what Maricon does here. He knows the native stock French are fed up with the Diversity and he knows the Notre Dame fire steels hearts against the invading horde. His using this incendiary language right at the moment his subjects are inflamed with nationalist passion is a deliberate provocation: Macron rubs his Globohomo depravity in the faces of White Frenchmen, and pushes their noses into the filth.
"This is humiliation porn for globalist traitors like Maricon. That’s all it is. Immediately returning, without a hint of shame, to the “diversity is our strength” mantra in the wake of a powerful symbol of the failings of multiracial diversity is nothing less than a flexing of Globohomo power meant to intimidate White Frenchmen to cower before their New World Disorder.
"It is to say that even when your most cherished civilizational masterpieces are burned to the ground, you have no recourse to stop globalism and to restore the cohesion of your nation. In your moment of greatest indignation and moral justification, you still must bend the knees to your effete Globohomo masters and take the diseased cock of their nightmare dystopia."
      Besides snidely changing the President's name from Macron to Maricon (Spanish slang roughly equivalent to 'faggot'), Heartiste goes on a rant about Macron's use of the word 'diversity'. What Heartiste doesn't realize is that France is diverse nation. There are groups like the Flemish, Alsatians, Rhennish, and Basque inside of France who don't even use French as their primary language. Corsicans are more ethnically Italian than French. Anybody who's been to France knows there are significant cultural differences between areas like Normandy, Gascony, Brittany, the area around the Riviera, etc. The aboriginal peoples of France were the Gauls, who long ago intermarried with the Romans, Franks, and others who settled in the region. 

     Against the bombast of its enemies, the Church again stands triumphant. And that's the real metaphor from the Cathedral Fire.  

Sunday, April 14, 2019


    Once upon a time, Vienna was the cultural and intellectual capital of Europe---rivaling only Paris in prestige. It is annual tradition there to hold a major festival the week before Ash Wednesday---the Opera Ball. This event is (or was) a genuinely gala event; presided over by the Austrian President in full traditional regalia. Ladies wear formal evening gowns; men in coats and tails, etc. The highlights of the ceremony include the Debutante Ball, where a dance is performed by 90 carefully-selected engaged couples; performances by international opera stars; and a special celebrity guest who delivers a short message about a cause in which they are interested. 

     For example, in 2013, the glamourous American actress Mira Sorvino was invited. 

     Mira, a convert to Christianity, gave a brief Easter Message and spoke about fighting White Slavery. Being a Christian and opposing sex trafficking isn't well received in Hollywood these days; but in Vienna, Mira Sorvino was the toast of the town. 

     This year, this august event featured a character named Tom Neuwirth. 

     And thus we see what only a few years of Cultural Marxism can actually do to a society. Understand that Austria is a fairly conservative country by European standards. In 2016, they elected a president who was a traditionalist and favored a Brexit for his own country. But under international pressure, the Austrian Parliament deposed the elected president in what was effectively a coup. A radical Leftist named Alexander van der Bellen was appointed. Below we see a picture of van der Bellen posing with Big Tom. (In case any readers can't identify which one of these women is really a man, it's the one in the white gown):

     And, in case any readers are wondering what country instigated the Austrian coup, consider that the woman in the black gown is Auma Obama---sister of our 44th President. And what was Big Tom's social message for the night? To stand fast with the EU and vote in their upcoming elections. 

      In short, the 2019 Opera Ball was an international disgrace; although the degenerates the Western Media were delighted at seeing the start of Easter Season opened with a Socialist-inspired Bacchanalia which would have shamed even the pre-Christian pagans and barbarians of Ancient Austria. Such scenes make me thankful that my great-great grandfather fled that awful place and came to America. 

      Granted, we have our problems too, but at least we're headed in the right direction. On Friday, President Trump affirmed a permanent ban---keeping clods like Big Tom out of our military. We've still a long way to go; but at least we haven't turned Easter over to the perverts yet.  

Saturday, April 13, 2019


   Unsurprisingly, the news of Julian Assange's kidnapping in London have brought out the applause of the Deep Statists and the media hyenas. For over a decade, Assange has tormented them by bringing their crimes to public exposure. Their hatred for Assange actually effects most of them on a personal level. 

     The Corporate Media's hatred for Assange is rooted in envy. Wiki Leaks has become a more trusted source than the fake news put out by the MSM. Assange also reported actual news rather than the scripts approved by Wall Street and the DNC. Worse still, from their standpoint, is that Assange has actually suffered for his principles and is regarded as a hero; while the members of the Corporate Media are thoroughly despised. The Assange story also diverts public attention from Media figures who are ending up in jail for legitimate reasons. 

     The political and social elites' hatred is rooted in fear. That fear exists for obvious reasons: any of their crimes recorded in Cyberspace had the potential of falling into Assange's hands at any moment. The Democratic Party especially has proven itself a target-rich environment. That, too, is evidenced by the number of DNC operatives who are also ending up in jail for legitimate reasons. 

    The Wall Street Oligarchs hate Assange both because he exposes them and because he can't be bought. In Postmodern America, those who value their ideals above Mammon are considered dangerous. That, despite the fact that a stronger commitment to ideals might have kept a few CEO's out of jail. In other words, the Elites are showing themselves up as complete hypocrites once again. 

      Nonetheless, the Elites have learned nothing. 

    Wiki Leak's search engine turns up 2.062 references to Senator Schumer. No wonder he wants to deflect attention by pretending that Assange had any connection to the Mueller Conspiracy. 

     New York Democrat Congressman Elliot Engle spouted this at journalists supporting Assange:

       Engle naturally feared Assange's exposure of corporate corruption, since Securities and Investment firms made up most of his fundraising sources in 2018. His top donor was a company called Avenue Ventures. The CEO of that company, Imaad Zuberi, has been the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation for fraud and money-laundering. 


    The Left never learns. With a growing international backlash against Assange's apprehension, Trump should override the Neocons in his Administration and issue a pardon to Assange and offer him asylum in the US. It's not too late to correct a great wrong done during the Deep State Era. 


Thursday, April 11, 2019


    This morning we on the West Coast awoke to the sad news that freedom-fighter Julian Assange was kidnapped from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London by thugs working for Britain's secret police. Assange has been trapped in the embassy since 2012 after Hillary Clinton and other Deep-Statists whom Assange had exposed, made false accusations against him. 

     Assange continued to operate his Wiki Leaks enterprise from the embassy. However, the new Ecuadorian president, Len Moreno, sold him out to his enemies. His predecessor, Rafael Correa, denounced Moreno as "the greatest traitor in Ecuadorian history." That is saying a lot, considering that traitors are not an uncommon phenomenon in Ecuador's political history. 

     Correa---who bravely stood up to both Bush and Obama during his 10-year term---was not alone among international voices condemning Britain's actions. Edward Snowden who, like Assange is living in exile, sent out the following statement:

     Worse still, this atrocity was allegedly carried out in response to an extradition request from the US, according to Assange's attorney:

     If this is true, it behooves us as Conservatives to lobby the Trump Administration for a full pardon for Assange. I admit to not knowing what the President's position on Assange is; but recall that Hillary Clinton suggested killing Assange with a drone-strike. Right in downtown London, no less. It's to be hoped that Trump will ignore the vindictive Neocons in his Administration and do the right thing. Trump needs to look to world opinion here and note that everywhere other than among US elites, Britain's actions are criticized.

     Not coincidentally, this attack took place only two weeks before a United Nations team was scheduled to visit Assange. Also not coincidentally, the International Monetary Fund approved a $4.2 billion dollar 'loan' to Ecuador only a month ago. 

     The Trump Administration is at a moral crossroads here. Will we have Deep State politics-and-tactics-as-usual? Let us hope not.  


Wednesday, April 3, 2019


    Last Saturday afternoon, US Deputy Attorney-General Jesse Panuccio visited Harvard University to give a speech to the Law School's Alumni Symposium. His topic was the threats to Free Speech in American universities.  

     The full text of the speech can be read at the above link. It's a stark reminder of why we need swamp-draining in Academia; and how the Trump Administration is actively dealing with it. Throughout the address, Panuccio showed a courage and commitment to reform not seen from American politicians in years. The Deputy AG laid out the problem in bold relief---to the obvious embarrassment of academic elites whom he publicly shamed for their anti-democratic policies. He further encouraged students to stand up to Political Correctness on campus as well as reminding the Alumni---who fund a lot of Harvard's expenses---of their responsibilities in holding Administrators accountable. 

    Here is an example of what Panuccio said regarding the suppression of speech on campuses. "But that kind of teeming debate, that tradition of American dissent, is not what’s happening on college campuses today. As some Middlebury professors rightly declared in a Statement of Principles drafted after the violent events in 2017: “A protest that prevents campus speakers from communicating with their audience is a coercive act.” Hecklers are enforcing silence on others, so that only their own speech can be heard, and they are willing to use drastic means, including crimes of violence, to achieve this censorship.  

     "The heckler’s veto only succeeds when it is abetted by the echoing silence and inaction of those in a position to stop it.  By giving in to these tactics, administrators are creating a moral hazard that results in ever more suppression of speech.  If schools would impose serious consequences on hecklers, it is likely such tactics would abate." 
     How long have Americans waited for a government official to go to a major university and say that? Yes, many Conservatives have denounced these disgraceful 'protests'---but who has ever called out the Administrators for tacitly encouraging these demonstrations? They are really the ones responsible for these kinds of problems. And I think that most of us, including Panuccio and other DOJ officials, understand that the Administrations are often doing more behind the scenes than passive inaction. More often than not, they actively instigate these crimes. 
    Panuccio in fact says as much: "But few institutions have done so thus far—indeed, many administrators and professors seem afraid to take action that might expose them to criticism or protest from the mob. Maybe you’ve encountered that fear on your own campus.  Or maybe you’ve encountered something even worse: some faculty and administrators go beyond inaction and become part of the mob. Thus, while many universities pay lip service to free speech, they seem to be unable or unwilling to sustain an environment that actually inculcates and fosters respect for that principle. The more this kind of speech suppression happens without consequence for the perpetrators, the more it is encouraged, the more the behavior is repeated and normalized."
    Simple common sense should tell most of us that these demonstrations are rarely spontaneous movements of students. Let us reflect on our own school days. Most of us were thinking of our studies, the opposite sex, sports, and plans for the weekend (not necessarily in that order). Certainly, some joined political or social activist groups: but those organizations are required to have faculty advisers and be certified by the university. So, who actually incites these groups to crime ought to be obvious. 
     Panuccio goes on to lecture on the purpose of university; which he pointed out to the red-faced academics that they had long forgotten. One particular highlight from this segment was his insightful statement that: 
     "In place of the “spirit of free inquiry” highlighted by Justice Frankfurter, we now see a focus on feelings—that feelings, and not reason, should dictate what is said on campus and the obligations of members of the university community. The necessary implication is that any idea or speech that contradicts current majority beliefs or feelings is offensive, hurtful, and valueless—and can properly be silenced.  Outrage culture is replacing inquiry culture on our campuses...
     "Perhaps university administrators and faculty think they are doing their students a favor by prioritizing their immediate feelings, their short-term satisfaction, over their intellectual and emotional maturation. They are not. They are failing to teach their students how to think and thrive as adults in a complex and contentious society. The university is supposed to be where students are challenged, grapple with intellectual opponents’ arguments, and leave more informed. Instead, too many members of the next generation graduate believing that they can learn nothing from people with whom they disagree."
     Here Panuccio puts his finger on the inherent perniciousness of Cultural Marxism. The Radical Left---the ringleaders of Political Correctness on campuses---actually want to create a mass of NPC-types who obey and consider everyone questioning the official narrative as an enemy. Certain other students, who show the proper PC attitudes, are groomed for leadership roles. It works like a human pyramid-scheme. 
     But the days of the Left-Wing Academic Mandarins is headed to its demise. Panuccio offers this message of hope---which we should duly note and applaud:
    "For these reasons—because American society depends upon citizens who understand the value of free speech—the Department of Justice has been fighting for the First Amendment on American campuses. We are using the Department’s bully pulpit to raise awareness, and, as I have mentioned, we are getting involved in litigation against public universities that violate free speech rights. For publicly run institutions, upholding free speech rights is not an option, but an unshakable requirement of the First Amendment. Thus, to date, we have filed statements of interest in five lawsuits that seek to vindicate students’ free expression and free association rights. The lawsuits have been against University of California, Berkeley; Pierce College in Los Angeles;  Georgia Gwinnett College; the University of Michigan; and the University of Iowa.
   "We will continue to support plaintiffs in such cases and take action in future cases, and we want aggrieved students and faculty to know the Department is open for business on this issue. We welcome notifications about pending lawsuits and invitations to get involved." 
    As our previous Attorney-General, Jeff Sessions, used to say, we have your back. That's what we've needed for a long time: leadership that we can trust to do the right thing. It's only a matter of time before the Academic Mafia falls and the rats go scurrying back into the darkness where they belong.  

Monday, April 1, 2019


     The cesspool that is American Pop Culture may have hit its nadir at long last. The self-appointed 'cultural elites', it seems, have thrown away their masks and are promoting outright Satanism and glorification of the demonic. The latest entity to jump into the Abyss with the Dark Lord is the Wal-Mart Corporation. According to The National Catholic Register: 

   "Walmart has come under fire -- the fire of hell -- for selling satanic products. Their online catalog has 22 pages -- around 440 items -- of demonic merchandise...The products include demonic sculptures and figures; satanic pornography that blasphemes Christ's crucifixion; numerous products and jewelry with pentagrams and other demonic images, and books that include the Satanic bible and books on spells."

   The company has come a long way (down) since its founder, Sam Walton, was giving motivational speeches and Christian testimony at American churches. Walton was a devout Presbyterian of the old school and donated much of his fortune---which he made as an entrepreneur---to Christian causes. If he were alive today, he'd no doubt sign the online petition against Wal-Mart's promotion of Satanism. 

    Wal-Mart isn't the originator of this revolting cultural trend. The Corporate Media---where Satanism isn't exactly an unknown phenomenon---are the ones leading the charge. The media's been building up to this for a long time: a few years ago, witches were all the rage; followed by a fascination with vampires and werewolves. By 2015, the Devil got his own TV series Lucifer, where his sooty highness is depicted as the hip and cool owner of an LA nightclub (seriously) who aids the Los Angeles Police Department (something that Christians presumably would never do). 

    Which is a far cry from how our more enlightened forefathers depicted the Infernal Kingdom:

    Contrary to what Snowflakes want to believe, the Devil is not the ally of the human race. As St. John tells us, "the world lies in the embrace of the Evil One." The Devil is the author and instigator of the world's worst elements. Just as the Apostles tell us that there are Fruits of the Spirit, so there are fruits of the devil. St. John notes that some of these are hatred, fear, divisiveness, etc. The Devil rules his kingdom with fear, force, and fraud: God says that 'whoever will may come' if they are drawn by Love---for, as St. John tells us again, "God is Love'' and that "A perfected love dispels all fears." 

     So, why is Satanism a growing phenomenon in the US? The Los Angeles Times published an informative, albeit biased, article about a year ago on the subject. The Satanists interviewed in the article speak of the Devil as a symbol of resistance. A quote from one of them, referring to one of their rallies, I think, hits it perfectly:

     "It was a great night for a heterodox generation of new self-described Satanists who are upending old "Rosemary's Baby" and "Helter Skelter" stereotypes in service of radical politics, feminist aesthetics and community unity in the divisive time of Trump."

    Let that statement sink in. 

     Satanists thus admit two things: their natural affinity with postmodern Liberalism and that Satan represents resistance to the Trump Administration's reforms. That alone should remove any doubt that Trump is taking us down the right path.