Thursday, April 20, 2017


     Arch-Neocon RINO Senator John McCain is in Albania this week for a series of high-level talks with the international terrorist group, the MKO. The MKO is the Mujahadeen Khalq Organization, now operating out of Albania, and an affiliate of Al-Qaeda and the Kosovo Liberation Army.

      The RINO met with MKO leader, Maryam Rajavi who is the widow of MKO's former leader (he's actually presumed dead; his current whereabouts are unknown but he was last seen alive in 2010). McCain praised the group's "successful transfer" from Iraq to Albania.

      "You have stood up, sacrificed, and fought for freedom" the Senator gushed. "For the right to live free, for the right to determine your future. There is no doubt that people in this room have suffered greatly."

       Now for the truth about MKO.

       Like many Middle Eastern terror groups, the MKO has operated occasionally under different aliases; but this one originated in 1960s Iran. They were mostly Iranian Communists backed by the Soviet Union. Under the Shah, the Communist Party was banned in Iran---MKO practiced various subversive activities, often of a violent nature. MKO was one of the most violent groups during the 1979 Iranian Revolution, estimated to be responsible for over half of the murders that occurred during the uprising. MKO fought against both the US-backed Shah and the Ayatollah Khomeini's supporters.

       When the Ayatollahs gained power, they proscribed MKO as a criminal organization. MKO assassinated at least three of Iran's top leaders. In 1986, the group added treason to all their other crimes and moved to Iraq, under Saddam Hussein's protection. They joined with Saddam in the Iran-Iraq War and were responsible again for numerous atrocities.

       MKO remained in Iraq and was listed by the US as a terrorist organization After the fall of the USSR and the Gulf War (both in 1991); MKO began to embrace Wahhabi theology along with their Stalinist politics. They were especially active throughout the 1990s fomenting Jihadi movements in the former Yugoslavia. After Saddam Hussein was overthrown in 2003, MKO worked with Al-Qaeda as part of the so-called 'Iraqi Insurgency' that later gave rise to ISIS.

       As part of the 'Arab Spring' Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama de-listed MKO as a terror group and helped them find a new home in Albania, a move which was completed last year. The Saudi royal family---major donors to the Clinton Foundation---are also big supporters of MKO. Readers can draw their own conclusions about that. Iranian Intelligence also believes that George Soros is in some way connected with MKO and had some influence in facilitating their move to Europe for some unknown purpose. Whatever that purpose is, we can assume it's no good.

       Such characters are the natural confederates of the Neocons, though. McCain and others like him are under the delusion that MKO represents some expatriated group of Iranian patriots seeking to 'liberate' Iran from the Ayatollahs. MKO would turn Iran into a hecatomb of destruction if they were ever let near the reins of power.

       Vahid Jefarian, editor of Real Iran, summed it up best. "McCain has had a long record of backing unsavory and vicious people who happen to support regime change, or who share his hostility towards certain other governments...McCain doesn't discriminate when it comes to choosing allies of convenience in pursuing unwise and reckless goals, so it was probably only a matter of time before he began supporting MKO."

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