Tuesday, April 30, 2019


    The Corporate Media lost another local member recently after Anna Conkey, a producer at NBC-7 in San Diego was jailed following a bizarre incident at a local church on Easter. Conkey was captured at the scene by a parishioner, but her name was only released recently.

    According to Pastor Benjamin Wisan, Conkey emerged through the back of a stage at the Mount Everest Academy holding an infant, brandishing a handgun, and screaming hysterically about blowing up the church. Rev. Wisan was able to keep is head and distracted the crazed journalist until the congregation could be evacuated safely and police arrived.

       We got the baby away from her. A few minutes after that, the cops came in. She was trying to run away or something so a cop tackled her through a row of chairs. They arrested her and pulled another gun out of her bra.”  Wisan noted. God divinely protected everyone and then we were able to get the gun away and the baby away and the police came and we were all good."

     Conkey is currently being held on $1 million bond and facing multiple charges; although these are pending the outcome of psychological evaluations. Like several others involved in these kinds of incidents, Conkey is a product of the Clinton-Bush-Obama-Era military. Social media excerpts indicate that Conkey believes that Christ is actually a demon and that since the Trump Era, America has fallen under curses outlined in the Mosaic Law. 

     Pastor Wisan said that Conkey had to be removed from the church before for disruptive behavior. He tried to contact her and discuss her issues with the church.  But,  "she explained that, in her view, the curses set out in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy have come to pass today. She said that because human beings have stopped being obedient to God’s will, they’ve been cursed with fevers, short lives, and even sun burns."

     Interesting, when we contrast that to what's written on her profile at KPBS where she also once worked: “Anna is interested in writing about women’s rights, military and veteran issues, and education and hopes to work as an investigative journalist, feature writer, or military correspondent.”

      Yes---there we have it again. Another specimen of the class of people comprising the American media. Just think about the fact that ideas like hers rested at the back of 'news' stories that she produced and wrote. 

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