Saturday, December 2, 2023


    So, we should have seen this one coming. After a week-long truce, the Zionist Regime in Israel unilaterally resumed hostilities once they had the Palestinians lulled into a sense of security and hope. The attack, which killed or wounded nearly 1,000 people, also targeted humanitarian relief efforts. This has sent shockwaves across the civilized world although those under Corporate control seem satisfied. The attack coincided---just coincidentally, of course---with a visit to Israel from the Junta's Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. Blinken is deeply connected with Corporate lobbyists, several of which are WEF Strategic Partners, and AIPAC; however, we're to believe this nothing to do whatsoever with the Junta's position on Palestine. 

   It will be interesting to see how the Republican Establishment and their flying monkeys in the Churchian Right will rationalize this latest act of treachery, but it's certain that they will. Sacrificing the lives and property of others not in their Big Club is nothing new to them and with them ends always justify the means.

    The last time we actually tried debating support for Israel with the Churchian Right, it was universally decided that I was a racist anti-Semite, a Conspiracy kook if not a tool of Satan, and the reason for this was because I didn't trust the Mainstream Media to tell the truth. Seriously, then they wonder why we say that they're no different than the Left.

   I was born in the Midwest but haven't been back there in years. There's really no reason to go: there's really nothing left of the area but Monsanto, Meth, and cemeteries. An associate of mine went back to Ohio during Thanksgiving to an old industrial town after many years away. What he saw there left him unsettled.

  When the factory that his father worked for closed and was outsourced during NAFTA's implementation, the Corporation not only closed the plant leaving thousands to poverty, they even sent in a wrecking crew to demolish the building. Outside that vast vacant lot, the rest of the town has a few boarded-up buildings except for a Chevron station, a 7-11, and, of course, a marijuana dispensary may be coming soon now that Ohio (a reliable Red State) voted to legalize it last month. The two largest enterprises in town currently are the local government and the local Megachurch.

  While there's certainly nothing wrong with church-based communities, it is concerning that in many of these small towns churches seem to have gone the way of the American economic system. Just like small businesses are gone and replaced by conglomerates, the local churches are disappearing and the Megachurches are thriving. 

  Why is this concerning? Aside from the impersonal nature of the Megachurch, for the most part, they seem to have adopted the tactics of Corporate America, focusing more upon superficial display, marketing a message appealing to the herd, and generally making the Gospel a commodity to enrich a few grandees at the top. When community churches were still the norm in America, there was a diversity of religious experience in even the smallest areas. The picture of an auditorium full of people with outstretched arms saluting a powerful figure on a rostrum never struck me as a particularly Christian image.

     Like all such massive commercial enterprises, bureaucracies and groupthink are the exception rather than the rule. Everything is centered on preserving the institution as opposed to serving God or His people. The town that my associate described is an example of this: a 'vibrant' church raking in the cash while doing nothing to bring the actual community back to what it was. 

   In fact, the Megachurch Movement actually depends to a large degree on failing communities. This may sound paradoxical since nearly all of them preach some form of the Prosperity Gospel. However, it works much the same way as Crony Capitalism does: the design is to sell hope; i.e. if you buy our products, you will be popular or esteemed while at the same time depressing wages and inflating prices so that one has to work harder to obtain their products and the product simultaneously appears more valuable. The Churchian Right sells their message the same way and, like Crony Capitalism, they create scarcity to empower themselves only they do it in a spiritual sense. 

  On the Churchian Right, God is seen as something like the CEO of the Universe, Who gives His stakeholders a return for the investment of worship---worship which is defined by these people as obedience to their leaders' interpretations of God's Will. Also like the Crony Capitalists, the Megachurchmen have confederated into different super-organizations with their own media networks and political action committees. They follow the Crony Capitalist model in terms of political lobbying as well: the natural extension of the Prosperity Gospel for individuals is that the Divine CEO will bless entire nations which carry out His directives. 

  From that description, we can see at a glance why there is a natural affinity between the Churchian Right, Neoconservative politicians, and the objectives of those driving the Great Reset. It likewise explains why the average Christian Conservative is so flexible when it comes to standing for social issues and their collective contempt for social justice in general. Social Justice, in fact, has become a pejorative term among them, which is natural since they believe that things like poverty and suffering are signs of Divine disfavor. 

  Also like Crony Capitalism, there is a strong authoritarian streak among the  Churchian Right. The Crony Capitalists subvert Self-Government and Free Enterprise by declaring themselves outside of Constitutional or legal boundaries as private entities despite their actions impacting citizens and taxpayers. The Churchian Right carries this reasoning one step further: hypocritically claiming that we ought to obey God rather than man-made laws. While that statement is true in principle, the spirit in which they mean it is as inimical to God as Crony Capitalism is to the Free Enterprise system. 

  The Churchian Right, like the Neoconservative Movement, is basically a reactionary repackaging of Marxist utopianism with Christian Nationalism replacing the Soviet Union and American Exceptionalism substituted for the Communist International. Corporate and Churchian Boards of Directors are their version of Party Commissars, and loyalty to their sociopolitical schemes are the price of being a citizen---or even a human being---just as fealty to the various manifestos of Supreme Peoples' Councils once were. Both are at complete odds with actual Christianity---and our American traditions in general---which hold Justice, Truth, and the value of a single human life as foundational principles. 

   While it is true that at the root of things America's problems are spiritual, merely changing the management team and renaming everything obviously is not going to solve them. If any of them would bother reading the New Testament, they would see that their beliefs and conduct are much closer to that of the Pharisees than to the early Christians. Like the Churchian Right, the Pharisees believed that their positions of power and opulence were because of Divine favor and that the Jewish people were suffering because they deserved it for their sins. When Jesus exposed their hypocrisy, the shattering of that illusion led them to arrange His execution. St. John's Gospel relates that the Pharisees' leader Joseph Caiaphas said "that it was expedient that one man should die to save the nation." If Caiaphas were alive today, he'd probably still be a spiritual leader among the Churchian Right. with his own megachurch, radio show and best-selling books. That his descendants-in-spirit reflect his worldview ought to be obvious. 




  1. Oh yes, I really like what you've said about much of the modern churchian world, especially this part, "On the Churchian Right, God is seen as something like the CEO of the Universe, Who gives His stakeholders a return for the investment of worship---worship which is defined by these people as obedience to their leaders' interpretations of God's Will."

    This is true of the churchian left, too. They are often getting political approval, special accommodations, and even government grants for serving the system. I see that happening a lot in my area.

    I've really had to re-examine how I define and perceive "the church" at large. We are more of a spiritual concept, a Body of believers actually out in the world be the hands and feet of Jesus. We're not really an institution or a corporation, we're a collection of individuals.

    Also, I take comfort in the fact that Jesus encountered this same problem a few thousand years ago. There is nothing new under the sun when it comes to human behavior. He is Holy and perfect and He still threw some tables around.

    1. The Churchian Right think God is a CEO; the Churchian Left thinks that He is the President of the Universe: always looking at polls and approval ratings and adjusting His Will accordingly. We really do need to figure out a way to combat this commercialization and politicization of Spirituality, I'm just not sure how.