Thursday, December 7, 2023


      The newsfeed this morning was flooded with analysis and stories about last night's Republican Party debate. I didn't watch it or bother reading any of the articles. To summarize what really happened there: four people who variously trail President-in-Exile Trump by roughly between 40 and 60 points sought to convince American Conservatives that electing a swamp-RINO or a WEF apparatchik is a better choice than returning the legitimate President to office. The Punditocracy and the Controlled Opposition Media were trying to pretend that this display was actually important or meaningful---in reality, the only good news was that this is the last such event this year and we won't have to deal with another one for at least another month. 

    The GOP is desperate for anything that they can count as a 'win' right now. Last week there was another widely ballyhooed debate between one of these candidates who's polling at 11% among Republican voters and the Governor of California who isn't even running for the Democrat nomination. Apparently, they've even come up with another manifesto, an earlier attempt and the West's War for Existence having failed to generate any enthusiasm. Given the resounding successes of the Contract with America in 1994 and their Pledges in 2010, the Party Establishment can't figure out why no one takes their promises seriously.

   In 2022, the Republicans regained Congress denouncing the weaponization of legal procedures against political opponents. So far, they've managed to set the precedents of removing a House Speaker, censuring two Congressmen and expelling another, and have initiated at least three impeachment hearings. Meanwhile, the J6 scapegoats, Julian Assange and others are rotting in jail for crimes they didn't commit, but no one cares about that. That same year, the same GOP which shoulder-to-shoulder with the Biden Junta on intervening in Ukraine are now telling us that they don't support Biden's War. The GOP gubernatorial candidates---many of whom were among the most thuggish lockdown tyrants during the Scamdemic---promoted themselves as champions of freedom who heroically stood against mandates and for all of the beleaguered small businesses. Earlier this week they completely caved on their nominal Pro-Life position so that the Pentagon could send more advisors to Israel and kill even more children. 

   These gloomy developments weren't without their humorous moments, however. Yesterday, during one of the myriad pointless Hearings that Congress is holding to pretend that they're actually doing anything, three Feminist Presidents-for-Life in Academia Incorporated were testifying about 'campus anti-Semitism' (i.e. not showing sufficient loyalty to the Israeli Deep State). MIT's Commandant, Sally Kornbluth, stated that "those seeking to shut down protests were effectively pushing for speech codes, which do not work."

    Yes: you heard it here first everyone! American Academia doesn't believe in Speech Codes! The doubly ironic thing was that Kornbluth said this to a Party leadership which claims to oppose Speech Codes but are pressuring for their implementation. This, and the other stories mentioned above illustrate another problem that the Right has with credibility: arguing that It's only bad when the Democrats do it is hardly a smart strategy. 

    Victor Davis Hanson---a specimen of what passes for a deep intellectual among the New Right---pounced on these Hearings to inform American Conservatives that our universities are being radicalized. Although Hanson has spent his entire life in Academia, he seems have only discovered this fact recently and most of his articles on the subject carry the impression that all of this radicalization only started two years ago when the Biden/Harris Junta came to power. As is typical with his articles, Hanson is short on concrete facts or proposed solutions (other than to hold your nose and vote for a Neocon) and long on declamation and hysteria. He bellows that: "The Ivy league and their kindred so-called elite campuses may soon go the way of Disney and Bud Light! They think such a crash in their reputations is impossible given centuries of accustomed stature! But the erosion is already occurring—and accelerating!" Oh wait----

   It doesn't seem as though InBev or Disney is headed to Bankruptcy Court anytime soon. In fact the spokesxhe at the center of the whole Bud Light ballyhoo is still charging---and getting---about $40,000 per speaking engagement. This illustrates a central problem with the New Right's credibility issues: their leadership and influencers live in a sort of vapor-sealed echo chamber utterly out-of-touch with the realities of Mainstream America. Hanson seriously argues in this article that too many foreigners are enrolled in universities and this is why there is so much anti-Americanism on campus---not because Republicans, American parents, or alumni sat on their hands for 30 years like Hanson did---while wholesale purges of academics was going on. 

   It might be useful here to interject a story from real life. Recently, I talked to a young fellow who was attending the University of Washington---one of the most corrupt and degenerated academic institutions in America---on a baseball scholarship. He told me that he was quitting at the end of this term to go to Vocational School and become a Machinist, which I wholeheartedly approved of. After telling me that he was disgusted enough with hearing the same stupid Whacko Left propaganda he'd heard all through High School without really learning anything, he told the following story:

   "What finally did it for me was after one class, I went into the restroom---not to throw up as I should have---but while in the stall, I overheard three Saudi students come in, discussing what they'd heard in the same class. 'Can you believe what that pig is teaching Americans? By Allah! If any teacher talked like that in Saudi Arabia about our culture, our fathers would drag him out in the street and beat him!' 'True,' another chimed in, 'What a bunch of spineless cowards these American fathers must be!' 'They care more about their sons getting a diploma and high-salary job than honest work, from what I've observed," the third noted. 'Still what about the students sitting there listening to these insults? Have they no pride in themselves?'"And so on, but one gets the general idea. Even the Arabs, whom Hanson evidently despises as inferiors, see what is the crux of the issue while he and his peers remain blind to it. 

    Most Americans, besides choosing to remain blissfully ignorant of our deep social problems, put their faith in poltroons like these without understanding how Postmodern politics actually work. The politicians, the academics, the pundits, the media influencers, etc. are part of the Top 10% of the American Plutocracy and they do the bidding of the Top 1%, managing things like policy and propaganda. They exist in an isolated feedback loop, alternately flattering their masters and crafting strategies to deceive and demoralize the public; much like the courtiers did in Bourbon France, Czarist Russia, or Imperial China. The Republican Party is part of that same system, they exist as a useful instrument in promoting an official counter-narrative. In the old Feudal system, they would be analogous to the Court Jesters. 

     Just like the old imperial Monarchs, the postmodern corporate Oligarchy is completely detached from Reality. Their advisors aren't people living next door to you: they are people operating off Excel Spreadsheets and AI-generated policy statements telling their overlords what they want to hear and being handsomely paid for doing so. A good example of this is the impending collapse of American Ukraine policy. Nearly two years---and since---I've predicted that this would fail. These pundits know nothing about Russia and told us that Putin would fall; that Russia would be defeated; that the Russian economy would collapse---instead Russia's gotten stronger. The pundits assumed that because our spiritless population would fold in such a crisis, the Russian people would too. They assumed that because our Military are a bunch of rejects who'd throw up the sponge at the first sign of violence, the Russian Military would do likewise. They assumed that because our political leaders fake elections and polls, that Putin did likewise, and so on. 

   On both foreign and domestic issues there are many examples of this kind of dissociation. All of the manifestos, ad campaigns, and gimmickry dreamed up by the Madison Avenue shylocks aren't going to change the fact that the Conservative Movement is failing because it isn't really a viable alternative to the Left and everybody other than the True Believers see that. 



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