Monday, April 22, 2019


    Yesterday, we celebrated Easter, commemorating Christ's bodily Resurrection and conquest of death. And, by UN decree, today is also Earth Day---a day to reflect upon environmental concerns. Meanwhile, over at the White House, Mrs. Trump is leading the traditional Easter Egg Roll; while the President reaffirmed America's commitment to protecting the environment. He began the Earth Day Proclamation by noting that "On this day, we reaffirm our responsibility to protect God’s wondrous creation for future generations."

    So what did the Whackos in the Washington State Legislature do? They sent to the creepy Governor Inslee a Bill which would make Washington the first state to promote turning human remains into fertilizer since the Third Reich. 

     I suppose that this was inevitable in Washington---a state which actively promotes abortion, euthanasia, homosexual 'marriages' and recreational narcotics abuse has no especial respect for the sanctity of the living human body. They certainly aren't going to have any regard for a dead one. In fact, like many policies originating in these West Coast Liberal cesspools, this one seems deliberately aimed against Christians; judging by what various pinheads have had to say in support of this law.

    The same Bronze Age bigots who buried or cremated their dead knew nothing according to the mental midgets of Postmodern America. In fact, among our ancient forefathers, leaving the dead unburied was considered an insult. Maybe they also vaguely understood what science understands: that dead human organisms have the capacity to contaminate live human beings---as multiple studies have shown. But we can't expect a culture of scientific illiterates to understand this. They don't even officially believe in Washington State that gender has a basis in biology or psychology.

     Supposedly a university in Washington did a study on six carcasses which 'proved' that human compost is safe. We would answer by pointing out that Washington State has almost no credibility when it comes to such studies. They told us that bans on conventional trapping could lead to controlling pests the Green Way more efficiently. The Seattle area now has the worst rat infestation in the US; and pollution from wild geese have made city lakes and streams unusable in places. They told us that the Seattle ban on plastic bags would save the environment---instead reusable bags have contributed to some of the highest national rates of Salmonella and E. Coli contamination.

     They claimed that higher taxes on tobacco and sugar would lead to better health; and the area today has around the highest per capita Medicare rolls in the nation. They told us that legal marijuana would be the 'cash crop of the future' without even considering that the farmlands of Eastern Washington have neither a long enough growing season nor the proper soil composition for growing hemp sustainably. They also 'proved' that marijuana cultivation would be environmentally friendly and have ended up polluting waterways to the extent that salmon farms have been condemned by the USDA because the fish are unfit for human consumption. They claimed that legalization would curb abuse of other drugs: today Washington has one of the worst Opioid and Methamphetamine problems in the nation. They cited studies 'proving' that legal marijuana would not cause psychological damage, and today Washington leads the nation in consuming prescription psychiatric drugs. The same studies showed that crime would decrease: marijuana-related traffic fatalities have instead doubled.

       This is the same state which 'proved' by studies that building a highway tunnel on a backfilled Seattle waterfront could be done in stable ground. The project was stalled for a year after the tunnel flooded and the boring machine was stuck in a sandbar. This also undermined the stability of surrounding streets, bridges, and structures. Only a few years ago, the village of Oso, Washington was wiped out in a mudslide because the environmental 'experts' in the state saw no need for a retaining wall. Hundreds lost their lives in that 3rd-World like disaster.

       Sure, we'll take their word that human composting is safe. 

      It stands to reason that if human remains were safe as a fertilizer that cemeteries would be prime farmland. Instead, farmers historically avoid such places and the World Health Organization has explained in great detail why they should. 

      But try and explain any of this to the whackos on the Left and you'll be met with either a blank stare or with an outburst of outrage. In this day and age, whatever self-styled experts say is always the final argument to everything.


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