Saturday, May 29, 2021


     So this is the outset of an extended weekend here in the Prozac Nation. There are two official holidays this year; one is Memorial Day, when honor our brave men and women in uniform who were heroically padlocking churches and enforcing travel bans until recently. The Junta has also created a new holiday celebrating their official mascot: an Opioid addict and brutal thug who, during the course of an otherwise routine crime, managed to get himself killed and so secured a multi-million dollar payout for his previously-estranged family and their (totally disinterested) Civil Rights' attorneys. 

   But rather than waste any time with any of this nonsense, we thought we'd invite the few dozen readers that we still have to do something constructive. As many of you know, a close associate of ours is a volunteer researcher on various unsolved 'cold cases.' He's asked if we could elicit the public's help on a really difficult case. It's one of those cases where it's very likely that someone has information that can help; but without that information it may not be likely that it gets solved. 

   This case began on December 1st, 1972, when a man hunting deer in what was then a rural part of Laurel, Maryland came across a human skeleton. The skeleton had been lying on top the ground and there wasn't much left of the remains. The Medical Examiner concluded that it had been there 6 months to a year or more. They were able to determine that it belonged to a White female, no older than 25 or so with reddish or red-blonde hair. She was the victim of a homicide. Dental records showed that she had work done years before, but at the time of her death had an infected tooth. 

   No one claimed or identified her and the case went nowhere. In the late 1980s, a forensic sculptor created a new composite, which unfortunately only a Black & White copy has ever been issued. 

   Again, no one came forward with any information. It wasn't until late 2018 that serial killer Samuel Little confessed to the murder. Investigators concluded that his confession was genuine, based on that Little vividly recalled the now-nonexistent  route to the murder scene and, apparently correctly identified what she was wearing which matched a few fragments of fabric recovered at the scene (but not made public)---as well as his own extensive criminal record which placed him in the area at the time. Little, however, never revealed her name; claiming to have 'forgotten' it in spite of stalking her for three days and remembering many other things quite clearly. 

  "She wasn't a bad kid. She just met the wrong guy---me!" Little reportedly boasted to the investigators. He recalled being disappointed that it took so long to find the body because he'd hoped to read about it in the newspapers. The fiend went on to describe how she tearfully begged for her life before he choked her to death with his bare hands. 

   New information which Little was able to provide was that the victim was killed around May, 1972 and that he was giving her a ride from a Washington D.C. bus station where she had stopped to use a payphone. She was 19 years old, and was married, but was going through a bitter divorce. Apparently, the phone call was placed to her divorce attorney who announced it had been finalized the same day that Little killed her. He stated that she had recently had a baby and was originally from Massachusetts (he though from Springfield or possibly Salem). Little said that she was a prostitute (which is questionable since he referred to all women that way), and that he took to the murder site for consensual sex (which is also questionable given what Little's definition of 'consensual' likely was). 

   Little's confession narrowed down the times and places quite considerably, but not enough to form a basis of any meaningful research. There are no known reported Missing Persons whose descriptions more than tangentially match; and of course what happened to the baby is also an open question (there haven't been any reports of missing or murdered infants from that time or area either). Despite the apparent fact that the Doe was going through some rough times financially on account of the divorce (this was in the pre-'No Fault' era and Little's testimony implied that she had initiated the proceedings), she had some personal contacts. After 49 years, though, if anybody has any ideas, they need to speak up. 

      The agency in charge of the case is the Prince George's County Police Department which, to be fair, is underfunded and understaffed to be taking on many old cases. Also, to be fair, a nation that celebrates criminals like Samuel Little while prosecuting and defunding police officers for doing their jobs isn't likely to produce a work environment involving very much extra effort. However, reliable tips would be of great value because---despite the age of this crime---authorities do have viable DNA samples. The Medical Examiner's Office at 410-333-3250 is a good contact, or you can contact us in the comments and we'll help facilitate things. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021


       A couple of important deadlines are approaching with the onset of the next month. The first is that President Trump's Executive Order 13925, which revoked legal liability for the Tech Lords' arbitrary restrictions on free speech, was repealed by the Junta on May 14th. That revocation will de facto go into effect in June; and even though the Oligarchs have been disregarding the law roughly since last November, they'll more or less have carte blanche from now on to take anybody down anytime they wish for any reason with no recourse to the writer. Oh, well. Orange Man Bad, now take the consequences. 

      The second upcoming deadline is a document dump of files relating to Unidentified Flying Objects, which is being treated by the Corporate Media like a re-release of The X Files. Forbes Magazine has already dubbed 2021 "The Year of the UFO." This data release also stems from a Trump Executive Order, which probably quite tellingly (and this is a fact that shouldn't be overlooked) the Junta has made a point of not revoking. In fact, quite the opposite has been happening: we're seeing a wave of 'leaked' UFO photos and statements; discussion is going on openly in the Media without the usual sneering and ridicule; there also seems to be a noticeable absence of 'fact-checkers', algorithms, and Youtube disclaimers usually pasted on whatever the Elites decide to term fake or questionable news. 

    So basically what we have is government run by Corporate Interests, upheld by Infotainment, a government which bases its policies on celebrity scientists who sell their reputations to the highest bidders, has taken some extra steps to curb free speech online and which has a history of faking news to fit their agendas on a colossal scale: these are the people who are going to make one of the most important statements about universal truths to a population which is---for all intents and purposes---scientifically illiterate. What could possibly go wrong in a scenario like that?  


    Earlier this month, we posted an article outlining some of the recent history and controversy surrounding these stratospheric phenomena. Then today, Disenchanted Scholar went ahead and touched the 'third rail' of this topic, with the suggestion that these occurrences might be demonic. Now, of course, in our enlightened and sophisticated postmodern era where there's no such thing as Evil (unless it's politically-correct evil which we all have official permission to hate), such a suggestion is bound to bring down hoots of derision. To my mind though, it brings to mind a saying of Voltaire's to the effect that "Atheists always demand proof of God's existence, but they never ask for proof that the Devil exists." I suppose since Voltaire's time, they have a consensus of Settled Science on that question too. 

   Except for one small detail: Disenchanted Scholar actually backs up this opinion with some hard facts."They’re not from another planet as they claim, but from another DIMENSION. Namely, Hades, Tartarus, the Hell of Biblical fame." 

   She adds that "fire is technically light too! How else would you (or a prophet) visualize it? So to say they’re creatures of light is technically correct! Distrust most New Age people about this. The New Age has been explained to me as The Age of Blood, a ‘great’ slaughter to earn the next stage or level or ‘peace.'"

   Whether they are from the Inferno or not, the important point is that what she says about extra-dimensional travel is correct. The doctors of all major religions teach that spiritual beings exist in a dimension unknown to us; hence what she says is logically possible. But assume for the moment that the beings visiting Earth live on a far-away planet. Now, even NASA has admitted that it wouldn't be at all a difficult matter to equip astronauts for a trip to Mars or even Jupiter or Saturn. The problem is the Time Barrier. Mars is doable, at about a seven-month trip. Jupiter is about six years. Saturn would be around eight years; we're talking ten or more years further out. The closest constellation to Earth, Centaurus, is a 100-year trip. 

    All of this means that beings from other planets would have to have the capacity to travel through the dimensions---specifically of time. 

   Let's draw an analogy. Suppose that you wanted to drive from Los Angeles to New York---in 15 minutes. A car operating on this kind of technology would suspend time relative to your position until you arrived in New York and find that only 15 minutes had passed. The other 48 hours that it normally would take are breached; in other words, your technology allows you to travel faster than time can pass. Needless to say, we have no idea how that could be done. That's in the physical dimension. Theologians teach that time does not exist in the spiritual realm---which, in theory, would make it possible for spiritual beings to move through time and space. While that sounds like a rather Mediaeval cosmology, it makes logical sense if one accepts the premise that angels, demons, and spirits exist. 

   So are these phenomena from the Infernal Regions? It's difficult to say. The Church has affirmed Marian Apparitions, and Mary would have come from Heaven through another dimension to get to Earth; not to mention the Incarnation of Christ, or some of the revelations given to Hebrew prophets. And other religions have claimed revelatory encounters as well---all the way down to stories of haunted houses and documented poltergeist activity. 

   Where this all leads us is that the probability of these objects being of extraterrestrial origin is very slim; that they are from an evil extradimension, possibly. That the current ruling Elite is going to turn the truth into a 'narrative' aimed at furthering their agendas, highly likely.

    This whole tale about "disclosure" has the stinky fingerprints of Klaus Schwab and his transhumanist merry-men all over it. Nothing would suit the purposes of these Great Reset nutcases better than a 'scientific revelation' from Above (i.e. a higher life form). Don't imagine for one minute---after what we've seen from 9/11 to the Color Revolution---that the boobs wouldn't fall for it. They'll laugh at God and the Golden Rule; but an actor posing as an alien (or maybe even a real devil)---they'll listen to that. 

    It's hard to say if it will go that far; but the bottom line here is: think for yourselves. Biden and his camarilla are proven liars and cheats. Do not take anything the Junta says about this at face value. Even if they say there's nothing to these sightings; investigate and find out what they really are. Or if they go the other way and lay some great revelation on the public: doubt every word of it until proven to your own satisfaction. Bear in mind that a lot of spooks have had plenty of time to play with this forthcoming evidence. 

   The only certainty I have at this point is whatever is coming out of this is unlikely to be anything good. Experience has taught us that whenever the Democrat Establishment, Mass Media Cartels, and Big Tech join up and start priming the public on a topic---something bad is about to happen. My real fear here is that, since they've failed to stop religion, they're going to invent a fake revelation from a 'higher power.' Let's not forget that these Great Reset clowns have a very specific role for religions in their overall schemes. 

    In reality, I would like nothing more than to see Mary and about a dozen of Archangels appear in the middle of those hearings and explain in no uncertain terms that God is displeased and show them all the future state of their souls if they continue in their evil ways. Seeing all of those smug Senators, Deep State spooks, and media shills on their knees repenting and vowing to make us a Christian nation again---now that's a scene I'd believe in. 


Friday, May 21, 2021


      There has been an interesting study conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University making the rounds lately. The general theme for concern, as the Catholic League recently noted, is that the Millennial Generation shows a lack of traditionally Christian-based morality, with 43% flatly stating that they “don’t know, care, or believe that God exists.” That is about twice the percentage of the WW2 Generation. The survey defines Millennials as those born between 1984 and 2005. Only 48% agreed with the Golden Rule as a ideal of human relationships. The Golden Rule has always been a traditionally American moral point, as evidenced by the fact that 90% of the WW2 Generation ascribes to it, an even higher number than those among them who identify as Christians. 

    The survey had a few flaws in my opinion, but there are some interesting facts which can be gleaned from it. I think that few would deny at this point that both the Millennial and the so-called 'Generation Z' (the next group about to become legal adults) are problematic. There has been a cultural shift in the United States---a dramatic one---which has spanned only a few decades. 

   Personally, I fall somewhat in the middle of the generational spectrum, somewhere on the older cusp of Gen X. The generations most connected with my upbringing were the older batch of Boomers (the Vietnam War Era) and the WW2 Generation. I interacted with a few of the now-extinct WW1 Generation as well. A lot of today's elderly have remarked that the culture today is unrecognizable from their younger days, and I wholeheartedly agree: it's even different from the 1980s and 90s when I came of age. 

   We aren't talking here about the usual inter-generational topics. This shift is about more than technological advances, the length of men's hair or women's skirts; or modern tastes in music. What we've seen is a fundamental shift in core values and certain attitudes which are non-negotiable if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic. Religious Faith is but aspect of this. There is a wholesale rejection of Science in favor of Scientism; Philosophy in favor of Ideology; History and Rule of Law in favor of Emotionalism---even gender, justice, and human rights are considered debatable issues. George Barna, who oversaw the CRC Study remarked that, 

   "For example, Millennials champion the concept of tolerating different points of view. Yet we see in the research that their behaviors—such as promoting getting even, situational treatment of other people, or censoring specific viewpoints or policies—conflicts with their alleged embrace of tolerance and diversity. In fact, Millennials are twice as likely as older adults to specify that the people they respect are those who hold the same religious and political views as they do. The attitudinal and behavioral evidence related to a variety of beliefs and related behaviors suggests that they are not a tolerant generation despite their self-image and public promotion as such."


      Not surprisingly, the Millennials have a low opinion of traditional families, as evidenced by the fact that the U.S. Birth Rate has been declining ever since they became roughly of child-bearing age. The study also found that the majority of them "consider an abortion performed to reduce personal economic or emotional discomfort to be morally acceptable," although the number of actual abortions has declined along with the birthrate. An independent poll found that 18% of the Millennial and Gen Z generations identify with the so-called 'LGBTQ' Lifestyle. The U.S. currently ranks 33rd of 36 developed countries in Infant Mortality. 

    The reason these numbers shouldn't surprise anybody is because about 20% of young American men can't produce testosterone levels sufficient to sire children; while 12% of young women are clinically infertile. But be sure to wear a mask in public because a flu outbreak with a 99% survival rate---that's a national crisis. 

    Now in addressing the causes of the decline in Millennial attitudes, Barna makes this astounding statement:

    "The family unit and traditional family practices have been reshaped, with some long-term, fundamental family ideals and practices outlawed. The responsibilities of government have been significantly broadened and transformed. The influence of the Christian church has diminished while the influence of arts, entertainment, and news media has exploded. As millions of parents discovered during the pandemic, public schools have become indoctrination farms rather than places for teaching basic life skills."

   Let's pause briefly and let what he just said sink in. 

  So, according to Barna's criteria, those of the Millennial Generation started being born around 1984. This means that they would have started hitting the public school system around 1990-91. Recall that this was a time when the Left really began its hostile takeover of the schools: introducing Political Correctness, Speech Codes, radical race and gender theories (i.e. Neo-Marxism), etc. Hillary Clinton introduced her It Takes a Village ideology about 1994. There were outright purges of Academia at all levels of Conservative instructors, texts, and educational paradigms all along the way. 

  But: "as millions of parents discovered during the pandemic, public schools have become indoctrination farms rather than places for teaching basic life skills." This is something that these 'millions of parents' didn't discover until just last year? Where in the H--l have they been? We're talking here about a generation who largely have gone from Kindergarten through College and their parents never noticed what they were being taught? Drag Queen Story Hours have been going on for five years. 

  I'm sorry if I've run out of patience with the Political Right. I've grown tired of listening to Conservatives carry on as if "The family unit and traditional family practices have been reshaped," and "The responsibilities of government have been significantly broadened and transformed," as if none of this existed before their children turned 18. The Xers and Boomers who raised the Millennials apparently didn't notice that "the influence of the Christian church has diminished while the influence of arts, entertainment, and news media has exploded."

  None of these parents evidently noticed that their offspring were growing up anti-religious, anti-democratic, and asexual. Where were they this whole time? 

  All of this fake outrage is just denial: denial for the responsibility that Conservative apathy, cowardice, indifference played in all of this. Boomers didn't earn the nickname 'The Me Generation' and Xers weren't called 'The Slacker Generation' for no reason. The Snowflake Generation was the result. The Millennials (mostly) and Generation Z (completely) have never lived during a time where Political Correctness, militarized police, dysfunctional families, and rampant drug abuse weren't normative. They've grown up in a world where surveillance cameras, metal detectors, corporate cronyism, and going-with-the-flow are the way that things have always been. "Safety First instead of Duty First," "Go Along to Get Along," "The Rights of Man are Discriminatory," "Always Believe the Children," are what they were taught, and now who's really shocked that they live by such dicta? All that they were given for guidance was whatever 'narrative' that Madison Avenue developed from week to week. 

   What last year did prove however, is that we're not only a nation of sheep: we've become a mixed herd of sheep, jackals, hogs, asses, and sloths. Then, was a time like no other in recent history where Conservatives had an opportunity to take a stand for their values; to show the younger generations that principles meant something and that some things were worth fighting for. And what happened? People stuck rags on their faces, bowed down to street savages, and did nothing when police forces put padlocks on churches and private businesses. Then they rolled over and acquiesced when a small group of putschists stole the Government without raising a finger in protest. 

   I believe that, for many Millennials and Z's, 2020 confirmed what most had grown up suspecting: that our "shared American values" were nothing but a load of hypocritical blather that not even their advocates were willing to stand up and defend. Into to the vacuum stepped the Cultural Marxist: "See" their teachers said, "it really was about protecting class privilege all along! They won't even defend what they supposedly believed in as eternal truths! Suspend their constitutions, burn their books and monuments, close their churches, insult them, and they scatter like chaff and are willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder! Wasn't Marx correct when he showed that family, faith, and democracy were all illusions?" And knowing nothing to the contrary, the younger generations couldn't discern between the benefits of real American Democracy and the counterfeit of it that our generation presented to them. 

   Can we turn this situation around? At this point, I don't believe that we can at a national level. We may be able to build some enclaves out of the rubble, but nothing is happen as long as the political Right persists in its policy of denying the reality of the situation; or worse, trying to pretend that nothing has fundamentally changed. The reality is that we failed the younger generations, and we have a failed nation and society to show for it. 



Wednesday, May 19, 2021


      We've had occasion to note recently that we Americans have (collectively speaking) lost our moral compass. People seem either to dismiss moral values as irrelevant; or else they've internalized the 'personal is political' nonsense and make their judgments based on what the herd's consensus of the moment happens to be. People on the Right are just as guilty of this as the NPCs on the Left. 

     Recently, I left a comment on a very pro-Israel article on a Conservative site about the current crisis in the Middle East. I pointed out that Israel isn't exactly an innocent victim in this conflict. Besides doing a few little things like its persecution of Christians, being one of the most brutal enforcers of the Scam-demic, and being a world leader in forced vaccines and vax passports, the Israeli Government has also fomented regional instability by sponsoring terrorism. Israel also is currently the world's leading exporter of domestic espionage technology. And let us not forget that after President Trump went out of his way and risked international outcry for his support of Israel, the Israeli Government unceremoniously threw Trump under the bus and jumped on the Biden bandwagon before the stolen election was even certified. Israel, incidentally, is the only Middle Eastern country which recognizes homo 'marriage' and one can see 'pride parades' in some of the most noted Holy Sites in the world. 

    Of course, the accusations of anti-semitism came fast and furious. Now, every regular reader here knows that I am not anti-Jewish and really have no issue with having Israel as an ally---but the same is true of any other ally: the Israelis need to start behaving like a civilized people and stop resting on its laurels of Cold War service to us. Israel, and the Jewish Community in general, keep getting a free pass and are quick to call anti-semitism like the Black Lives Matter gang are quick to call racism on everything. My grandparents' generation went to Europe and fought the Nazis, and their grandparents' generation beat down the Confederacy; so fighting for the Rights of Man is ingrained in my system. Yes, there was Slavery and the Holocaust, but I'm not guilty of either one; and the fact that one's ancestors were unjustly treated doesn't translate into a license for their descendants to commit the same crimes. 

   Besides the amorality of playing the 'Victim Card' by which Political Correctness excuses anything; our culture also is exhibiting a strong tendency towards fanaticism in political or social causes. There was a story just today in the New York Post stating that, even though New York is lifting its Mask Mandates, many of these COVID cranks are not letting go. And of course we've all seen the fanatical Left and the Great Reset kooks as well as the crackpots of the Vox Day Red-Pilled types on the Right. What is it in human nature that runs to these extremes and why are we seeing so much of it today?

     Victim-card playing is not difficult to explain. We see even small children doing it as a way to escape punishment. I recall once my nephew was playing with matches and actually burned a hole in a chair. Before he got a good spanking, he protested that a witch appeared and made him do it. I told him if that was true, he needed to punished for listening to witches. In a society we need to deal with Victim Cards the same way. 

    Fanaticism is more difficult to explain, but psychologist Theodore Reik pointed out that existential fear and doubt leads, in some people, an effort to suppress the attraction to the feared concept. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it depends on motivation. Reik distinguished fanaticism from what he called enthusiasm. The enthusiast in, for example, religion may subconsciously have doubts about his Faith, but these doubts are overpowered by his love for God and spurs him on to become even a saint. The Whacko Left Wing made a big deal a few years ago when some of the late Mother Teresa's private writings were published. Some expressed her occasional doubts of her faith and calling, but in reality this is predictable in a character like hers. The fact that she had doubts doesn't make her a hypocrite, it only shows that even saints are "subject to like passions as we are;" and her Left-Wing detractors only show their own ignorance. 

    If one wants to find hypocrites, just look for the smug, self-righteous types (like most Liberals) who know all the answers to everything and never entertain the slightest doubt that they might be wrong. Self-love is what motivates them to the point where today, rather than admit they're wrong, they change the 'narrative' and become the same pompous proponent of things they denounced just a few days before.

   Unlike the the Enthusiast, the fanatic is motivated by hatred. The fanatic also has doubts and fears, but he translates that hatred upon the object of his fears and goes after it with viciousness and brutality that defy reason. In the religious sphere, the late Reverend Fred Phelps was a good example of a fanatic. While Christians look upon homosexuality as a sin and desire to convert the sinner and lead him to a right way of life, Phelps would run around waving signs on the street that "God hates fags" and other obnoxious nonsense. Phelps was obviously a latent homosexual himself; and projected his self-hatred onto those who were more open about their perversion. Phelps represents no real Christian as St. John says "he who fears is not made perfect in Love." The religious enthusiast is aware of this, so they try to become more perfect in Love; the fanatic is just a fanatic no matter what creed he hides behind. 

    That is how one tells the difference between a committed believer in a cause and a fanatic. The committed believer is motivated by Love and is willing to sacrifice for the love of what he believes in. The fanatic on the other hand is consumed with destroying the opposite of whatever cause he nominally supports. It is very important to recognize the difference because in our morally bankrupt culture the tendency is to lump all beliefs and actions into a sort of Manichean dualism where actions or opinions define absolute good or absolute evil---depending upon which political position happens to accept such views as a majority. The example given earlier about disagreeing over U.S. support for Israel, and being called an 'anti-semite' and a 'left-wing Liberal' shows that this mindset has infected Conservatism to a great degree as well. 

    There are people on both sides of the political spectrum who talk of a Civil War 2.0 as the result of our divisions in this society. I'm very certain that many of those who talk like this genuinely desire that another civil war actually happens. Fanaticism and the 'personal is political' doctrine is a sure way to bring it about if such attitudes get deeply accepted as normative. 

   St. John also wrote that "a perfect Love casts out fear," and abandoning precepts like this are what got us to where we are today. Americans haven't always been the best examples of Christians, but previous generations trusted the Bible and its teachings when in doubt. The Left today snorts at the Bible as the work of Bronze Age Bigots while too many on the Right see it as impractical idealism. Both sides have adopted a 'win-at-all-costs' mentality which casts aside morality as an old-fashioned relic. Like Vox Day infamously asked his own deluded followers: "do you want to stand on principle or do you want to win?" That is neither a Christian nor a Conservative attitude---it's the language of a fanatic---because we either stand on principle or we're no better than what we oppose. I wouldn't want to live in any amoral utopia designed by Vox Day and his merry-men than I would living in one crafted by the Great Reset fanatics. 

    Moral Rectitude is neither Left nor Right; it simply is. Whenever we hear anybody on either side demanding 100% obedience to settled science or any other ideology; and expressing their desire to put dissenting sides down permanently, it's time to turn your heel and make some fast tracks away from them as quickly as possible. 

Monday, May 17, 2021


       One of the unquestioned 'blessings' of Postmodernism and The End of History is that we in the West have completely lost any ability to distinguish Right from Wrong; and even those who recognize such standards have lost any sense of proportion. Take for example, that amiable cornball now serving the Junta, Dr. Fauci. Fauci today said that "it is unquestionable that the pandemic is the result of racism." Now, I think that we can all agree that racism is a bad thing, and that being a racist is wrong. However, I'm inclined to believe that faking a pandemic, selling science to the highest bidder, and giving medical authority to an unsafe vaccine is just a little bit worse than some Red Pill's spouting his unsavory opinions about another ethnicity. 

    Among others who disregard Right and Wrong are many of the Corporate Oligarchs, such as Steve Cahillane, the CEO of Kellogg's Corporation. Kellogg's is a transnational agribusiness cartel, most widely known for so-called 'breakfast products'. The company itself in 2010 recalled some of its products after some strange circumstances which sound remarkably similar to Fauci's miracle-vaccine. Cahillane took over as CEO in 2017, after Kellogg's got caught importing products produced with child slave-labor. The company's next move was to import Cahillaine, whose previous job experience was turning the Coca-Cola Company into a bastion of Political Correctness and 'woke' ideology. 

   This week, Cahillane and his confederates were at it again, introducing a new line of breakfast cereals aimed at grooming feeding young children.

     I've no idea what this concoction actually tastes like, but it retails for around $4 a box---$3 of which gets donated to a homosexual-run hate group called GLAAD. GLAAD's major organizational focus is fighting for media censorship of anyone who questions the homosexual lifestyle. True to form, there's plenty of Madison Avenue marketing propaganda aimed at converting the young smeared all over this box, including a 'Choose Your Preferred Pronoun' game. And, as for why Kellogg's takes on the PC agenda, let's look at their top shareholders:

   High Finance---with considerable connections to the WEF and the 'Great Reset', along with an activist 'philanthropic' front---these five gangs groups hold about 42% of Kellogg's stock alone, with a few other 'woke' financial cartels behind them. La June Montgomery-Tabron, the baroness running the Kellogg Foundation Trust said in a recent interview that 

   “When you think about where the disparities come from, you go back to the systemic nature in which this nation and the world is governed and where we live. Those systems have not been built for everyone. Those systems have been built to advantage some and not others...Inequities are created by people through the decisions they with this racial equity work and in all of our work we connect it to racial healing as well because we don't believe you can sustain a racial equity agenda if you haven't gone through a healing process where people are brought together where they have a greater understanding of our history and the truths of others’ histories. Through that knowledge and awareness, the collaboration can happen where people come together and create better systems that work for all.”

   I hope that examples like these expose the Neocon lie once and for all that an economic system where Big Business is more powerful than the Government guarantees us all a freer and more just society. Theodore Roosevelt's observation that a Corporate Oligarchy with a system of monopolies and interlocking directorates is really nothing fundamentally different from outright Communism has proven itself true. The Financial Times did a survey of the market in Communist Vietnam and noted that "the primary beneficiaries of cronyism were Communist party officials, note also the common practice of employing only party members and their family members and associates to government jobs or to jobs in state-owned enterprises." That description sounds little varied from our 'Revolving Door' system where the same functionaries float back and forth between Corporate America, the Government, Big Media, Academia Incorporated, and high-profile lobbying and legal firms. 

   None of the things that Kellogg's is doing because it has the force of law behind it. Yet, Kellogg's is forcing its 31,000 employees to submit to these absurdities; forcing its distributors to market it to grocers who have no choice but to offer it for sale. And Kellogg's itself is forced by their overlords in High Finance like Blackrock---whose CEO Larry Fink is a toady of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. The WEF has made no secret of desire to impose the homosexual agenda on the population. 


   It isn't Big Government (in the sense of an elected leadership) that's telling Kellogg's to poison children's minds. In fact, Kellogg's was pushing the homosexual acceptance agenda even before Obama and the RINO John Roberts made 'equality' a law. Then, as now, Kellogg's aimed their propaganda at children.

    This was 2014. In 2015, Kellogg's became a major sponsor of GLSEN, an organization supposedly to 'support' homosexuals in public schools. Remember, these are mostly legal 'minors'. The local public school probably doesn't have Home Economics or Sex Ed anymore---preparing kids for family life---but they do have organizations like this as well as Drag Queen Story Hours. That same year, Kellogg's joined a weird but well-funded organization called the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. In short, they've been at this sort of cultural sabotage for seven years at least. 

    What has been the Conservative response to all of this? Nothing really. Well, actually it's been to go along with Kellogg's and act offended afterwards. Take for example, a controversy from 2016 involving Breitbart News. Kellogg's was an advertiser with Breitbart---a supposedly Conservative news outlet---but broke with them for their support of President Trump. Bear in mind that this relationship didn't end until years after the aforementioned product recall and Kellogg's homo activism. The link makes it very clear that Breitbart knew all about Kellogg's donations to Radical Left causes for a long time but was content to take their advertising bucks and promote their products in spite of all of this. The relationship was ended on Kellogg's initiative: not Breitbart's. Yet Conservatives are supposedly the party of principle, but here the Left took action and reined in one of their own 'woke' corporations. True, the Left acted upon wrong principles, but at least they stood up for what they believed in, unlike the Right. 

    I'm pretty certain that not all of Kellogg's customers and shareholders are flaming Libtards, either; but don't expect any action from the Right while Kellogg's stocks are soaring. This is how Conservatives could put a stop to this kind of Corporate overreach. I think that if we targeted a corporation one at a time like the Left does, and organize a movement to dump all the shares we hold in that corporation---a move like that would get their attention. If that could be coordinated with a consumer boycott and an employee walkout, so much the better. Most of these big corporations are heavily leveraged, and a stock crash and sales decline combined would bankrupt most of them in less than 30 days. The Lords of High Finance might bail out a few of them at first, but it's not something that they could keep doing, since (in this case, unlike their Government bailouts), they aren't going to get paid back quite so easily. (High Finance owns so many shares in these Corporations that bailing them out is the equivalent of loaning money to themselves). But a project like that would involve hard work, self-sacrifice, and dedication to an ideal: qualities that postmodern Conservatives aren't conspicuous for having. 

    We noted in the last article that people of the younger generation (in the 15-32 year-old range) have grown up in a society where they've never known what life was like when we had a functioning popular Republic. Political Correctness, domestic espionage, corporate cronyism, militarized police, illegal searches and seizures, lockdowns, speech codes; these are all things they've grown up with and (from their perspective) how things have always been. There were many people who warned back then that tolerating these abuses of power would affect our (then) children in negative ways and leave them unprepared for maintaining a healthy Democracy. But, Conservatives laughed it all off, and instead worried more about their kids showing interest in the opposite sex or getting caught with cigarettes than they were about being forced to parrot 'woke' ideology to get good grades. Besides the 'new normals' presented lots of new financial angles opportunities and there were neighbors to impress and look down upon. As one wag accurately described the Right's reaction recently: "Leave us alone or we'll wear bow ties, write strongly worded articles in National Review Online, and go on a conference cruise in the Caribbean to talk about what Chris Buckley would have done." 

    People haven't stopped having babies, and it seems to be a forgotten fact that there is a generation coming up behind this one. They're children and early teens now, but in a decade or so they'll be adults. Let's look at what's normative for them: gay good; white man bad; contact tracing is for your own good; religion is hate; wear masks and socially distance; don't question authority or the 'settled science'; always be on the right side of the 'narrative'---that's the only world they've known so far. Our generations threw away our freedoms and mortgaged the future (i.e. what's now the present) in a serious way. If we don't see some kind of social and political action out of our leaders---and soon---we're in a situation that is going to take us decades to dig ourselves out of, if we can get out of it at all. 




Tuesday, May 11, 2021


      There's some good news from the old country this week. The Acadamie Francais, France's ministry of education, has weighed in and vetoed a move by 'woke' educrats (many of whom incidentally are supported by US interests) to create a gender neutral version of the acceptable French language. The Ministry not only condemned the politically-correct trend, they took the next step and banned its teaching in French schools altogether. Natalie Elimas, of the Acadamie, told the press that, "the drive to make French 'gender-neutral' will not increase its popularity, but will instead drive more people to learn English, which does not gender its nouns...With the spread of inclusive writing, the English language - already quasi-hegemonic across the world - would certainly and perhaps forever defeat the French language." 

  France's public school system has been putting ours to shame for the last fifty years at least. It's noteworthy that 78% of French public school employees are actually teachers; compared to 48% in American schools. This shows once again that the truly better-educated in the world reject this gender-neutrality nonsense with contempt. 

  Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation the recent Mothers' Day holiday reminded us all that we have some severe debilities regarding gender in our own culture. Most of what passes for Mothers' Day is Madison Avenue advertising schmaltz to begin with. The marketing shylocks once a year dust off their 'June Cleaver' portfolios and play on the Oedipal Complexes that currently run rampant among contemporary American men. We never see the other side of postmodern American Motherhood: the Welfare Queens with 15 illegitimate kids; the heroic single moms who've fathered offspring for assorted dirtbags; the drugged-out soccer moms turning out a whole generation of neurotics; the harridans who dominate 'traditional' families nominally presided over by a milquetoast husband; or the multitudes of supposed 'stay-at-home' moms who cuck their husbands who are working 80 hours a week to maintain their million-dollar homes. Public Schools, social workers, the mass-media and day-cares raise most of America's kids today anyway. 

  Some pinhead in Congress came under fire for suggesting that we rename this holiday as "Birthing Peoples' Day". The suggestion drew down considerable criticism from Conservatives; but while I oppose the change too, it somehow seems fitting. If American women of child-bearing age want to explain exactly how they are much more than incubators, I think they'd have a fairly tough sell. 

   Regular readers are aware that we've spent a lot of time here verbally trying to beat some sense into whatever slender threads of manhood still remain in America. But let's be candid, the postmodern era hasn't been especially kind to the fair sex either. It's going to get even worse for girls and young women fairly soon. While Leftist Whackos have pursued a policy of marginalizing masculinity and idolizing women; the current Junta and their masters in the Great Reset Oligarchy are pretty clearly shifting policy to marginalizing femininity and idolizing the homosexual. For four years, American women were screeching Orange Man Bad and howling about the President's alleged misogyny; now it's starting to dawn on a few women that Feminism wasn't so empowering after all and that decades of pushing American men down to the level of a gaggle of slobbering idiots has left them defenseless. 

   The younger generation of American females is about as weak and degenerate as their male counterparts. Insanity Bytes recently had a poignant article about an encounter with a young medical professional which illustrates how alienated young women really are from reality. In response to a comment I left there, IB said: 

   "I have a kid who was a baby during 9/11 and I often try to speak of life pre 9/11 without realizing she wasn’t even there, she has no point of reference. Spying on Americans, government over reach, and walking around with a muzzle on 24/7 is how it’s always been. It’s all normal for her. And yes, we often sent them to government schools, put them in front of televisions, and let the culture raise them." 

     Any single man who hasn't bought into the zeitgeist already realizes that the number of his female contemporaries who are serious material for a future wife and mother are fairly scarce. The type of under-30 American woman that IB encountered is about par for the course. 

     Tucker Carlson did a short piece awhile back profiling a pair of thots whose videos went viral on the internet because of their hysterical outbursts over George-whats-his-name even though neither were Black or lived in Minneapolis. It's important to note too that these young viragoes were---by their own admission---the products of Conservative households. Not to mention what a typical weekend looks like when such ladies wish to display their wokeness. Let's all hope that scenes like these are female empowerment enough!

    Contrary to what Feminist bubbleheads imagine, deconstructing masculinity in a society does not create a world where the higher qualities of feminine nature rise to predominate. What actually happens in the absence of masculinity is that women begin to take on more masculine characteristics---and typically they affect the more negative ones. Instead of pontificating from their tenured affirmative-action positions in American universities, all of these blowhards would have had to have done is visited any State Penitentiary for Women and seen their philosophy in actual practice. 

    The health of a civilization can be gauged by the state of its women, since it is women who maintain the home and raise the next generation. What does ours look like? About 1 in 135 pregnancies end in abortion. American women have a 40% rate of morbid obesity; over half are functionally or wholly illiterate; nearly 1 in 6 are on prescription psychiatric dope at any given moment. About 1/3 with children are either single mothers or live with a stepfather. Female infertility rates are rising, with nearly 1 in 8 unable now to bear children; the U.S. currently ranks 33rd of the 36 members of the OECD in infant mortality. 

    Thirty years have passed since the Clinton Co-Presidency kicked off the gender wars; it appears that the war is now over and that both sides lost. 


   What both genders need to do is stop pointing the fingers, put down the dope, and pull their collective heads out of their a---s and start facing reality because as things stand right now, we are culturally only a few steps away from going back to the jungle. Hubris, wishful thinking, and 'controlling the narrative' isn't going to save us from the Laws of Nature and Nature's God taking their course. That's not only true of Generation Snowflake. The Boomers and the Xers---through our negligence and apathy---let "our land of spacious skies and amber waves of grain" turn into a fetid swamp from which we may not be able to extricate ourselves. All of us need to recognize that we're in some deep trouble and that all of us bear some responsibility both in getting us to this point and in getting us out of it. Unless that happens, we are going to join many other dead civilizations in future histories. 

Thursday, May 6, 2021


       One of the things I truly miss about the Trump Administration was being able to write posts about the Justice Department's latest foray into the Swamp and watching them haul in some loathsome Swamp Creature. That's all come to a screeching halt since the Junta seized power; with the corporate and political scum now either seeing charges dropped or getting light punishments. It's as though the swamp-draining stopped and now the sewer is backing up. 

       A recent case involving transnational corporate conglomerate and leading Government contractor, the Honeywell Corporation is a good example. Honeywell has had a long history of corruption as well as being a major source of environmental pollution all across America. None of this has stopped politicians from doing business with Honeywell, though. Last year alone, Honeywell spent millions on 37 Beltway lobbyists, 29 of whom are revolving-door former federal bureaucrats. Several members of both House and Senate own Honeywell stock. Among other things, Honeywell is a strong proponent of the Mask Mandates; especially considering that they are the leading manufacturer of M-95 masks in the United States. Hardcore mask fanatics like Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti even entered into exclusive contracts with Honeywell to provide masks for the city. CNBC---for whatever their words are worth---reported that Honeywell controls a whopping 25% of the world's non-residential buildings. 

     During Trump's term, Honeywell got caught by the FBI selling sensitive military technologies to China. The investigation started after a whistleblower alerted the DOJ late in Obama's term of possible security breaches. During Trump's time, breaches of this kind ended in substantial prison sentences for liable parties. But it was Orange Man Bad and the Junta's Ministry of Justice literally let Honeywell off the hook with a light fine and promises not to do it again. 

     Among the data that the Chinese People's Liberation Army received from Honeywell included operational systems for the F-35, F-22, and F-18 fighter jets, the B-1 Stealth Bomber, the M-1 Abrams battle tank and the Tomahawk Cruise Missile; as well as the upgraded engine systems on older defense weapons like the A-10 Warthog ground-support aircraft, the C-130 gunship, and the Apache attack helicopter. No big deal, right? It must not be: there hasn't been a peep out of the MSM about what should be a major scandal. Nor is there a word from the Republican leadership, which seems to be dealing with a rather embarrassing scandal of its own at the moment.


     The lack of outcry is probably not too surprising given the number of revolving-door political, corporate, and media scum running the corporation. Darius Adamczyk, its CEO, grew up in an Iron Curtain country and for the last two years has been a regular attendee at the World Economic Forum. Many of Honeywell's recent statements and policy positions show a lot of sympathy with the Great Reset goals. Adamczyk was recently recognized by the Deep State think-tank The Foreign Policy Association. He is also a high-ranking official of the shady Business Roundtable; to which the Washington Post once referred as "President Obama's closest ally in the business community." In 2019, Adamczyk participated in revising the Roundtable's Charter to reflect Klaus Schwab's Fourth Industrial Revolution philosophy. According to the New York Times:  "the group updated its decades-old definition of the purpose of a corporation, doing away with its bedrock principle that shareholder interests must be placed above all else. The statement, signed by nearly 200 chief executive officers from major U.S. corporations, makes a fundamental commitment to all of our stakeholders*, including customers, employees, suppliers and local communities."

   {Nota bene: the term 'Stakeholder Capitalism' was coined by Klaus Schwab to define his economic model. Much of the new charter repeats statements from The Fourth Industrial Revolution almost verbatim. This isn't surprising since a look at the Charter's signatories reveals that the Business Roundtable is packed with WEF members.}

    But their futuristic plans aside, for the present the Chinese are in possession of some our most advanced military secrets thanks to Honeywell. Honeywell is not only getting away with this, they didn't even lose any defense contracts or security clearances over this unfortunate incident. All of the Ameroboobs who couldn't wait to get rid of Trump and return to normal---recall that this is what 'normal' looked like during the Bush/Clinton/Obama years. Corporate cartels like Honeywell could commit crimes that once sent guilty parties to the electric chair and walk away scot-free. Meanwhile, you could get a stiff fine and possibly jail time for not wearing one of Honeywell's masks in public. Once again, the Ameroboob shot himself in the foot and the Oligarch laughs all the way to the bank. 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021


    This story was largely ignored by most of the MSM this week; but a lesser-known case of a political purge occurred at Chapman University. Law Professor John Eastman---despite being a tenured member of Chapman's faculty unceremoniously found himself cashiered after a petition from 159 fellow-faculty demanded his resignation. His crime? Eastman was one of the legal team challenging the November putsch in the Supreme Court. Eastman had been sidelined from teaching after the faculty made their demands public in January.

   Conservatives being purged from Liberal Academia isn't exactly news---it should be, but the Right is too busy worrying about Biden forgetting his mask or something stupid that some NBA doofus said on Twitter to care too much. But in Eastman's case, Chapman University---a school affiliated with the Disciples of Christ and located in the heart of one of the most Conservative counties in California---things like this just don't happen, do they?

   Yes they do. In fact, Chapman's faculty include a few prominent names in the Conservative Movement. One is Mark Skousen, a famous Libertarian economist, another, on the legal faculty is Tom Campbell, former Republican Congressman and former Speaker of the California Assembly. Also on the Law faculty is Celestine McConville, a former law clerk under Justice William Rehnquist. Another famous Law faculty member there is Vernon L. Smith---who is on the board of the Cato Institute. Finally, there is noted Conservative pundit, Hugh Hewitt. Hewitt's an especially interesting case. Although Eastman was a frequent guest on Hewitt's program, it doesn't appear that Hewitt has done a single broadcast in Eastman's defense.

    Hewitt and his fellow scum at Chapman and the Disciples of Christ Church are representative of what is killing the Conservative Movement. Conservatism isn't being killed by the Left (at least not yet). It is committing suicide. Too many Conservatives want to fancy themselves 'realists'. At one of the scale are the Alt-Right idiots of the Vox Day stripe; at the other are the Mitt Romney go-along-to-get-along types. Actually, they are the same thing; they only differ in their approaches. Both essentially believe in co-opting Liberalism because they believe that Conservatism has failed and socioeconomic policy is simply a matter of beating the Left at their own game. What these losers fail to understand is that there's already a party of Realpolitik and those are the Liberals. Play the same game and we're no better than they are. At that point, one might as well support the Democrats: at least they have an actual plan; Republicans get elected and they spend their entire terms doing nothing for anybody.

    This sort of phony 'realism' started growing during the Clinton Era and has defined the Conservative character more or less ever since. Somewhere along the line, Conservatives developed a sort of philosophical dualism that holds vaguely 'Conservative Values' as an ideal; but outside of the voting booth and online chatrooms has no practical application. It's sort of like the political manifestation of spiritual Churchianity where someone professes the Creed on Sunday morning, but the actual teachings of Christ are irrelevant every other hour of the week. When a group of academics at Chapman University, for example, see a colleague getting railroaded out of a job, they can forget everything about The Rights of Man, because 'that's an administrative decision, not my problem' and 'it's his own fault, he made some bad choices.' When an entire national election gets hijacked, the Senate Majority Leader shrugs his shoulders and says, 'It's for the Court to decide; not my responsibility.'

    The sophists can call such behavior practical and realistic all they want to, but the operating force behind these attitudes is Narcissism. In a broader social sense, Narcissism is morbid preoccupation with self-interest with corresponding contempt for, and general disinterest in, anything and everyone outside of one's immediate Ego Field. In clinical practice, psychiatrists cataloged symptoms of a Narcissist: just see how many of these apply to the typical fake Conservatives and Churchians you know from your own observations.


  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-worth and personal achievements
  • Possessing self-superiority without supporting achievements
  • Having a self-superior nature and only willing to associate with equally superior people
  • Expecting special favors and submission of others to their expectations
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others, while believing all others envy them
  • Exhibiting arrogance or haughty behavior, also appearing conceited, boastful, and pretentious

    It's actually gotten so bad that terms like 'altruism' and 'social justice' have become pejorative terms among the political Right. Where exactly did Jesus teach that "looking out for #1" was mankind's highest duty in life? Or that looking the other way at injustice was the mark of a good Christian? I think that if the events of the last 18 months have proven anything, it's that the Conservative Majority is a paper tiger, and that God doesn't seem very pleased with our stewardship of the nation right now. One day, Conservatives woke up and suddenly seemed to realize that evil men had the minds of the young, that our cities were cesspools of addiction and crime, that our economic rights had been sold to an irresponsible Oligarchy, and that most people were ignorant enough to be frightened for their lives at an influenza outbreak. Conservatives looked around and saw that the Enemy was at the Gate and then they looked around and saw locked-down churches and their neighbors hoarding bathroom tissue in response. That's about as strong a wake-up call as a nation could get, but judging by recent events like the Eastman and Chauvin cases, Conservatives haven't learned a d----d thing. 

      It's not like our own cultural leaders haven't warned us time and time and time again that our combined greed, selfishness, and hubris were sending us on the way to disaster. It isn't as though our spiritual leaders didn't spell out the wrong course that we were following. But Conservatives chose instead to go "every man for himself!" 

      It's the old, old, story. The realists think that they can cheat Reality, and end up caught like fish in a net. The Conservative leadership is going to go on selling out until they run out of things to sell out on and find themselves face-to-face with an enemy who wants it all. That's the trajectory that the political Right is currently running on; and if attitudes don't change---and soon---I can only say that I hope to be a safe distance away when 'our side' has to reap what it's sown.