Tuesday, December 5, 2023


     In the wake of the Color Revolution which swept the Corporate Democrats and their Whacko Left degenerates into power in 2020, we made the argument here that the only way that Conservatives could ever gain public support again was to repudiate Neoconservatism; eject that nest of vipers, the Alt-Right, from their ranks; and, in short, start taking a stand again for American principles and values. They've since done precisely the opposite and have been blown out now in three straight midterm elections and are poised to be wiped out in next year's General Election---with or without voter fraud. 

   The Republican Party and the Conservative Movement in general simply has no credibility left. Their whole approach has been through owning the Liberals and controlling the narrative which in itself gives the impression that they consider the public a bunch of fools who have to be duped into supporting them. Now, that approach has worked to a large extent for the Democrats; but the Left has the advantage of a sycophantic Media and a corrupt Academic Establishment to help them promote it. If the Right would concentrate on leading by example instead of mimicking the Left on everything, they would have some credibility again. 

   The Russian Media has been reporting on some interesting developments in that country. Recently, the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the homo 'equality' movement was an extremist ideology, and their Congress has passed some recent legislation banning so-called 'gender re-assignment' operations and some enhanced restrictions on abortion. (Contrary to popular belief, Russia actually does have a Constitutional division of powers, it's just that they actually practice it). Russia is demonstrating that, despite what the American Conservative-Industrial Complex believes, it is possible to win on social issues, as the resounding popularity of President Putin and his Party demonstrates. 

   Instead of learning anything from this, the paid sock-puppets in Conservative think-tanks assert---with no actual proof---that Russian elections are rigged. This is merely projection: they assume that just because our elections are rife with fraud everyone else's must be too. Meanwhile, the Right responds to social issues by throwing the Pro-Life movement under the bus and promoting characters like Bruce Jenner. They're constantly willing to look the other way at Blue States openly persecuting Christians as they are in supporting Leftist regimes like Ukraine and Israel which also persecute Christians---all the while taking fat bribes and financially lucrative interests while spouting off hypocritically about their supposed Christian values. 

      Well aware that they can't sell their message to actual Christian Conservatives--- though they still need their votes (and more importantly their financial support)---the Republican Establishment is turning to the Churchian Right: the Megachurches, Christian Nationalists, etc. who already have a demonstrated track-record of holding contradictory positions on issues, fetishizing Alpha strongmen, and freely giving large sums of cash to curry favor with God. Since these people reflexively believe anything that their politically-connected pastors tell them, it's a simple task to convince them that supporting Neocon policies are in their interest even though, in reality, their pastors and politicians could care less what their supporters' interests are. 

    Part of the reason that they are able to get away with this is because the political pastors in the Churchian Right have fused together Crony Capitalist economic propaganda with the Prosperity Gospel on the one hand, and welded Foreign Policy with Dispensationalism on the other. Given the dumbed-down state of our schools and media---along with the obvious threat to Civilization posed by the Whacko Left---it isn't hard to gin up a constant apocalyptic scenario which, to avoid, people must be convinced to follow the leader. This is all in keeping with the Deep State's Strategy of Tension which was devised by two military officers---one of whom went on to become a Fox News 'security analyst' and the other a Satanic Cult leader. Cults, in fact, factor fairly strongly with the so-called 'Conservative' Media; both in foreign policy and on domestic issues. At this point, however, the Churchian Right has reached such a level of fanaticism that it can countenance the murder of children  and the ethnic cleansing of other Christians, it is doubtful that exposure of devious cult or mercenary corporate influences will sway them too much.

    The Prosperity Gospel as manifested in its political aspect holds to false, zero-sum dichotomy that life is a system of 'winners and losers' wherein, barring any economic interventions from the State, resources are rationally allocated and winners and losers adequately rewarded; that those who succeed have done a good job while those who fail have done a bad job; and everyone else should be treated with indifference. This is another idea, incidentally, that they've expropriated from the Left; the difference being that the Left employs it to appeal to Envy whereas the Right uses it to appeal to Greed. Just as the Left believes in an infallible neo-Marxist economic paradigm, the Postmodern Right holds to a reductionist theory of the infallibility of Laissez-Faire Capitalism.

   It is hardly surprising then, that Dispensationalism forms a part of their theology. This theology is apocalyptic at its core, but has as a fundamental tenet that God has a particular timeline binding Him which influences human destiny---or, more accurately the destiny of nations. Those nations in tune with this supposedly Divine Plan receive God's favor, according to this doctrine after which Christ will reign on Earth for 1,000 years. Again, this is a concept imported from Marxism with its Dictatorship of the Proletariat which offers a Utopia to those who follow Communist doctrine. 

   Apparently, Russia factors into these supposed prophesies as one of the bad guys which accounts for how they invariably denounce Russia and support the Ukrainian Regime which is hardly friendly to Christians while promoting some really bizarre heresies of their own. Israel also factors into these dispensational schemes: according to which, all Jews are going to be forced to immigrate to Palestine where 2/3 of them will be massacred by the Antichrist while the true Christians have all been miraculously removed from Earth. No doubt they envision themselves sitting on a cloud saying "I got mine, sux to be them." Bear in mind, these are the same Churchians who call pro-Palestinians anti-Semites. 

   One can see how Dispensationalism and the Prosperity Gospel appeal to the same negative mindset. Neither the Prosperity Gospel nor the Dispensational Theory were ever anything but fringe movements until the Me Generation of the 1970s found the overt appeals to Narcissism and Commercialism spiritually fulfilling. Between their apocalyptic bloodlust and their shameless hypocrisy on social issues, it's small wonder that the Right is getting laughed at by everyone when they talk about Faith and Family. 

   What is really astounding though is the apparent blindness on the Right to any of this. As a general rule, the more they make fools of themselves, the more they double-down---in fact, when one reads the sickening jeremiads penned by the likes of Victor Davis Hanson, one gets the impression that there's some masochistic impulse on the Right whereby they actually enjoy being socially abused and humiliated. Whether or not it is a subconscious need for punishment to atone for their guilty consciences, one can't say for certain: but in any case it's not winning over anyone to the Conservative Cause. 

   It doesn't seem to have sunk into the thick skulls of many leaders or influencers on the Right that the Left isn't succeeding because they have better marketing angles or slicker promotional gimmicks. They're succeeding because one always knows where they stand with the Left. This is not, of course, to argue that the Left has better ideas: when they propose doing stupid things like promoting homo 'equality' in the military or banning so-called 'hate speech' we know that they're actually going to do it, and can prepare accordingly. It doesn't help the Conservative Cause to react to such travesties by boasting about our inclusiveness by hiring LGBTQ spokesxhes and banning Tik-Tok and then trying to claim to we stand for Family Values and Free Speech. 

   To gain public credibility, the Right needs to learn that they have to back up their rhetoric with some kind of action---some sincerity and humility wouldn't hurt them either. Behaving like the Left only makes them look worse than the Left, and isn't fooling anybody. 




  1. "Part of the reason that they are able to get away with this is because the political pastors in the Churchian Right have fused together Crony Capitalist economic propaganda with the Prosperity Gospel on the one hand, and welded Foreign Policy with Dispensationalism on the other."

    Ha! Now there's a righteous rant. I approve! Needless to say, your observations will probably not be well received by everyone.

    I think you really summed up the essence of the problem here, "What is really astounding though is the apparent blindness on the Right to any of this." Yep! I have spent years trying to reason, plead, and discuss these issues with hundreds of people, from pastors to politicians, to almost no avail. Long ago somebody smart told me, "Republicans are just really good at snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory."

    Pretty sure the very definition of insanity to do something that doesn't work and just double down, dig in, and do it even more, hoping for different results.

    1. They're at least as bad as the Left when it comes to Denialism. I am starting to wonder though if most of them haven't absorbed so much one-sided preaching about human sinfulness and Divine Wrath that they subconsciously desire punishment.

  2. Does the right actually hate Putin? Or is it just the swamp-rat RINOs?

    1. First, I'm glad to see you're back to blogging again. So many have left---it looks like Rookh has gone.

      As for the Right and Putin: it's definitely not like it was a decade ago. When Obama and Trump were in, Conservatives were supportive of Putin and criticizing the Soros/Obama-backed Color Revolution in Ukraine. Last year, they totally flipped positions after Russia intervened in Ukraine. Some of the links I have above show that they were taking payoffs and had interests in Ukraine all along---including the shady biolabs that they're blaming on Hunter Biden--- while they were denouncing our policies there.

      It's just like the Abortion issue: once Roe was overturned, they couldn't bring themselves to ban it, and are rushing to 'evolve' on the issue. There's growing evidence that a lot of them are on the hook to Big Pharma and other interests who traffick in fetal tissue.

    2. Rookh seems to be around - just doesn't post as often.

    3. His blog was offline for awhile. Looks like he's back up now too.