Sunday, April 16, 2017


      Easter services are being held around the world today. As usual, everywhere other than the effete and decadent West, there are prayers for peace and time for reflection. Orthodox Easter and that of the Western Church fell on the same Sunday this year.

       Easter is still a Christian holiday in many parts of the world.

        Things like 'Spring Spheres' are unknown in countries like Russia, and saying 'Happy Easter' is not considered a Hate Crime. Children aren't exposed by the mass media to television shows at Easter like The Young Pope or The Real O'Neills; in fact, kids can generally attend movies and other amusements without being exposed to homosexual propaganda.

       This is because countries like Russia are led by men of principle who take the message of Easter seriously.

          President Putin attended Easter services this morning and met briefly with Patriarch Kirill, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin made a short speech to the congregation, praising the Russian people for their commitment to family, faith, and freedom.

           "The great Easter holiday has a special moral sense, spreads the Eternal Light of Faith, fills hearts with joy, love, and the striving to do good works. The Easter celebrations that are taking place across the country trace their origins to centuries-old ancestral traditions, and promote imperishable spiritual ideals and values." Putin told the crowd.

            Patriarch Kirill helped organize massive humanitarian relief projects which have saved literally millions of lives: especially in Syria, Iraq, Donbas, and North Korea. And speaking of Syria:

        President and Mrs. Assad paid a visit to a Christian convent near Damascus and celebrated Easter with children orphaned by the Civil War. Some of these children had never celebrated Easter before; having come from areas liberated from Terrorist control where Christian celebrations were prohibited.

        Meanwhile, here in the Prozac Nation, Easter festivities were observed The American Way in Berkeley, California; a city regarded as one of the foremost cultural centers of the US:

        What these two political factions were fighting over, we have no idea. But then again, neither do they. Possibly since the Second Korean War didn't materialize, these Ameroboobs decided to start a war among themselves.

        It's probably best to draw a discreet veil over such gloomy scenes and focus on what Easter really means:

        And this Message survives all human-inspired crises, now and forever.


  1. He is Risen. Alleluia.

    1. Alluelia yes; and thank you. One message of Easter is that there is always hope after 'darkness covered the whole world.'

  2. He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter.