Tuesday, April 11, 2017


    The FBI warned today that fugitive Anarchist Joseph Jakubowski may target churches and advised local police departments to step up patrols around Houses of Worship until the suspect is apprehended. Jakubowski mailed a 'manifesto' to the White House filled with anti-Trump and anti-Church hysteria, according to FBI spokesmen. He then broke into a Wisconsin gun shop and stole over dozen firearms and ammunition.

     The FBI has also issued a cash reward of $10,000 for information as to Jakubowski's whereabouts.

     Jakubowski fits the profile of most Anarchist-types. A younger male, estranged from his father, long arrest record, on welfare, hates religion and Conservatives, sexually dysfunctional, and has a tendency toward violence.

      President Trump and his family receive death threats from Left-Wing crackpots like these all the time; recently a gang of perverts held homosexual orgies in the street in front of the Kushner home. No wonder Ivanka moved the White House.

        But that aside, Jakubowski is considered especially dangerous because of the arsenal of weapons he possesses and the high likelihood that he may go on a rampage against non-political targets as well. Psychotics of Jakubowski's type are almost always obsessive and monomaniacal; meaning that they are capable of carrying out incredibly well-planned crimes. This is one reason why conspiracy theories always formulate around men like this. Sane people can't fully grasp how complete losers can execute technically-brilliant crimes. But it is possible, because all the mental energies of the neurotic is focused on their one act. This is also a reason why most of these crimes end in suicide---because the suspects are so focused on carrying out the act that they fail to plan for anything beyond it.

         The Secret Service hasn't released any details of Jakubowski's manifesto; so it's pointless for us to speculate on his actual motives. And really his motives aren't especially important now, since the focus must be on stopping him before he acts.

        "He's a ticking time-bomb." Chris Swecker, a former FBI profiler told NBC, "It's a race against time right now."

         Swecker doubts that Jakubowski is part of an organized group but is "out there on his own." The remarkable thing is that Jakubowski has eluded authorities now for nearly a week.

         In light of the current world situation, though, Jakubowski's case is a stark reminder that we have much work to do domestically before turning our attentions abroad.



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