Thursday, November 30, 2023


      With the situation in Palestine and Ukraine clearly shaping up to be two more humiliating defeats for the American Military-Industrial Complex, the Neocon punditocracy is turning its attention towards its most reliable scapegoat: China. The Chinese Media has been reporting over the last few weeks an increase in infectious pneumonia cases over last Winter's numbers. The American Conservative Establishment---which criticized Scamdemic excesses here only when it was politically expedient---have pounced all over the story calling it a "mystery pneumonia" and bringing up Scamdemic specters. Naturally, they aren't going to ask any questions about suspicious deaths around US bioweapons labs or how the Gates Foundation suddenly had a plan already in place just months before the COVID outbreak or why never-Trump RINO governors like Mike DeWine were the first and most aggressive lockdown tyrants: such would not be in line with the narrative. 

      There was an editorial today in China's official news outlet The Global Times which demolished this nonsense quite succinctly. Beginning by pointing out the obvious: "
Winter brings spikes in respiratory illness in the northern hemisphere. This is common sense," the article continues

    "This winter, respiratory illnesses are surging simultaneously in many countries. This is a fact. However some Western media professionals choose to disregard both common sense and this fact. They seem oblivious to the coughing, fever and increasing infections around them, instead pinning their eyes on China, and eagerly attempting to throw mud at it. This is a familiar pattern. Over the past days, Western media outlets have been filled with rhetoric such as "unexplained pneumonia," "mysterious," and "concerning" when reporting on respiratory illnesses in China. It's reminiscent of the beginning of the COVID pandemic, following the same formula of associating China with mysterious pneumonia." 

    Given how easily the American people---a nation of scientific illiterates---were stampeded over the Scamdemic and the recent weather-balloon panic, one would think that American Conservatives would be a little more concerned about the failures of our educational system to impart even rudimentary knowledge of biology or science general. 


    "Chinese authorities and media outlets have also been frequently upgrading the public on the trend, offering medical advice. For example, since October, there have been increasing reports and warnings about the rise of mycoplasma pneumonia in Beijing, with predictions that it may reach its peak in November. Despite the lack of evidence to support the claim that China is hiding up a new virus, certain Western media outlets are still persisting in promoting baseless hype, politicizing, and internationalizing China's respiratory infectious diseases." 

   This is something that the jackals in the Media could have discovered for themselves easily by actually reading the reports from both the Chinese Government and Media. Instead, they rely on phony think-tanks led by cultists like the Falun Gong and other Corporate-funded Deep State cutouts

  "Mycoplasma pneumonia, which had previously disappeared thanks to COVID-19 measures, is making a comeback, with Switzerland recording record figures, as reported by Switzerland-based media SWI swissinfo on November 23. Reports also show that French health authorities have recently noted that emergency rooms are filled with large number of cases of atypical pneumonia among those under 15, reaching levels not seen in more than a decade. Similar reports, such as "New COVID Variant Takes Hold in the United States" and "the number of weekly flu hospital admissions continues to increase" in the US, can be found easily. If the same situation were to occur in China, it could be politicized by Western media outlets in no time," the article notes.

  Sadly, this very true. I didn't even know about the other outbreaks until the Chinese told us. Given the amount of money that Big Pharma stuffs into GOP pockets every year, it's doubtful that we will. This is one of the untold stories behind much of the anti-China sentiment being promoted by Corporate America and its political satraps. China is a nation of 1.2 billion people and the Corporate Oligarchs can't get their tentacles on such a vast pool of human capital.


    The editorial concludes with one observation that nobody on the American Left or Right wants to hear: "Some Western people have fallen into an abnormal hysteria toward China, coupled with the relative decline of Western governance capabilities. They systematically overlook their own country's data and situation regarding infectious diseases, but are eager to vent their sense of powerlessness and frustration by blaming and slandering China. They have better things to do - to truly benefit their country and people."  

   The China scapegoating going on especially on our side of the aisle is exactly that. The Republicans and the Conservative Movement generally is taken seriously by no one because they have no actual plan for benefiting Americans. Blame Democrats, blame immigrants, and blame China forms the basis of their whole ideology.

   Instead of whipping up hysteria about people catching pneumonia in China in mid-November, why don't these Conservatives start talking about real problems with our own national healthcare system? Things like the Opioid overdose deaths; massive addiction rates, skyrocketing suicide rates, and the subservience of our medical system to Big Pharma and the Insurance Cartels, for example. They could be talking about things like the fact that about 1/5 of people under 30 are gender dysphoric, about 1/4 between 15-45 are on antidepressants, 2/5 under 40 are morbidly obese, nearly 1/8 are clinically infertile, or that infant mortality rates are the bottom of developed nations. They could be mentioning the millions of deaths linked to the Loyalty Vaxx; the fact that our life-expectancy rates have been declining for years; they could do something to fight the abortion racketeers besides throwing pro-lifers under the bus; they could promote health education and physical fitness requirements in our schools again: in short, they could do something besides bashing China---which isn't responsible for a single one of the above-mentioned problems. 

    Sadly, though, addressing these problems would take hard work and facing reality: things that postmodern Americans are loathe to do. Americans however do enjoy national panic-attacks and the subsequent LARPs through manufactured 'emergencies' so no doubt the hysteria will go on to the benefit of Big Pharma and other interested parties. 



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