Monday, September 5, 2016


    The scandals surrounding the Clinton Foundation and the influence-peddling that went along with is largely being covered up by the US Corporate Media. The once-great Democratic Party has proven itself, under the Clinton Era from the 1990s onward to have a veritable viper's-nest of corruption. The Clinton Administration---and the Obama Administration which is an extension of it---are fraught with a series of illegal activities, including more than a few unsolved murders.

     The Corporate Media, since 1992, has been an integral part of the Clinton Machine. Recall that in 1996 President Clinton signed into law the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which gave rise to the media monopolies we have today. In 2000, Clinton also repealed the segment of the Communications Act of 1934, which obligated mass-media outlets to provide rebuttal time for a person or party who was personally attacked.

      Here is a list of media figures and entities which donated over $250, 000 to the Clinton Foundation:

1. Carlos Slim, CEO of Telmex and largest stockholder in the New York Times

2. James Murdoch, of 21st Century Fox

3. Newsmax Media Group

4. Thomson-Reuters

5. Google

6. The News Corporation Foundation

7. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing

8. Richard Mellon Scaife (died 2014).

    In the 2016 race, Hillary Clinton is by far the largest recipient of donations from Big Media. Her list of top individual donors include Comcast, Time-Warner, News Corp, CBS Television and the Disney Corporation; all of which donated more money to Clinton than to any other candidate.

    It's also quite noteworthy that Clinton's supposed 'right-wing opponents' figure quite prominently on both lists. But follow the money. News Corp, for example, is heavily invested in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, who are a source of oil industry and defense contracting dollars---and who likewise enjoy a cozy relationship with the Clintons. Companies like News Corp reap big advertising dollars selling anti-Clinton news stories at the same time they reap benefits from Clinton policies. Does anybody from the Alt-Right side still want to argue that Cultural and Moral issues don't belong in politics or economics?

    This type of Government-Media collusion demonstrates exactly why a Financial Oligarchy is no better than an Authoritarian Government. Godless Capitalism and Godless Communism have the same corrosive and corrupting effects on a society. It's no argument to appeal to the so-called 'Free Market' here. Our Declaration of Independence acknowledges the moral truth that Human Rights are derived from God; and a godless society is bound to be unfree, regardless of its economic system.

    It is also no argument to plead the First Amendment and pretend that these crimes are protected speech or that people have a right to choose alternatives. When a company like Newsmax is preaching to a Conservative audience at the same time it is throwing over one million dollars into the Clinton Foundation's coffers, then it is clear that an intent to deceive is in full operation here: that there is no real alternative mass-media outlet. The idea that there is a balanced Liberal and Conservative mass-media in the US is an illusion: exactly like the illusion that the Far Left and the Alt-Right are two different ideologies.

     But the behind-the-scenes posturing serves another purpose. By setting up a series of controlled opposition, the Political and Corporate Elites can keep the unthinking and uncritical American public polarized and divided. While Americans are fighting at political rallies and politicians are slinging mud at the media circuses; the Smart Boys on Wall Street go on rioting in the spoils and laughing up their sleeves.



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