Thursday, November 30, 2023


      With the situation in Palestine and Ukraine clearly shaping up to be two more humiliating defeats for the American Military-Industrial Complex, the Neocon punditocracy is turning its attention towards its most reliable scapegoat: China. The Chinese Media has been reporting over the last few weeks an increase in infectious pneumonia cases over last Winter's numbers. The American Conservative Establishment---which criticized Scamdemic excesses here only when it was politically expedient---have pounced all over the story calling it a "mystery pneumonia" and bringing up Scamdemic specters. Naturally, they aren't going to ask any questions about suspicious deaths around US bioweapons labs or how the Gates Foundation suddenly had a plan already in place just months before the COVID outbreak or why never-Trump RINO governors like Mike DeWine were the first and most aggressive lockdown tyrants: such would not be in line with the narrative. 

      There was an editorial today in China's official news outlet The Global Times which demolished this nonsense quite succinctly. Beginning by pointing out the obvious: "
Winter brings spikes in respiratory illness in the northern hemisphere. This is common sense," the article continues

    "This winter, respiratory illnesses are surging simultaneously in many countries. This is a fact. However some Western media professionals choose to disregard both common sense and this fact. They seem oblivious to the coughing, fever and increasing infections around them, instead pinning their eyes on China, and eagerly attempting to throw mud at it. This is a familiar pattern. Over the past days, Western media outlets have been filled with rhetoric such as "unexplained pneumonia," "mysterious," and "concerning" when reporting on respiratory illnesses in China. It's reminiscent of the beginning of the COVID pandemic, following the same formula of associating China with mysterious pneumonia." 

    Given how easily the American people---a nation of scientific illiterates---were stampeded over the Scamdemic and the recent weather-balloon panic, one would think that American Conservatives would be a little more concerned about the failures of our educational system to impart even rudimentary knowledge of biology or science general. 


    "Chinese authorities and media outlets have also been frequently upgrading the public on the trend, offering medical advice. For example, since October, there have been increasing reports and warnings about the rise of mycoplasma pneumonia in Beijing, with predictions that it may reach its peak in November. Despite the lack of evidence to support the claim that China is hiding up a new virus, certain Western media outlets are still persisting in promoting baseless hype, politicizing, and internationalizing China's respiratory infectious diseases." 

   This is something that the jackals in the Media could have discovered for themselves easily by actually reading the reports from both the Chinese Government and Media. Instead, they rely on phony think-tanks led by cultists like the Falun Gong and other Corporate-funded Deep State cutouts

  "Mycoplasma pneumonia, which had previously disappeared thanks to COVID-19 measures, is making a comeback, with Switzerland recording record figures, as reported by Switzerland-based media SWI swissinfo on November 23. Reports also show that French health authorities have recently noted that emergency rooms are filled with large number of cases of atypical pneumonia among those under 15, reaching levels not seen in more than a decade. Similar reports, such as "New COVID Variant Takes Hold in the United States" and "the number of weekly flu hospital admissions continues to increase" in the US, can be found easily. If the same situation were to occur in China, it could be politicized by Western media outlets in no time," the article notes.

  Sadly, this very true. I didn't even know about the other outbreaks until the Chinese told us. Given the amount of money that Big Pharma stuffs into GOP pockets every year, it's doubtful that we will. This is one of the untold stories behind much of the anti-China sentiment being promoted by Corporate America and its political satraps. China is a nation of 1.2 billion people and the Corporate Oligarchs can't get their tentacles on such a vast pool of human capital.


    The editorial concludes with one observation that nobody on the American Left or Right wants to hear: "Some Western people have fallen into an abnormal hysteria toward China, coupled with the relative decline of Western governance capabilities. They systematically overlook their own country's data and situation regarding infectious diseases, but are eager to vent their sense of powerlessness and frustration by blaming and slandering China. They have better things to do - to truly benefit their country and people."  

   The China scapegoating going on especially on our side of the aisle is exactly that. The Republicans and the Conservative Movement generally is taken seriously by no one because they have no actual plan for benefiting Americans. Blame Democrats, blame immigrants, and blame China forms the basis of their whole ideology.

   Instead of whipping up hysteria about people catching pneumonia in China in mid-November, why don't these Conservatives start talking about real problems with our own national healthcare system? Things like the Opioid overdose deaths; massive addiction rates, skyrocketing suicide rates, and the subservience of our medical system to Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels, for example. They could be talking about things like the fact that about 1/5 of people under 30 are gender dysphoric, about 1/4 between 15-45 are on antidepressants, 2/5 under 40 are morbidly obese, nearly 1/8 are clinically infertile, or that infant mortality rates are the bottom of developed nations. They could be mentioning the millions of deaths linked to the Loyalty Vaxx; the fact that our life-expectancy rates have been declining for years; they could do something to fight the abortion racketeers besides throwing pro-lifers under the bus; they could promote health education and physical fitness requirements in our schools again: in short, they could do something besides bashing China---which isn't responsible for a single one of the above-mentioned problems. 

    Sadly, though, addressing these problems would take hard work and facing reality: things that postmodern Americans are loathe to do. Americans however do enjoy national panic-attacks and the subsequent LARPs through manufactured 'emergencies' so no doubt the hysteria will go on to the benefit of Big Pharma and other interested parties. 




   The former Secretary of State of the United States---probably the most influential and controversial one of the 20th Century---died yesterday. Henry Kissinger had many admirers, many inveterate enemies, and sadly today, most Ameroboobs don't even know or care who he was. His passing wasn't even in the headlines and didn't make the Top 10 Trending Searches in the newsfeed this morning, although the latest Trump Scandal, Von Miller (whoever he is), The Golden Bachelor (whatever that is), Taylor Swift, Piers Morgan, and the NFL Power Rankings all managed to. 

   When Henry Kissinger turned 100 recently, he said to the press, "The sad thing about being 100 years old is that all of your friends are dead. The good thing about it is, so are all of your enemies." That sums Kissinger's personality up fairly well, it's hard not to admire that. This was a man who rose to prominence fighting for what he thought was right and never letting his enemies distract him from that purpose.


    Kissinger was born in Germany to a Jewish family and emigrated to New York with his parents to escape Nazi persecution as a teenager. He started out with a career in law, but left Law School to enlist in the Army during WW2. Seeing that he spoke fluent German and knew the people, they transferred Kissinger to the OSS, which was the wartime Special Operations and Intel Unit. Kissinger participated in some of the most dangerous, behind-the-lines, cloak-and-dagger operations of the war. At the end of the war, the OSS was deactivated, and the Army took Kissinger back at the rank of Major and appointed him Military Governor of his birthplace in the American Occupation Zone. 

   The war changed, or rather awakened, Kissinger's love for adventure and gave him a sense of purpose. He didn't return to law school, but found his place fighting for Right on the front lines. Kissinger was always a warrior at heart. The Eisenhower Administration saw his usefulness and appointed him to a position in the State Department where he specialized in foreign intelligence work, often in conjunction with the CIA. This was during a period of time in our history when a White male could still be promoted on ability and Kissinger rose through the ranks finally being appointed Secretary of State by Richard Nixon in 1969. It was also a time, BTW, before presidents chose department heads on the basis of their knowledge and experience instead of their support from lobbying interests. 

  Kissinger had a difficult job those years, to put it mildly. The Vietnam War, the Cold War in general, rapprochement with China, several conflicts in the Middle East, and finally the Left/Neocon attempted coup d'etat in the Watergate Scandal were among the issues that he had to contend with. Like others in Nixon's Administration, Kissinger was hated by the Left-Wing Media jackals who were then just rising to their current position of dominance in our once-free press. Like most normal men, Kissinger---then a bachelor---dated several famous celebrity women. The Incels in the Media tried to jinn up a sex scandal against him to which Kissinger replied: "Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." In those less politically-correct and self-righteous times, the Media hyenas slunk away in shame while Kissinger was roundly applauded. 

  Kissinger carried on into the Ford Administration and the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 finished his political career. He was a highly sought-after consultant for the rest of his days, recently visiting China at the age of 99 in connection with negotiating some trade issues. Many have commented on what a collection of pygmies our foreign policy experts have been since his time. 

   Henry Kissinger had many critics, and he certainly wasn't a saint, but always we have to bear in mind that many of his actions have been criticized by others who don't know the bigger picture which he was privy to. He's often criticized by 'Conservatives' as a sell-out; what we're learning more and more today is that his supposedly 'soft' or 'appeasing' approach averted a Third World War on more than one occasion. The Left sneers at him for supporting authoritarian governments, not realizing that many of these regimes were the best alternative to what would have replaced them given the geopolitics of the country. At that level of governance the choice between the lesser of two evils isn't always as black-and-white as it appears on the surface.

   What can be said ultimately of Henry Kissinger is that he was a tough man in a tough neighborhood; and he voluntarily stayed in that neighborhood to do what he had to do to make certain that it didn't get tougher for everybody. He lived hard, worked hard, and fought hard and that's what most men would aspire to have as an epitaph. In our Postmodern dystopia where thuggish sports figures, effete celebrities, and spineless influencers are held up as the standard of masculinity, a few more like Kissinger would change our Culture for the better.


Tuesday, November 28, 2023


     Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be an Alpha. The ceasefire in Palestine has been extended and all the bully-boy schoolyard talk from the Neocons and their flying monkeys on the Churchian Right have come to nothing. 'Conservative' Tech Lord Elon Musk, who's been accused in the online 'Who's-the-biggest-antisemite' LARP went sliding on his knees to Tel Aviv to beg the blessing of the Zionists and promised not to lift X's blackout in Gaza until they gave him permission. Donations to the RNC are at their lowest levels in eight years and the Neocon Koch Foundation had to inject a few more million into WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley's campaign

    Among the rank-and-file of what remains of American Conservatives, the despair at the thought of 3 million Arabs not being vaporized in a mushroom cloud and war not breaking out with Iran is very apparent. Their hopes of terrorist attacks across the US weren't realized either, except for a few of their own ranks apparently flipping out and gunning down Palestinian immigrants in Burlington and Providence. There wasn't much outrage in the 'Conservative' Media over any of this, except for some gloating they happened in Blue States. There wasn't much 'Christian Compassion' expressed either, though at last report, one of the Burlington victims may be crippled for life. 

    Predictably, none of this has kept them from doubling-down to the point of absurdity. Mark Levine, a talk-radio AIPAC shill is demanding that Congress weaponize the judiciary move to impeach the Junta's Foreign Minister Antony Blinken for being too much of weenie on the Gazans---despite Blinken's sounding not radically different from Levine until the tide turned. Victor Davis Hanson, a sycophant of the aforementioned Koch Foundation, unleashed his bile on the American people for being a bunch of Blue-Pilled Beta Chumps

   Unfortunately, we have to look for examples across the oceans of what real leadership looks like. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in the news accomplishing several more positive things. With barely more military force than expended in Syria defeating ISIS, Russia has secured its border and forced the arrogant WEF-backed regime in Kiev to its knees. Russia hasn't been harmed in the least economically by the Global Oligarchs' embargoes, and at a speech today before the World Russian People's Council, Putin stressed that "We openly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon, we see it, everyone sees it now, is becoming decrepit. [This dictatorship] has gone into disarray, and has become dangerous for those around it. This is already clear to the entire world majority. But I repeat, it is our country that is now at the forefront of shaping a fairer world order."

    Dr. Sergei Perevezentsev who, unlike Victor Davis Hanson, is an actual History Professor, stated in turn: "The collective West is attacking traditional national, religious, cultural and spiritual values, and resistance to this offensive on the part of Russia and all the peoples of Russia, not only the Russian people - this is also a form of national liberation struggle against enslavement by the so-called new anti-human values." President Putin added the point that Freedom was not something to be imposed from the top-down, but was the responsibility ultimately of the people: "A free people who understand their responsibility to today and future generations is the only source of power, sovereign power, which is obliged to serve everyone - the entire people - and not, of course, someone’s private, corporate, class, or, especially, foreign interests. Being Russian is, first of all, a responsibility. I repeat, a huge responsibility for preserving Russia. This is where true patriotism lies."

    It is inspiring to see a leader who not only says what needs to be said, but does what needs to be done. 
"This concept is being developed in Russia, and these theoretical provisions are becoming the basis of domestic and international politics. Russia is now offering this approach to the whole world: to consider the world as a collection of civilizations, each of which has the right to develop according to its own laws," said one speaker. 

   Aside from assisting free peoples militarily---notably without bombing them into submission and plundering their resources afterwards as our Deep State does---Russia has led the world not only in dispersing humanitarian aid, but has taken the Chinese policy of win-win cooperation in foreign trade. A good example of this came from the African nation of Mali this week. 

   Mali is a landlocked Saharan nation that is rich in natural resources especially gold and uranium. For about 60 years since its independence, Western countries continued stationing troops there 'to safeguard their interests' and 'to counter the threat of terrorism.' The Malian people lived in abject poverty, while all of these resources were funneled into the pockets of WEF oligarchs with none of it diverted to the country itself. The military recently ousted the puppet regime there, ejected the Pentagon mercenaries and foreign NGOs. The Oligarchy responded as it typically does: it placed Mali under an embargo in hopes of starving them into submission. 

   In contrast to this, Russia signed a trade deal with Mali which revives its mining industry at a fair wage to Malian workers. They are going to construct a gold refinery---something that Mali didn't even have, so that it can produce and sell the critical mineral at a benefit to its own economy. Additionally, a new nuclear power-plant---which Mali didn't even have---will enable the Malian people to use their resources to bring a modern energy grid to their country. All of this is creating thousands of new jobs, and Russian engineers are setting up schools to train Malians and improve their school system overall. 

   However, here in the exceptional United States where trillions in our economy is siphoned off to support the grandees in supranational commerce, our own mining infrastructure is in such deplorable shape that we're mostly relying on recycled materials to address the widespread shortage. That is addition to our outmoded power grid which has seen many extensive failures during the last decade. As for our schools, they can't even teach basic Civics, let alone produce mining engineers

   So while Russia and its allies continue to steam forward leading the world to a better place, Ameroboobs will continue tuning out in blissful ignorance while prices go higher, resources become more scarce, and console themselves with the notion that only an Alpha Superman who rules by force and fear can save us. Meanwhile, the Global Cartels that are selling this delusion will go on laughing all the way to the bank. 


Sunday, November 26, 2023


      Much to the disappointment of American partisan politicians and pundits, the ceasefire in Palestine is progressing quite well. Civilian detainees are being exchanged and the Corporate Media is choking on its bile to learn that none were tortured or abused by the Palestinians. Worse for them, Russia---the country that they tell us is languishing economically under the mighty US/EU sanctions---delivered over 190 metric tons of humanitarian aid "including generators, clothes, bandage materials, and food" to the distressed Palestinian population. China---another country that the Media tells us is on the verge of economic collapse---is sending over $2.5 billion in aid. Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation---where the same experts assure us that the economy has never been better---actual data shows that food insecurity is rising. Maybe we might need humanitarian aid from abroad ourselves someday, so we'd better be nicer to the Russians and Chinese. 

     Our nominal Head-of-State has dispatched the Junta's Foreign Minister, Antony Blinken, to Tel-Aviv for a photo-op. The Official Narrative being spun by the Corporate Media is that, after six weeks of egging on Israeli barbarity, the Beltway alone is responsible for the ceasefire. Actually, the US had nothing to do with it: China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia were mostly behind it through Qatari intermediaries. Here in the US, it's only the optics and controlling the narrative that matters: the truth, not so much. 

    It's rather noteworthy that these countries all have differing positions on Palestine. The Saudis support Hamas; China favors the 'two-state' solution; while Iran supports a Palestinian Government. Qatar has had some issues with all three of them, but it's certainly amazing how governments actually interested in solving problems can put aside such differences and work together to benefit humanity. 

  These are examples of what happens when good men do good things. Here in the US though, the Conservative-Industrial Complex and the Churchian Right have spent the Thanksgiving holidays in a serious depression. Not only has the Republican Party suffered the loss of a significant crisis to exploit for political gain, but Oil and Defense stocks aren't looking so good right now. Their hopes of a domestic terrorist attack also didn't materialize when it turned out that the explosion on the US-Canadian border apparently was caused by a rather upstanding member of the Buffalo business community driving a $300,000 Bentley. Their hopes of an attempted airliner hijacking turned out to be a native-born meth addict chimping out. Apparently, the latter kinds of events are happening often on America's airlines these days, but the American political and media class rarely ask questions about such things. 

   The Churchian Right is especially dispirited by these developments. Not enough Arabs have been killed to suit them, and the current talking-point in these circles is that the Junta is acting like weenies again because the Palestinians haven't released any of the dozen or so Americans detained in Gaza. If only we had manly Alpha leader in the White House, Americans would be prioritized for release, they assert. The fact that the ceasefire was made with Israel and, therefore, the Palestinians might choose to release Israeli nationals first isn't considered. 

   It is a genuinely sad current of thought spreading through many religious Conservatives. Many---especially in some Protestant Evangelical sects---have it as part of their theology that the Israeli Government, and by extension the American Deep State, are working together to fulfill a Divine Plan; a theory into which they've shoehorned various Biblical prophecies to support. The emotional and religious investment they have in this belief has caused them to overlook any crimes that either the Israeli or American Government might commit in the Middle East. They really need to re-examine their beliefs and stop being led around by the nose by the Hollywood producers and Megachurch ministers who are selling this nonsense.

   It's also repugnant that there really is a deep strain of selfish opportunism running through Postmodern Conservative thought as well. Reading through the comments on social media, there is celebration over Arab deaths, which the authors clearly believe is a beneficial ethnic cleansing of the human gene pool. It might be tempting to dismiss such characters as trolls, but moving in Conservative circles as I do, I've heard enough of it in real life to know it isn't just a few bored Incels having fun on the Web. I've actually met ordinary rank-and-file Conservatives who not only say this about Gaza; but actually express glee at late-term abortion and casualties from the Loyalty Vaxx because it supposedly reduces the numbers of future Democrat voters. (A better way to reduce the number of Democrat voters would be to fight for electoral reform and actually propose better policies, but this approach never occurs to them). 

   There are many who even believe that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a model for how our Government should treat immigrants and even how they should treat solid Blue States populated by Americans. Anyone who looks at this revolting state of affairs objectively would see that there is no essential difference between what these so-called Conservatives propose and what 'depopulation' fanatics like Bill Gates and George Soros espouse. Once upon a time, Conservatives stood against this kind of extremism; but figures like Eisenhower and Nixon are Dead White Males now and our more evolved Postmodern Conservatives don't mind being a little more flexible when it comes to human life and human rights. 

   Hopefully the kinds of examples set by these foreign powers will find some support over here. These countries are showing that people can prosper and be generous without Corporate Overlords micromanaging their economies; and that Force and Fanaticism isn't the solution to everything. 

Saturday, November 25, 2023


    Hermann Rauschning, an author long relegated to Dead White Male status, was a German dissident during the era of the Third Reich. Rauschning had originally been a Nazi and served as Governor of the Danzig Province during the early stages of the Regime. Like many Germans then, and many Americans today, he believed that Democracy had failed, and that salvation lay in electing a strongman who disregarded such unrealistic values. However, the metaphorical scales fell from his eyes after the Regime actually came to power and Rauschning---who today would be considered a Christian Conservative in his sociopolitical orientation---began speaking out that Nazi campaign promises didn't quite align with the traditional German values they claimed to espouse. He fell out of favor, and seeing the inevitable, quickly made a beeline for the then-free Western World in 1935.

    Before the outbreak of the war, Rauschning authored several books and gave speeches trying both the warn the West of they were facing and to bring back his fellow German Christian Conservatives to see the Light of Reason. In The Revolution of Nihilism, he stated this, which has some strong applicability to today's political climate:

   "The propagandist character of National Socialist tactics requires a broad and popular exposition of the aims of the regime. The listener abroad finds it inconceivable that anyone really entertaining such plans could have the innocence to avow them. But it is not innocence it is the subtlest cunning. It is just as effective, in the opposite direction, as the practice of the famous maxim of Mein Kampf that any lie will be believed if it is big enough. Any truth will be disbelieved, if it is big enough.

   "National Socialist policy is in any case much more candid than that of the democracies, with their Governments' secret diplomacy and cautious and elaborate shepherding of public opinion. We must therefore make up our minds that all the aims and tendencies described in the preceding section represent actual practical intentions. This applies especially to the principal aim, the redistribution of the world. Simple and popularized as this aim sounds, and impossible to take seriously as practical politics, it represents nevertheless the actual purpose of the regime. This is what makes any interpretation of National Socialist policy so difficult: there is no rational approach to its essential elements."

   History shows about how much either Germans or foreigners heeded Rauschnigg's warnings. Today we're seeing the same basic premise that any truth will be disbelieved if it is big enough, played out quite effectively. 

     There seems to be something in human psychology that trips into an immediate State of Denial when faced the fact that real disaster is impending. This has been a trend all through the 21st Century in the US and the English-speaking world in general, but it has moved like a steamroller among American Conservatives since 2020. Most still can't come to grips with the obvious fact that a Color Revolution has taken place here despite the Biden-led Government's first action of appointing John Kerry an unofficial ambassador to the World Economic Forum, and appointing WEF operatives to key positions; as well as implementing or promoting practically every policy the WEF has proposed then or since. Upon his appointment three years ago, Kerry stated publicly: "And yes, the Great Reset will happen...and it will happen with greater speed and greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine."

    Yet, Conservatives talk about the 2024 elections as though nothing whatsoever has changed since 2016. The fact that of the three leading candidates that the RNC has selected to replace Trump, two are WEF Young Global Leaders and the other a stooge of the WEF-connected Bush Machine doesn't seem the least bit suspicious to them. Some even imagine that even though the GOP has done nothing of any substance to combat voter fraud---and after the effort the Deep State put into removing him and the legal persecution since---that the President-in-Exile will be somehow permitted to return to the White House. 

   Since the Palestinian Civil War started six weeks ago, it has been an uphill battle trying to convince this same crowd that a Confederation of supranational Corporate Cartels and Western Deep States---one which openly boasts about its insinuation into national governments and has more (known) assets under its control than the European Union; as well as openly admitting to a goal of global domination, population control, and totalitarian control of every economic sector---is a greater threat to our Republic than an Arab militia of 20,000 men operating in a divided territory about the size of Delaware. 

  What is the cause of this widespread denial of reality? The Left blames it on 'systemic racism' which is an illusion in its own right and one that they use as a coping mechanism. Economic control---not racial supremacy---is the end game here, although we must candidly admit that racism on the Right isn't nonexistent. 

   I believe that what is driving Denialism on the Right is a collective, albeit subconscious, realization that we have lost any effectual popular control over the direction of our Government. It's comforting to believe that things within our reach--- like militarily trouncing a rag-tag militia thousands of miles away; or building a Border Fence; or electing Christian Nationalist Alpha Supermen---magically will save us from the inevitable. 

   Rauschnigg noted another very applicable tendency which applies to our own motives for Denialism: "Hitler's very realistic estimation of the masses was revealed in Mein Kampf. It may be said in general that at the back of the whole tactics and method of propaganda of National Socialism there is a complete contempt of humanity : the whole system is based on taking men as they are and pandering to their weakness and their bestiality. Such is its universal recipe. National Socialism banks on human sloth and timidity just as much in the case of the intellectuals, the middle classes, and the old ruling classes, as with the masses. It does so especially with foreign countries. In Germany it yields a much more effective means of domination than would the exclusive dependence on terrorism. The exploitation of envy and ill-will, of the lowest human instincts, the sowing of dissension between opponents, and the appeal to their ignoble qualities and notorious weaknesses have thus far unfailingly helped National Socialism to success, incidentally destroying the basis of a general sense of morality which was weak enough to begin with."

   That depiction sounds like a fairly accurate assessment of what passes for most political speech and strategy from today's Conservative Movement. They borrowed it, in fact, from American Liberals who degenerated into these tactics before we did. "The nation is kept in a state of alarm, and meanwhile, in the same breath, the regime takes credit for the maintenance of peace and order. Few things are more characteristic of the regime than its unscrupulous, lying glorification of an existing law and order which it destroys or publicly insults by whatever it does," Rauschnigg writes, which reads like a summary of both Democrat and Republican policy since the 21st Century commenced.

   In 2023, we are on the same trajectory as Germany was in 1933, and no amount of denial or wishful thinking is going to change that. Our problems are not political; they are spiritual ones. Americans need to understand that the Oligarchy---like the Nazis---are playing to our worst instincts and we're helping them their schemes by giving these base instincts free rein. 







      Surprisingly, this holiday extended weekend has (so far anyway) been relatively free from violence. The ceasefire in Gaza went into effect today. The US-trained and equipped Israeli military, while it has killed a lot of noncombatants, has failed to make any progress in subjugating a region roughly the size and population of the Chicago Metro Area. One would think that this on top of the Military-Industrial Complex' recent humiliating defeats in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan would be a more pressing topic of debate than over who's-the-biggest-anti-Semite, but that's wishful thinking these days. 

    There were a few mass-meltdowns, however. Democrat operative Stuart Seldowitz is sitting in jail after going berserk in public at an Arab street vendor. Seldowitz was caught on tape threatening a small businessman with using his political pull to torture the man's family abroad between screaming “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian children, it wasn’t enough!” and "You rape your daughter like the prophet Mohammed!” as shocked onlookers watched in disbelief.

   Now, it's not uncommon for White Liberals to lose it in stressful situations and let their true feelings out. Flipping out and making public scenes is not uncommon either; during Trump's Administration it was a near-weekly occurrence. But the Conservatives weren't quiet either; RNC operative Jason Greenblatt was forced to issue a public apology after getting triggered at seeing an airline's employees uniforms which reminded him of Palestinian dress. Really, American Liberals and Conservatives are becoming less and less distinguishable every day. Experience alone ought to tell us that whenever the Left and Right are selling the same narrative, it rarely amounts to anything good.


      We often wonder how the Corporatocracy can be resisted. Well, across the Islamic world, as opposed to American Churchians, we're seeing how it's done. Throughout the Middle East to the Moslem countries in East Asia, locals are using social media and legislative power in a movement not only to boycott products used to support Corporate Imperialism; but encouraging local alternatives to the mighty monopolies.

    For obvious reasons, this isn't being reported to any great extent in the American Media, but it's starting to be effective. This is hitting those scumbags where it hurts the most: without money they have no power. The 'buying local' aspect is what makes this movement powerful, unlike the phony Bud Light and Disney boycotts here which were largely symbolic. This is putting money back into the hands of community and people where it belongs.

   The movement seems to have originated in Turkey. Within a few weeks over 19 million Turkish citizens cancelled Visa and Mastercard and applied for cards issued by Turkish companies. The Turkish Congress heard the peoples' voices and cancelled contracts with Coca-Cola and Nestle for vending operations in governmental offices. Visa, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, and Nestle are all WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners and strong supporters of the Israeli Regime.

   The loss of Turkish markets in itself probably wouldn't hurt the Oligarchy too deeply; however, the threat of this movement spreading globally certainly would. Indonesia, for example, is a nation of nearly 300,000,000 people, about 90% of whom are Moslem. The Indonesians have targeted Coca-Cola, Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Nestle, and IBM for boycotts. "That would be a good moment to strengthen the tightening of the flow of imported goods, especially imports of some products,” said a senior official at the Indonesian Industry Ministry, Putu Juli Ardika. Neighboring Malaysia, which has successfully done things like this before, has a strong boycott movement; as does Pakistan with its population of 230,000,000. The Oligarchy is rumored to be sustaining losses in Morocco and Egypt, the Iranian Congress recently voted to embargo Corporate supporters of the Zionist Government. 

   The situation is even gaining traction in Europe, where the population mostly lives under the subjugation of Beltway-backed governments. In the Domain of Emperor Emmanuel I, the French boycott has caused widespread mislabeling of products to avoid losses in sales.

      Although this boycott movement is centered on the holocaust in Gaza, it appears to be taking on the signs of a genuine popular revolt against the Globalist Corporations' insane drive towards a New World Order. The strengthening of local economies at the expense of the Robber Barons could prove to people everywhere that these arrogant plutocrats need us a lot more than we need them

     Contrast this display of resistance with the pathetic situation in America, As an example of how low we've sunk, witness the Beavercreek, Ohio Wal-Mart which opened its doors to Black Friday mayhem today just three days after a mass-shooting took place there. Just clean up the mess, and get back to work: we're not going to skip the biggest sales day of the year just because a few employees saw a few of their friends and neighbors shot down before their eyes. A stellar display of American empathy was acted out there today, of course; although many Wal-Mart employees felt a little differently

   It's quite telling that the employees who spoke out did so on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. That's become a New Normal in the exceptional United States; no one here dares speak out against any injustice for the same reason. A boycott here like we're seeing in Asia, Africa, and Europe would crush the Oligarchy in a few months, but they count on American selfish indifference and lack of any moral courage to keep them in power.



Thursday, November 23, 2023


      While we don't mind discussion or debate here---and certainly don't mind calling out or exposing ideas or policies which are actually dangerous---I don't often get involved in online sniping-contests where personalities are brought up. This is for three reasons: one, it's distracting; two, I don't really care what online strangers think of me personally; and three, it doesn't serve any purpose. Fools will be fools; trolls will be trolls; and fanatics won't be convinced by evidence or reason anyway. 

    Part of our problem as a culture is that we've become like one big grown-up version of Middle School. One is presumed to have to belong to the right clique or he doesn't belong at all. This is one reason why the Great Reset has so many followers: everybody wishes they could have Big Daddy Government providing for and protecting them, while they're free to wallow with their comrades at pot-parties and engage in no-strings-attached sex. There are all sorts of similar movements in the West today; after all, "My dad can beat up your dad." The Whacko Left is the dominant clique in America, the Far Right makes up the second kind: they want Big Daddy to beat up the other side and be the big shots of the schoolyard themselves. 

    We've been through this before. The Incels and latent homos in the so-called Manosphere all agreed long ago that I promote Feminism because beating women and treating them like domesticated livestock doesn't seem to be a good way to manage a relationship. We've published about three dozen articles here against Radical Feminism, but that doesn't shake their beliefs. The online troll community known as Internet Sleuths decided that our publicizing a few unsolved crimes here was self-promotion and grandstanding---the fact that our blog is anonymous and not monetized never seemed to shake that belief. And so on...

   So, it appears that the latest clique on the scene is the Churchian Right. Despite around 20 or articles published here over the years condemning anti-Semitism, they've concluded that I'm an anti-Semite anyway for not looking the other way at a rogue Regime in Tel Aviv's Crimes Against Humanity. Heck, I even supported Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital because it seemed at the time that such a move would solidify the two-State solution in Palestine. 

   These people have even gone so far as to accuse our blog of being in the service of Satan---as if we haven't published a single word here condemning or exposing Satanic cults. 

    "The Night Wind might want to discern, that perhaps, he may have been devoured, same as a number by percentage is growing in the USA." says one of these stellar thinkers, "In my opinion, when he chose the pseudonym The Night Wind, he gave everyone a clue of what may have devoured him." Maybe, again, if they paid more attention they would have gotten a clue that my taste for turn-of-the-century literature devoured me a lot more. 

   A little more discernment, in fact, might not hurt some on the Churchian Right. When you have a government that makes official statements like "there are no innocent civilians in Gaza;" and "even children are legitimate military targets;" and "the goal of the attacks is maximum destruction, not precision in the attacks;" and "the Palestinians are animals who need to be exterminated;" and "a nuclear attack on Gaza is the right option to destroy the people there,"---and hide behind the veneer of an established religion to say such blasphemies (and worse still, actually acting on them)---it ought to be a clear indication that we're dealing here with a cult and not any sort of ideology that any God would approve of. 

   In fact, things like anti-Semitism and militant Atheism grow out of exactly this kind of fusion of the political and spiritual. As we mentioned in a previous article, the Founders separated Church and State not only to keep a political church from becoming an instrument of state tyranny, but also to prevent fanatics from seizing the reins of power and imposing a religious tyranny themselves. It maybe argued (although it's no excuse) that Islamic Republics have political churches too; it may be so, but we should ask ourselves how much that form of government has contributed to anti-Moslem bigotry worldwide. 

   The problem with these Churchian Nationalists, Christian Zionists, or whatever they call themselves, is that they put the State in the place of God. The purpose of religion isn't to create a god in man's image; it's for men to re-create themselves in God's image. It's really an extension of the Prosperity Gospel applied on a communal level: the notion that Faith is about securing national wealth and prosperity rather than individuals taking responsibility for serving God in their own lives and creating a community that is based on shared spiritual values. This dissonance in their way of thinking is how they reconcile both inhuman barbarities on the Churchian Right and celebrating disgusting cultural atavisms on the Churchian Left. We need to get subservience to the Right and Left out of matters of Faith and start focusing on serving God instead.



Wednesday, November 22, 2023


    Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, where Americans dutifully gather with family members and pretend to like each other while stuffing their faces with marijuana-infused foods to accompany the invariably-improperly cooked turkey. After the homo-themed Macy's Day Parade and the NFL extravaganzas (I think they're up to three now), the real Big Event of Black Friday violence and mayhem breaks out. We've really progressed a long way from the days of our Pilgrim Forefathers.

   One thing that we can be thankful for was that a ceasefire was called in the Palestinian Civil War and both sides agreed to release prisoners (yes, Israel does have them too). We'll probably have more to say about this in an upcoming post, though it is quite telling that the otherwise-intransigent Zionists suddenly buckled after an emergency meeting of the BRICS where this statement was released:

   Amazing what a superpower without a massive Corporate lobbying presence impeding it can achieve. With Wall Street on a tight holiday schedule and Defense stocks and Oil futures potentially impacted, the news has thrown the Neocons and their Churchian coat-tail riders into a blue funk. However, today's news of a small plane crash in a Texas parking-lot and a car explosion on the Rainbow Bridge in New York have the Controlled Opposition at Fox News and elsewhere quoting all their 'Security Experts' that we might be under a terrorist attack! Why Hamas would attack non-military targets after they'd achieved their objective is not explained: but I'm certain some imaginative narratives will be forthcoming.

   Another story which has been passed over in silence is that today marks the 60th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. Most Americans today probably don't know or care who John Kennedy was---it was an era of Dead White Males---and everything that happened before the 21st Century may as well as happened before Noah's Flood as far as most are concerned. 

     Yesterday, I found a great Youtube channel with loads of Kennedy Archival videos. It was amazing watching how American political and media figures in 1963 reacted to a National Emergency against the hysterics 60 years later over things like a flu outbreak or an errant weather-balloon. 

    Harry Truman said "It was a terrible tragedy...but we have to meet these challenges. It's has happened to us before, and we have to meet them." It should be mentioned that Truman's way of handling the Media ought to be a model for anyone who deals with them. 

    Richard Nixon said when asked about the murder of both Kennedy and Oswald: "It doesn't frighten me, but it concerns me. These things sometimes happen in America and I would suggest that all Americans tomorrow, on a day which President Johnson has very properly designated a National Day of Mourning, that we pledge ourselves to fight this tendency towards hatred and violence which we saw evidenced these last two days. It is a tendency which exists; and it is incumbent upon all of us in our daily lives to fight any evidences of hatred and violence when they occur."

   Lyndon Johnson stated, "All who loved Liberty will mourn his death. As he did not shrink from his responsibilities but welcomed them, so he would not have us shrink from our responsibilities to carry out his work beyond this hour of national tragedy. As he said himself, 'The energy, the faith, the emotion which we bring to this endeavor will light our country and all who serve it; and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.' 

   John B. Connally from his hospital bed gave an inspiring interview. Among what he said of the attack was that it had shocked us into facing "the cancerous growth that is being permitted to expand and enlarge itself on our is an extremism on both sides that basically is the genesis of our self-destruction as a people, if we are to be destroyed. I am not the least bit fearful of any foreign enemy as long as we have within ourselves not hate, but human understanding; not passion and prejudice, but reason and tolerance; and not ignorance, but knowledge and the willingness to use that knowledge."

  Dwight Eisenhower said: "The American Nation is a people of great common sense, and they will not be stampeded or bewildered...Americans are loyal and it's just this kind of occasional sort of psychopathic action that occurs...the American people will stand solid and not be stampeded."

   It was interesting to note that there were no calls for government crackdowns; no 'with us or against rhetoric'; no hoarding of toilet-paper and bottled water; no partisan angling. The call from all quarters was for unity and self-reflection. Today we see exactly the opposite, stampeding is exactly what the Media and Political Classes do; and it seems that Governor Connally's prophecy may have come to pass. The contrast between then and now is likely why the Corporate Media has brushed off this anniversary and why the Academic Mafia discourages historical investigation in general. People who look into the past start making comparisons and our superficial culture of hedonism, paranoia, and narcissism just doesn't measure up very well---even against relatively recent events. 



Tuesday, November 21, 2023


    While it hasn't been too difficult to understand Conservatism Incorporated's support for the Israeli Regime, the near-fanatical devotion to Israel among rank-and-file Conservatives---especially Christian Conservatives---is a little harder to grasp. There seems to be some kind of mass-denial, like an emotional ego-investment in the general belief among them that the Zionists are the world's model of a Jeffersonian self-governing union of freemen with a traditionalist backbone of faith, family, and love of Liberty. The reality of what Israel is: a secular, atheistic, Left-Wing, neo-Fascist police state built largely upon illegal immigration and funding from Organized Crime and Globalist Corporate Cartels, is something that Christian Conservatives can't be convinced of, regardless of the evidence. 

   Reading through the comments on Social Media and political sites when the Palestinian Civil War erupted; it was revealing to see how many Conservatives were completely flabbergasted to learn that Israel has some of the world's strictest gun control laws, advertises some of the world's holiest places as Gay Hot-Spots, has the most liberal Abortion laws in the Middle East, and is the only regional country with legal marijuana. In addition to these social issues, the Israeli Government has a policy of assassinating journalists, widespread control over the Internet and information, a barely-functioning Judiciary with no rights to Due Process, a dismal record on Privacy Rights, religious discrimination against both Christians and Moslems. Property Rights are practically non-existent since the Government and NGOs control 93% of Israeli land. As a specimen of the kind of 'wokeness' promoted in Israeli schools---which is mandatory from age 3-19 and highly segregated---can be seen here

     In short, Israel is the model state of the Great Reset: promoting unlimited hedonism and degeneracy among the general public while maintaining a Corporate Police State which promotes brutality, total control, and suppression of fundamental human rights. 

    Given America's history as a country which, as a small alliance of colonies, revolted against and won its independence from an authoritarian Superpower; one would logically think that traditionalist Christian Conservatives would be in sympathy with the Palestinians who are fighting for their independence against an arrogant Neoliberal State which seeks their extermination if they can't secure their enslavement. The question is: why?

   Part of it is, of course, the saturation of pro-Israel propaganda in the American Media, including---and especially---the so-called 'Conservative Press.' The Israeli Police State recently threw the Internet 'kill switch' on Gaza; and as mentioned above, kills or detains journalists who might report news adverse to Israeli interests. Instead of speaking out against these atrocities against their brother journalists---as men with any dignity or character would do---these poltroons dutifully repeat whatever AI-generated horror-images and prepared scripts that their masters in Tel Aviv order them to disseminate. 

   Part of it, too, appears to be generational. I've noticed a distinct tendency among older Christian Conservatives that gives one the impression that they've checked out of following Foreign Policy developments sometime between the Vietnam War and Glasnost. When they hear 'Israel' they reflexively think 'Strategic Cold War ally' just like their reflexes automatically turn to WW2 when they think of Britain, the USSR when they think of Russia, Chairman Mao when they think of China, the Hostage Crisis when Iran is mentioned, etc. 

  Yet neither of these things fully explain the conundrum. Christian Conservatives above anyone else should know better than to trust the American Media; and not everyone in this demographic is a 70-year old Boomer with romantic ideals of the Holy Land. 

  I believe that the answer lies within a religious doctrine which came to prominence among American Protestants in the mid-20th Century referred to variously as Dispensationalism, Restorationism, or Christian Zionism. In the 21st Century, the movement has seen another offshoot, Christian Nationalism, which emerged from the Alt-Right. This view was never mainstream in Christianity but it gained a huge popular following both among Christians and secular audiences because of its sensationalist and simplistic apocalyptic messages, as seen in the 1970s with the massive bestselling book The Late Great Planet Earth and later with the Left Behind series. Basically, it is a Pop-Culture phenomenon which has ramifications in real-world situations.

   The supposed correlation between the Israeli State and Biblical Prophecy has led many to go so far as to equate opposition to Israel with anti-Semitism: a notion that was thoroughly debunked over 20 years ago. Yet it is still fomented by Israeli money flooding into these 'Christian' organizations: as with everything else in postmodern America, even Christians need to follow the money when a message just doesn't smell right. A good evaluation of the cozy relationship between the blasphemies of Christian Zionist leaders and the Israeli Regime was published in an article in the Middle East during the 2nd Bush Administration. Bush was a devoted believer in Christian Zionism.

    It's doubtful that any of this evidence will disillusion many of these hardcore true believers. When one has committed as an article of Faith that a secular nation is somehow tied to a Divine Plan foretold in Prophecy, a lot of emotional and intellectual investment would be shattered by the realization that the nation they idolize has been a force for evil, and not for good all along. 

   The position of these people illustrates the danger inherent in mixing politics with religion, which our Founders warned us not to do. The danger of a State-sponsored religion was only part of their concern; they also feared popular movements that idolized a political theory under a religious cloak. This is the error that Christian Zionists and Christian Nationalists have fallen into. Worship of the State is idolatry, individuals answer to God, not nations as a whole. To hold the State as a divine institution naturally leads one to support policies that are repugnant to one's conscience. How else can one justify Israeli inhumanity unless they believe that the Regime is on a divine mission of some kind? The fact that it operates in clear violation of all moral precepts proves that Zionism is a cult and a heresy within Judaism itself.