Sunday, May 1, 2016


   Well, it's time for that annual American day of fun and frolic, May Day. A day when the Scum of the entire planet converge on major cities to commit as much senseless mayhem as their limited intellects can suggest.

     Seattle, the national epicenter of everything senseless, took center stage again this year. Anarchists, Bolsheviks, Neo-Nazis, homeless bums, and every other social misfit showed up for the festivities armed with Molotov Cocktails, slingshots loaded with bolts, gas grenades, baseball bats, and other fun toys. To its credit, the Seattle Police actually made some arrests this year. Not that this will do any good, since the Seattle Police Chief and White House honoree, Kathleen O'Toole, has made it a policy not to prosecute these...ummm...protestors.

     The rest of the Pacific Coast wasn't too far behind. San Francisco, Portland, Oakland, and Los Angeles all saw their cities paralyzed. It never seems to occur to the Ameroboob that there's a fundamental difference between protestors and street thugs. In a civilized society, protestors don't resort to violence because they can achieve legitimate goals through an established process. Those who do resort to it, by definition are in rebellion against Civilization. Therefore, it becomes the duty of the Government to suppress these elements---whose sole aim is to tear Civilization apart.

     The elements who make up these protests are not motivated by some lofty goals of advancing human progress. We're talking about a Political Underworld here; organized crime wearing the mask of the public interest. In spite of all their pretentions of 'Anarchy' these riots and demonstrations are clearly well-organized and orchestrated events. The question is: who is behind them, and why?

      The answer to that question is the answer to most social plagues: Follow the Money. Who profits off social chaos and overthrowing society? Lots of people do. Because after you've burned it all down, somebody has to rebuild it. And one doesn't have to look at US history much further than Iraq to see that vested interests profit quite handsomely after a society has been overthrown and destroyed.

      And not only do people have to rebuild a ruined culture; the New Order requires leadership. Is it any wonder that the Media and Academia---a bunch of incompetents who couldn't rise above minimum-wage positions in a freely competitive society---all wholeheartedly support the efforts of our mask-wearing friends in the streets. Needless to say, nobody in either the Media or Academia will bother exposing the purse-holders funding these criminal gangs; and neither will the Government (despite all its power) or Wall Street (despite the fact that they are supposedly the targets of these gangs).

      The only thing that is going to stop this kind of political gangsterism is for the American people to come out of their cowardice and drug-induced lethargy long enough to start demanding that their leaders do something about it. After all, American Presidents from Roosevelt to Reagan had the FBI busy keeping American cities free of these SA-style Brownshirts by putting their leaders in jail where they belong. May Day back then was marked by children building May Baskets, dancing around Maypoles on playgrounds, and parades with the local May Queen tossing candies from a float. And today, well...we get to watch scenes reminiscent of the Weimar Republic.  

Fun-loving Seattlites engage in Springtime Festivities


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