Sunday, November 26, 2023


      Much to the disappointment of American partisan politicians and pundits, the ceasefire in Palestine is progressing quite well. Civilian detainees are being exchanged and the Corporate Media is choking on its bile to learn that none were tortured or abused by the Palestinians. Worse for them, Russia---the country that they tell us is languishing economically under the mighty US/EU sanctions---delivered over 190 metric tons of humanitarian aid "including generators, clothes, bandage materials, and food" to the distressed Palestinian population. China---another country that the Media tells us is on the verge of economic collapse---is sending over $2.5 billion in aid. Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation---where the same experts assure us that the economy has never been better---actual data shows that food insecurity is rising. Maybe we might need humanitarian aid from abroad ourselves someday, so we'd better be nicer to the Russians and Chinese. 

     Our nominal Head-of-State has dispatched the Junta's Foreign Minister, Antony Blinken, to Tel-Aviv for a photo-op. The Official Narrative being spun by the Corporate Media is that, after six weeks of egging on Israeli barbarity, the Beltway alone is responsible for the ceasefire. Actually, the US had nothing to do with it: China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia were mostly behind it through Qatari intermediaries. Here in the US, it's only the optics and controlling the narrative that matters: the truth, not so much. 

    It's rather noteworthy that these countries all have differing positions on Palestine. The Saudis support Hamas; China favors the 'two-state' solution; while Iran supports a Palestinian Government. Qatar has had some issues with all three of them, but it's certainly amazing how governments actually interested in solving problems can put aside such differences and work together to benefit humanity. 

  These are examples of what happens when good men do good things. Here in the US though, the Conservative-Industrial Complex and the Churchian Right have spent the Thanksgiving holidays in a serious depression. Not only has the Republican Party suffered the loss of a significant crisis to exploit for political gain, but Oil and Defense stocks aren't looking so good right now. Their hopes of a domestic terrorist attack also didn't materialize when it turned out that the explosion on the US-Canadian border apparently was caused by a rather upstanding member of the Buffalo business community driving a $300,000 Bentley. Their hopes of an attempted airliner hijacking turned out to be a native-born meth addict chimping out. Apparently, the latter kinds of events are happening often on America's airlines these days, but the American political and media class rarely ask questions about such things. 

   The Churchian Right is especially dispirited by these developments. Not enough Arabs have been killed to suit them, and the current talking-point in these circles is that the Junta is acting like weenies again because the Palestinians haven't released any of the dozen or so Americans detained in Gaza. If only we had manly Alpha leader in the White House, Americans would be prioritized for release, they assert. The fact that the ceasefire was made with Israel and, therefore, the Palestinians might choose to release Israeli nationals first isn't considered. 

   It is a genuinely sad current of thought spreading through many religious Conservatives. Many---especially in some Protestant Evangelical sects---have it as part of their theology that the Israeli Government, and by extension the American Deep State, are working together to fulfill a Divine Plan; a theory into which they've shoehorned various Biblical prophecies to support. The emotional and religious investment they have in this belief has caused them to overlook any crimes that either the Israeli or American Government might commit in the Middle East. They really need to re-examine their beliefs and stop being led around by the nose by the Hollywood producers and Megachurch ministers who are selling this nonsense.

   It's also repugnant that there really is a deep strain of selfish opportunism running through Postmodern Conservative thought as well. Reading through the comments on social media, there is celebration over Arab deaths, which the authors clearly believe is a beneficial ethnic cleansing of the human gene pool. It might be tempting to dismiss such characters as trolls, but moving in Conservative circles as I do, I've heard enough of it in real life to know it isn't just a few bored Incels having fun on the Web. I've actually met ordinary rank-and-file Conservatives who not only say this about Gaza; but actually express glee at late-term abortion and casualties from the Loyalty Vaxx because it supposedly reduces the numbers of future Democrat voters. (A better way to reduce the number of Democrat voters would be to fight for electoral reform and actually propose better policies, but this approach never occurs to them). 

   There are many who even believe that Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is a model for how our Government should treat immigrants and even how they should treat solid Blue States populated by Americans. Anyone who looks at this revolting state of affairs objectively would see that there is no essential difference between what these so-called Conservatives propose and what 'depopulation' fanatics like Bill Gates and George Soros espouse. Once upon a time, Conservatives stood against this kind of extremism; but figures like Eisenhower and Nixon are Dead White Males now and our more evolved Postmodern Conservatives don't mind being a little more flexible when it comes to human life and human rights. 

   Hopefully the kinds of examples set by these foreign powers will find some support over here. These countries are showing that people can prosper and be generous without Corporate Overlords micromanaging their economies; and that Force and Fanaticism isn't the solution to everything. 

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