Tuesday, November 28, 2023


     Sometimes, it just doesn't pay to be an Alpha. The ceasefire in Palestine has been extended and all the bully-boy schoolyard talk from the Neocons and their flying monkeys on the Churchian Right have come to nothing. 'Conservative' Tech Lord Elon Musk, who's been accused in the online 'Who's-the-biggest-antisemite' LARP went sliding on his knees to Tel Aviv to beg the blessing of the Zionists and promised not to lift X's blackout in Gaza until they gave him permission. Donations to the RNC are at their lowest levels in eight years and the Neocon Koch Foundation had to inject a few more million into WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley's campaign

    Among the rank-and-file of what remains of American Conservatives, the despair at the thought of 3 million Arabs not being vaporized in a mushroom cloud and war not breaking out with Iran is very apparent. Their hopes of terrorist attacks across the US weren't realized either, except for a few of their own ranks apparently flipping out and gunning down Palestinian immigrants in Burlington and Providence. There wasn't much outrage in the 'Conservative' Media over any of this, except for some gloating they happened in Blue States. There wasn't much 'Christian Compassion' expressed either, though at last report, one of the Burlington victims may be crippled for life. 

    Predictably, none of this has kept them from doubling-down to the point of absurdity. Mark Levine, a talk-radio AIPAC shill is demanding that Congress weaponize the judiciary move to impeach the Junta's Foreign Minister Antony Blinken for being too much of weenie on the Gazans---despite Blinken's sounding not radically different from Levine until the tide turned. Victor Davis Hanson, a sycophant of the aforementioned Koch Foundation, unleashed his bile on the American people for being a bunch of Blue-Pilled Beta Chumps

   Unfortunately, we have to look for examples across the oceans of what real leadership looks like. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in the news accomplishing several more positive things. With barely more military force than expended in Syria defeating ISIS, Russia has secured its border and forced the arrogant WEF-backed regime in Kiev to its knees. Russia hasn't been harmed in the least economically by the Global Oligarchs' embargoes, and at a speech today before the World Russian People's Council, Putin stressed that "We openly say that the dictatorship of one hegemon, we see it, everyone sees it now, is becoming decrepit. [This dictatorship] has gone into disarray, and has become dangerous for those around it. This is already clear to the entire world majority. But I repeat, it is our country that is now at the forefront of shaping a fairer world order."

    Dr. Sergei Perevezentsev who, unlike Victor Davis Hanson, is an actual History Professor, stated in turn: "The collective West is attacking traditional national, religious, cultural and spiritual values, and resistance to this offensive on the part of Russia and all the peoples of Russia, not only the Russian people - this is also a form of national liberation struggle against enslavement by the so-called new anti-human values." President Putin added the point that Freedom was not something to be imposed from the top-down, but was the responsibility ultimately of the people: "A free people who understand their responsibility to today and future generations is the only source of power, sovereign power, which is obliged to serve everyone - the entire people - and not, of course, someone’s private, corporate, class, or, especially, foreign interests. Being Russian is, first of all, a responsibility. I repeat, a huge responsibility for preserving Russia. This is where true patriotism lies."

    It is inspiring to see a leader who not only says what needs to be said, but does what needs to be done. 
"This concept is being developed in Russia, and these theoretical provisions are becoming the basis of domestic and international politics. Russia is now offering this approach to the whole world: to consider the world as a collection of civilizations, each of which has the right to develop according to its own laws," said one speaker. 

   Aside from assisting free peoples militarily---notably without bombing them into submission and plundering their resources afterwards as our Deep State does---Russia has led the world not only in dispersing humanitarian aid, but has taken the Chinese policy of win-win cooperation in foreign trade. A good example of this came from the African nation of Mali this week. 

   Mali is a landlocked Saharan nation that is rich in natural resources especially gold and uranium. For about 60 years since its independence, Western countries continued stationing troops there 'to safeguard their interests' and 'to counter the threat of terrorism.' The Malian people lived in abject poverty, while all of these resources were funneled into the pockets of WEF oligarchs with none of it diverted to the country itself. The military recently ousted the puppet regime there, ejected the Pentagon mercenaries and foreign NGOs. The Oligarchy responded as it typically does: it placed Mali under an embargo in hopes of starving them into submission. 

   In contrast to this, Russia signed a trade deal with Mali which revives its mining industry at a fair wage to Malian workers. They are going to construct a gold refinery---something that Mali didn't even have, so that it can produce and sell the critical mineral at a benefit to its own economy. Additionally, a new nuclear power-plant---which Mali didn't even have---will enable the Malian people to use their resources to bring a modern energy grid to their country. All of this is creating thousands of new jobs, and Russian engineers are setting up schools to train Malians and improve their school system overall. 

   However, here in the exceptional United States where trillions in our economy is siphoned off to support the grandees in supranational commerce, our own mining infrastructure is in such deplorable shape that we're mostly relying on recycled materials to address the widespread shortage. That is addition to our outmoded power grid which has seen many extensive failures during the last decade. As for our schools, they can't even teach basic Civics, let alone produce mining engineers

   So while Russia and its allies continue to steam forward leading the world to a better place, Ameroboobs will continue tuning out in blissful ignorance while prices go higher, resources become more scarce, and console themselves with the notion that only an Alpha Superman who rules by force and fear can save us. Meanwhile, the Global Cartels that are selling this delusion will go on laughing all the way to the bank. 


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