Saturday, April 8, 2017


    Allied military engineers began repairs on Shayrat Airfield in Syria. Thanks to US military incompetence, most of the runway surface was still undamaged enough to resume service in the fight against the Terrorists. Yesterday, Syrian Chief-of-Staff, General Ali Ayoob visited Shayrat to inspect the damage and to visit the wounded heroes in the field hospital nearby.

     Now it somehow never dawned upon either the Corporate Media or Trump's new-found Neocon pals that if a gas-attack really originated at Shayrat, presumably the weapons stockpile was hit in the strike. Would it seem reasonable that just a few hours later, Syria's top general, Allied engineers, and army medics are walking around the place without gas-masks or hazmat suits? Or that there have been no reports of any of the wounded suffering from the symptoms of Sarin gas? Smoke inhalation from the fire, yes: gas wounds, none.

      But in the Prozac Nation, the important thing is that action for the sake of action happened. Leaders do things here; they don't simply talk. And they never think.

        So, the day after Russia severed military cooperation with the US, the Pentagon launched a second sneak-attack across the Iraqi border. American warplanes struck the village of Huneida, killing at least 15 civilians, including a family of five, according to SANA. But even the deaths of a few more Syrians didn't win everybody over. Six people were arrested at a violent anti-Trump rally in Jacksonville. Rosie O'Donnell claimed on The View that Putin orchestrated the events in Syria to boost Trump's poll numbers. Even the idiot Senator Tim Kaine denounced Trump's actions as a violation of the Constitution---evidently forgetting that he was Hilary's running-mate and Hilary promised to do the same thing. Oops.

         While this foolishness was going on this side of the Atlantic, Syria's PM, Imad Khamis met with leaders of the Syrian Veterans' Guild which is organizing a relief project for families effected by the American attack. Khamis praised the veterans and pointed out that American aggression would backfire and strengthen the Syrian people's resolve.


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