Saturday, November 25, 2023


      Surprisingly, this holiday extended weekend has (so far anyway) been relatively free from violence. The ceasefire in Gaza went into effect today. The US-trained and equipped Israeli military, while it has killed a lot of noncombatants, has failed to make any progress in subjugating a region roughly the size and population of the Chicago Metro Area. One would think that this on top of the Military-Industrial Complex' recent humiliating defeats in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan would be a more pressing topic of debate than over who's-the-biggest-anti-Semite, but that's wishful thinking these days. 

    There were a few mass-meltdowns, however. Democrat operative Stuart Seldowitz is sitting in jail after going berserk in public at an Arab street vendor. Seldowitz was caught on tape threatening a small businessman with using his political pull to torture the man's family abroad between screaming “If we killed 4,000 Palestinian children, it wasn’t enough!” and "You rape your daughter like the prophet Mohammed!” as shocked onlookers watched in disbelief.

   Now, it's not uncommon for White Liberals to lose it in stressful situations and let their true feelings out. Flipping out and making public scenes is not uncommon either; during Trump's Administration it was a near-weekly occurrence. But the Conservatives weren't quiet either; RNC operative Jason Greenblatt was forced to issue a public apology after getting triggered at seeing an airline's employees uniforms which reminded him of Palestinian dress. Really, American Liberals and Conservatives are becoming less and less distinguishable every day. Experience alone ought to tell us that whenever the Left and Right are selling the same narrative, it rarely amounts to anything good.


      We often wonder how the Corporatocracy can be resisted. Well, across the Islamic world, as opposed to American Churchians, we're seeing how it's done. Throughout the Middle East to the Moslem countries in East Asia, locals are using social media and legislative power in a movement not only to boycott products used to support Corporate Imperialism; but encouraging local alternatives to the mighty monopolies.

    For obvious reasons, this isn't being reported to any great extent in the American Media, but it's starting to be effective. This is hitting those scumbags where it hurts the most: without money they have no power. The 'buying local' aspect is what makes this movement powerful, unlike the phony Bud Light and Disney boycotts here which were largely symbolic. This is putting money back into the hands of community and people where it belongs.

   The movement seems to have originated in Turkey. Within a few weeks over 19 million Turkish citizens cancelled Visa and Mastercard and applied for cards issued by Turkish companies. The Turkish Congress heard the peoples' voices and cancelled contracts with Coca-Cola and Nestle for vending operations in governmental offices. Visa, Mastercard, Coca-Cola, and Nestle are all WEF Top 100 Strategic Partners and strong supporters of the Israeli Regime.

   The loss of Turkish markets in itself probably wouldn't hurt the Oligarchy too deeply; however, the threat of this movement spreading globally certainly would. Indonesia, for example, is a nation of nearly 300,000,000 people, about 90% of whom are Moslem. The Indonesians have targeted Coca-Cola, Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC, Nestle, and IBM for boycotts. "That would be a good moment to strengthen the tightening of the flow of imported goods, especially imports of some products,” said a senior official at the Indonesian Industry Ministry, Putu Juli Ardika. Neighboring Malaysia, which has successfully done things like this before, has a strong boycott movement; as does Pakistan with its population of 230,000,000. The Oligarchy is rumored to be sustaining losses in Morocco and Egypt, the Iranian Congress recently voted to embargo Corporate supporters of the Zionist Government. 

   The situation is even gaining traction in Europe, where the population mostly lives under the subjugation of Beltway-backed governments. In the Domain of Emperor Emmanuel I, the French boycott has caused widespread mislabeling of products to avoid losses in sales.

      Although this boycott movement is centered on the holocaust in Gaza, it appears to be taking on the signs of a genuine popular revolt against the Globalist Corporations' insane drive towards a New World Order. The strengthening of local economies at the expense of the Robber Barons could prove to people everywhere that these arrogant plutocrats need us a lot more than we need them

     Contrast this display of resistance with the pathetic situation in America, As an example of how low we've sunk, witness the Beavercreek, Ohio Wal-Mart which opened its doors to Black Friday mayhem today just three days after a mass-shooting took place there. Just clean up the mess, and get back to work: we're not going to skip the biggest sales day of the year just because a few employees saw a few of their friends and neighbors shot down before their eyes. A stellar display of American empathy was acted out there today, of course; although many Wal-Mart employees felt a little differently

   It's quite telling that the employees who spoke out did so on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. That's become a New Normal in the exceptional United States; no one here dares speak out against any injustice for the same reason. A boycott here like we're seeing in Asia, Africa, and Europe would crush the Oligarchy in a few months, but they count on American selfish indifference and lack of any moral courage to keep them in power.




  1. Oh, interesting! Thanks for the positive round up.

    I engaged in my traditional "buy nothing" celebration of black Friday and even managed to convince a couple of stores to close down for Thanksgiving so employees could spend time with their families instead. Resisting the Corporatocracy really is an important spiritual issue! If the job or corporation can dictate what you will believe, even what you will inject into your own body, than we have granted them far too much power and authority.

    1. Exactly. They've made themselves more powerful than the Government, which is supposed to reflect the will of the people. Many have tried to distract by turning attention away from the real issue, which is economic. If you have one organization with complete control over the necessities of life, you're no longer free.