Thursday, April 27, 2017


     It's often said that the Red Pills are a 'divisive element' within our culture; but for the third time in six months, both Democrats and Republicans have united against their foul actions and deeds. In November, President Trump disavowed Richard Spencer and his followers. In December, Rep. Ryan Zinke (now the US Secretary of the Interior) led a bipartisan effort to frustrate an anti-Semitic demonstration in Montana plotted by Andrew Anglin of MGTOW The Daily Stormer.

       Following yesterday's revelations that NH State Representative Robert Fisher was the evil genius behind the notorious Red Pill Sub-Reddit, Republican Governor Chris Sununu joined Democrat calls for Fisher's resignation.

       "Representative Fisher's comments are horrendous and repulsive and his resignation is certainly in order." Governor Sununu told WMUR. Both Republican and Democratic leaders issued a joint statement in the NH Legislature endorsing Sununu's statement.

        Fisher, in typical Red Pill form, played the Victim Card and claimed himself the target of a media witch-hunt---incredibly even claiming that his hideous posts at Reddit were 'taken out of context'. And just as typically, the other Alpha-Boys seem to have thrown Fisher under the bus; commentary about Fisher's downfall in the Manosphere has been sparse, to say the least.

        Jennifer Horn, NH Republican Party Chairwoman was more resolute: "These are despicable comments. Representative Fisher's attempts to cast himself as the victim are beyond the pale. Having a State Representative who actively advocates violence against women is an embarrassment to our State and contributes to a society that minimalizes sexual assault and makes it more difficult for women to report these crimes and seek justice. Frankly, I am sick and tired of the repetitive nature of these stories and the way that too many in politics dance around this issue."

        It's about time a Republican leader said that. Either Conservatives stand for protecting women or they don't.

       "It's not about free speech, partisan ideology or anything else." she continued. "This is about violence that primarily victimizes women and it has to stop. The only way that this will happen is if politicians on both sides of the aisle make this a top priority in our State."

       Fisher and the rest of the Red Pills do not fundamentally believe in protecting women; the term White Knight and chivalry in general are used in a derogatory sense by them repeatedly. "Rape isn't absolutely bad" Fisher once opined, "Because the rapist I think likes it a lot. I think he'd say it was quite good, really."

       Now, people often say things they later regret, once their judgment has matured or they realize that they've been deceived by false information. But Fisher, it should be noted, was writing some of his most virulent Red Pill propaganda at the same time that he was a registered Democrat---and even ran for office on that party's ticket. We presume that he concealed his true beliefs from the Democratic Party, just as he did to the Republicans when he changed parties in 2013. It's not partisan with these fanatics: it's about promoting an agenda that is adverse to American values and they will use political parties and any other vehicle serving their purposes.

        Whether or not Fisher resigns, this exposure has thrown a spanner into any political plots he might have been considering. The NH Legislature should consider censure though, if their Constitution allows it.

          On a positive note, this affair is an example of how American Media and Government are supposed to work. The Media exposes a threat to freedom and the government acts. Hats off then to Bonnie Bacarisse, Governor Chris Sununu, Jennifer Horn, NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper, and Democrat Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff on a job well done.

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