Monday, November 20, 2023


    Since the Civil War broke out in Palestine six weeks ago, the already low bar that passes for American sociopolitical leadership has managed to sink to even deeper levels of depravity and mendacity than many of us thought possible. It was becoming apparent---in fact obvious---during the last decade the political, academic, and journalistic class are nothing more than the most debased and degraded toadies and sycophantic slaves of the vested financial interests. Homo 'equality;' the interventions in the Middle East; the Scamdemic; the staged race-riots; the 2020 Putsch; the 'stand with Ukraine' nonsense---all of these things were rooted in the most transparent lies accompanied with Cancel Culture to enforce the Official Narrative.

   Up until October 7th, when the Gaza Conflict began, there was a modicum of challenge to the Official Narrative in the so-called 'Conservative' Media, albeit mostly moderate and token resistance. Since October, the masks have come off. The grovelling subservience of the Conservative Establishment to the Military-Industrial Complex and the Israel Lobby (both of whom play both sides of the American political fence) has become too transparent to be denied any longer; and they have finally exposed themselves as merely one faction of the Corporate-controlled Deep State, regardless of whatever lip-service they pay to defending our values and heritage. 

     The standard Liberal talking-point that the Democrats stood for the average man was an illusion that dissipated into the ether during the Clinton co-presidency. Obama brought it back during his campaign, but quickly abandoned it. Nobody other than the most hopelessly out-of-touch actually believes that the Democrats still care about the interests of working Americans or about alleviating poverty. 

    The Conservatives, in contrast, at least had some fundamental core principles: the right to life, liberty, and property (or at least so they said). "Faith, Family, and Freedom" was a slogan heard during Republican political campaigns. This pretense lost any credibility during the last month. Not only have they officially reversed course on the Right to Life, they've openly celebrated the ongoing slaughter in Gaza---positions which have only compounded all of their other crimes and betrayals. 

   There isn't any political solution to any of the problems facing our nation. Our problem is a spiritual one---or, more accurately, a lack of any values that we, as a culture, collectively hold. It may be comforting to talk about our Founding Principles, but we need to understand that not one single institution in the United States currently honors or holds to them. We need to ask ourselves, in the midst of all of this electoral hoopla, what exactly, at this point, that we're supposed to be supporting?

    As Chris Hedges recently said: "When optimism is not based in reality, it's no longer hope, it's fantasy." What do people who support the current Republican Party hope to accomplish by returning them to power? That predatory 'woke' Corporations will suddenly become less fanatical and predatory? Why does anybody expect that a movement's media that repeatedly lies to us is going to be transparent? Does anyone believe that a Party with no respect for human life will respect theirs? That a Party that supports crushing independence movements will care about our freedoms? Does anyone imagine that a Party exalting Force and Fear as legitimate means of political expression will defend our rights? 

   It's fantasy, as Hedges says. Wrong needs to be called out, exposed, and resisted no matter what its source. 


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