Sunday, December 10, 2023


     In today's newsfeed, the Controlled Opposition Media is celebrating the downfall of the University of Pennsylvania's Commandant, Liz McGill. The University of Pennsylvania has been singled out especially for allegations---mostly unproven---of promoting anti-Semitism. Penn was the subject of Congressional and Legislative Hearings, but what ended Liz McGill's tenure was a concerted effort to defund the university. Postmodern Academia is a commercial enterprise where all of their vaunted ideals are for sale to the highest bidder, hence the result. 

    It's really quite telling that none of these Conservative politicians, pundits, parents, or alumni had anything to say about Penn's multitudinous crimes until they offended the Israel Lobby. The University of Pennsylvania has been a hotbed of Political Correctness and all manner of cultural assaults. Most recently, they were among the first schools to scrap Medical School entrance requirements in the name of 'diversity' and got caught along with their Corporate owners in a 'woke' price-fixing scam;  but none of that mattered until they weren't toeing the pro-Israel position solidly enough. 

   Here we thought that Corporate Cancel Culture and foreign lobbying influence were things that Conservatives stood against. But that was then, this is now; today it's only wrong when the Left does it. Today, if a Democrat even meets with a Chinese official; the Conservative-Industrial Complex foams that he's 'selling out to China;' meanwhile Israeli agents have been caught twice overtly bribing candidates to run against pro-Palestinian Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. The Right can't bring themselves to condemn that kind of foreign electoral interference, any more than they could take a stand against Academic radicalism until just last month.

   What we're seeing here is essentially the Black Lives Matter Movement with Zionism cut-and-pasted over the term 'Black.' Defunding institutions, cancel culture, doxxing people and forcing them out of positions, encouraging violent political rallies, promoting the myth of Systemic Racism: the political Right sees all of this as acceptable these days. 

    During those Bad Old Days of the BLM riots, American Conservatives were too busy complying with Mask Mandates and kneeling with protesters to worry too much about police departments being defunded, violent attacks on White people, or kangaroo-courts set up to railroad people like Derrick Chauvin. So it probably isn't surprising that they would grab the first opportunity to employ the tactics of the Left as soon as they found it politically advantageous to do so. In the calculus of American Political Theater, the Republicans actually do have a slight advantage here: there are Democrats who split with the Biden/Harris Junta on the Palestinian issue, the Republicans do what they do best: march in lockstep behind a single ideology. Over two months into the Palestinian Civil War, and one can count the number of pro-Palestinian Conservatives on his fingers and toes. 

   Since the Second Bush Administration there really hasn't been a Conservative Movement in the United States to speak of. The Right stood passively by while Bush shredded the Constitution, gave us trillion-dollar deficits, outsourced American jobs, subsidized and bailed out Corporate looters, and engaged us in endless globalist military expansions. As the Neocons stretched out their tentacles over the Conservative Press and the Internet, they abandoned the enlightened discourse which had been their trademark to the debased foulness of the Alt-Right, Christian Nationalists, and various cults sympathetic to their cause. 

   Besides their vulgarity, those latter elements are proficient in propagating fear which is a component of the Deep State's Strategy of Tension, which is a deliberate policy to divide rather than to unify public opinion. 

     Many on the Right who've been promoting the anti-Semitism trope against critics of the Zionist Government in Israel promote fear of Islam, usually (and deliberately) confounding liberation movements with Jihadism as they confound Judaism with Zionism. Iran, which seems to be the designated enemy in all of this (just coincidentally because it is the largest Middle East nation that Wall Street isn't involved in), is argued to be a greater threat to the US than the Supranational Corporate Oligarchy. The fact that Tehran is over 6,000 miles away and that Iran is a nation with around $400 billion GDP while the WEF has a direct pipeline into the White House, hundreds of Corporate lobbyists in Congress, and combined (known) assets about equal with the entire economic output of China doesn't seem to shake their convictions that we are on the verge of terrorist attacks and surrender to an Islamic Republic at any moment. 

    Even though the US hasn't had relations with Iran in 45 years, we're told by these people that Iran somehow has managed to plant 'sleeper cells' all across our country waiting to be activated. Nobody seems to know where they are or how they got here: they just mysteriously appeared: like the Coronavirus that somehow jumped the Pacific Ocean from China after China had closed all of its ports and suspended international travel. 

    It seems as though we are reliving 2020 all over again: given the fact that there is an election (supposedly) in 2024 with the same players as 2020, it probably isn't a coincidence that the same tactics are being trotted out. Back then, it was the Scamdemic and Systemic Racism, this time it's Terrorism and Systemic anti-Semitism and the Republicans are the ones fanning the hysteria this time around. It's difficult to say, given their complete incompetence, whether the Republicans can make the same scam work for them---the Democrats still have the Orange Man Bad card---but in either case the damage they're doing both to our social fabric and foreign policy needs to be called out and condemned. 


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