Sunday, December 3, 2023


    The COP28 Conference---mostly a sham put on for Western Oligarchies to virtue-signal about Climate Change---ended this weekend, as did the lesser-hyped Reagan National Defense Forum. The Junta announced some significant policy decisions at both events. I don't know whether or not the Corporate Media discussed any of these decisions---not that they would have questioned them anyway---over the last three decades, policy in America is typically imposed by decree and the Media simply informs us afterwards of the New Normal. At COP28, the Junta's Ambassador to the WEF, John Kerry, announced that all US coalmines would be closed by 2035. At the National Defense Forum, lockdown tyrant and Commerce Commissar Gina Raimondo called for export controls on Chinese semiconductor technology

   There was, of course, no Legislative debate---not that it would have mattered either. The Controlled Opposition suffered two more humiliating defeats on Friday. Corrupt New York Congressman George Santos was expelled from the House, while that great champion of the 1st Amendment Montana Governor Greg Gianforte saw his grandstanding Tik-Tok ban slapped down as unconstitutional in Federal Court. As if we needed any further proof of how out-of-touch the Conservative Industrial Complex has really become, I actually saw a Conservative site howling with outrage over the expulsion of Santos, claiming we should have fought for him because no matter how bad he was, we couldn't let his seat go to a Democrat. The very next article praised Speaker Mike Johnson's publicity-stunt of fast-tracking the Biden Impeachment Hearings, saying that removing Biden was urgent because Biden is so corrupt. 

   Whatever the Republican Party does or says now is rather irrelevant, but in these dark times, they at least provide some comic relief. What's more important is what the Junta does because they actually have power and their decrees actually impact people.

   Kerry's unilateral decision at the COP28 Summit is designed intentionally to crush our already-struggling coal-mining industry. Our outmoded national energy system is dependent on coal---which there is already an artificial shortage of---to generate electrical power. Since the United States has invested nothing in atomic energy nor taken any steps to address the water shortages in the West which are crippling hydroelectric service either, closing our coalmines obviously will drive up energy costs---likely hundreds of times above our already-inflated prices. 

   Creating energy scarcity in the United States is by design. Climate Change is the excuse, not the reason, for any of these policies. The Corporate Energy Cartels have been getting some subsidies to invest in costly and inefficient 'Green Technologies' but this is all window-dressing for their dupes among the general public who are having panic-attacks over the weather.


      Climate Change is real. Back when we actually learned things in American schools, we learned that the Earth's climate has changed many times. Humans weren't the cause of any of these changes and we certainly aren't going to be the solution. The way to address Climate Change isn't to run around like a bunch of witch-doctors in the jungle trying to perform rituals and demand public sacrifices to control the weather. The way to handle it is to prepare for it, or use Technology to work around it. 

     An example we've frequently cited is the approach taken by China to deal with the long-term drought effecting the entire Pacific Rim. China invested in desalination plants and some major upgrades to their inland waterways. The American response has been to ration water and electricity, let farms dry up and wildfires burn out of control and ban plastic grocery bags. Some Pacific Islands are in danger because of rising sea-levels. China's response has been to invest in geoengineering while ours has been to force population control schemes on them. 

   The main reason for this difference is because the Commercial Oligarchy running the US doesn't have as its main purpose actually solving problems. Their purpose is to disempower and impoverish their subject populations while empowering and enriching themselves. They openly boast about their intentions but, as we pointed out in a previous article "It is just as effective, in the opposite direction, as the practice of the famous maxim of Mein Kampf that any lie will be believed if it is big enough. Any truth will be disbelieved, if it is big enough." 


    The decision made at the National Defense Forum was our Commercial Commissar Gina Raimondo obtaining more funding for enforcing export controls of high-tech computer chips to China. The Junta---resuming the Obama policy of a Pivot to Asia---exploited this year's earlier weather-balloon hysteria to impose trade restrictions on Chinese purchasers. Big Tech writes the actual rules for these kinds of things and planted several loopholes in the decree which allows them to sell to China anyway through intermediaries while freezing out smaller tech producers who might profit off increased Chinese demand.  

   The Chinese Media was so confounded by Raimondo's remarks that it said in obvious frustration: "It is not easy to determine which statement is sincere and which is not. The more likely situation is that this contradictory or two-faced nature is deeply rooted in the current US policy toward China, showing a characteristic of 'wanting it both ways.'"

   The apparent contradiction isn't so difficult to fathom when one understands that the chip embargo---like cancelling the entire Coal Industry---is designed to be a wealth transfer and the 'National Security' threat is as much of a hoax as the 'Climate Emergency' is. Raimondo let slip during the speech that the US isn't even making these chips domestically but Big Tech is outsourcing their manufacture, mostly to Taiwan. By playing the China Card, especially at a forum hosted by the Military Industrial Complex, Big Tech can expand its near monopoly, go on selling to China, all the while surfeiting off fat defense contracts to contain China at the same time. All of this will be subsidized by American taxpayers, while the American public sees little to no actual benefit. 

     If the United States had a Free Market again, we could become the technological powerhouse we once were, creating a plethora of new jobs and improving the quality of life for everyone. That, however, is not the goal of the Ruling Establishment. Their goal is to maintain the near-monopoly power of Big Tech at everyone else's expense. 

    Related to this, too, is the decision made by our actual Government---the World Economic Forum---in January of this year to prioritize Corporate control of the Internet and cybertechnology. The political class has been tying this heavily with Digital ID schemes, which they likewise hope to have rolled out by the 2030s. WEF Young Global Leader Tienanmen Trudeau is proposing to implement the system in Canada and WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley is proposing a similar national registration system for regulating the Internet. Government control over the Internet serves a dual purpose for the Oligarchs: they can suppress and intimidate dissent while providing unlimited diversion and distraction for their spiritless subjects. 

   Unfortunately trying to explain any of this to the average Ameroboob is an exercise in futility. Our society long ago lost any sense of national character and so can be imposed upon fairly easily. The best that we can do is take these plutocratic thugs at their word, and prepare accordingly for a time when we might have to rely upon ourselves and our like-minded neighbors. 



  1. The precedent of removing Santos without a legal adjudication is troubling. It sets a precedent that the Dems will be more than willing to embrace in the future when they take control. Accusation will be simply sufficient for removal. Never before has this happened.
    A move by Kevin McCarthy earlier to expedite to lessen the majority rule of the House.
    The GOP could not rally an impeachment vote for Majorkas, but Santos not so much.

    1. I do see your point about the legality of it and there's way too much weaponizing of these removal procedures. In theory, the voters are supposed to decide who sits in Congress; as for characters like Mayorkis, the Congress and Senate can withhold funding of DHS to pressure policy changes, like Turbeville is doing to the Pentagon (and getting criticism from his own Party).

      I just think that it's hypocritical of the GOP to complain about the Democrats doing what the Republicans do. If you remember Gary Condit, he wasn't expelled and he was accused of worse things than Santos. Santos' removal does set a terrible precedent, but so did removing McCarthy or censuring Tlaib. What we don't want is a Government of Lawyers where everybody and everything is put on trial instead of being put up for a vote.

    2. Agree with you.. it seems what little decorum is left is quickly disappearing.. but true on both sides. It was a pointless exercise with Mayorkas, it was just to make the point of the absurdity of the GOP.