Tuesday, March 28, 2023


    In 1999, two homosexual lovers named Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris---part of a high-school clique called the Gay Trenchcoat Mafia---executed an elaborate massacre scheme ending in a suicide pact against Columbine High School in Colorado. The vermin in the Corporate Media dropped the word 'gay' when describing the group of young thugs and downplayed any reference to the duo's orientation. Klebold and Harris had---like many of their demographic---a hatred for religion and targeted Christians specifically---especially Christian girls. This fact was also downplayed while the Official Narrative spun the story by deflecting attention to peripheral issues like school bullying, school security, and gun control.

   Their tactics haven't changed since 1999; except that in 2023, the Media has taken to a deliberate policy of actively encouraging such violence. After a week of Internet outrage over Christian hockey players' refusal to participate in a Humiliation Ritual; and celebrities calling for the murder of Christians; and 'activists' calling for violence against the State of Tennessee; a member of the mentally-unbalanced community at whom these messages were directed flipped out and committed a massacre at a Christian school. Six people (including three small children) were killed before the assailant was sent to Tartarus under a barrage of police gunfire. 

   And Americans are scratching their heads wondering how it could happen. It's not difficult to figure that out and not even the first time it's happened recently. As pointed out in the previous article, the sexual deviancy manifested by the so-called 'LGBTQ Community' is typically symptomatic of deeper problems. They have long been known as a demographic prone to violence. So when you bombard such a demographic with encouragement to violence and it happens, why are we surprised? 

   Are we saying here that the xhe in question was deliberately egged on and incited to do what they did? Yes: we are. To assume that yesterday's tragedy wasn't deliberately planned, we have to believe that:

  1. None of the Media figures calling for violence against Christians actually hoped it would happen:

  2. Despite these Media figures employing the same talking-points and the fact that they typically work for the same organizations, that they weren't working in concert;

  3. It never occurred to any of them that nutjobs were in their audience who might be influenced by their words. 

  Of course they wanted this to happen; and they were acting on orders of the Corporate Oligarchs who desire to foment division and chaos, as well as driving other sociopolitical agendas. Following the same propaganda pattern that they successfully employed in 1999, their media stooges are dutifully spinning the 'narrative' to school bullying and blaming the 'gun culture.' Not a peep out of any of these Compassionate Liberals though about dealing with our out-of-control national problems of untreated mental illness or Media complicity in sending out dog-whistles to the emotionally unstable. 

   Contrary to media propaganda, America does not have the highest rates of gun violence in the world. However, we do have the highest rates of suicide by firearm and mass-murders. This ought to tell us that our problems stem from much deeper issues than access to guns. Our problems with mass-violence are emanating from two causes: a corrupted social structure that places little value on humanity and places maximum value on force and fraud as means to an end. 

   The mid-1990s were when we first saw the phenomenon of mass-shootings on a regular basis. What changed about that time? Well, for starts we saw a New World Order, a Kinder, Gentler America, and a Pax Americana opened up. Schools started throwing out Merit and imposing fake inclusiveness (i.e reverse discrimination). Our 'compassionate' politicians decided that it was cruel to interfere with the chosen lifestyles of the mentally ill when Big Pharma could sell them psych-dope. Our cultural values shifted to what is essentially a Might Makes Right philosophy. 

   Since the 1990s, there hasn't been a social issue that Force or Fraud didn't emerge as the answer to---as long as one was big enough and powerful enough to do it. Our Government reserved the 'right' to intervene militarily anytime, anywhere, they pleased: with remote-controlled bombs loaded with depleted uranium. Or, we could embargo essential goods and services from any 'regime' who wouldn't bow to our exceptionalism. Failing that, we could stage Color Revolutions. Domestically, it wasn't much better. Schools and most large workplaces turned into virtual prisons: full of arbitrary rules and conditions. Today, students, workers, and renters have no rights that administrators, employers, or landlords need respect. Police and courts became militarized and a two-tiered 'Justice System' established where money and politics determine guilt or innocence. As we saw during the Scamdemic, the State has no issue with domestic embargoes against people and businesses they consider non-essential.

   The 1990s and since have seen entire thriving cities turned into ghost-towns and ghettoes because outsourcing their main industries was cheaper. Media conglomerates freely shut down views that deviate from the official narrative while promoting blatant Government/Corporate propaganda. Across the board we see this. So it's no wonder in this sort of environment that a percentage of the population either lashes out inwardly (suicide) or outwardly (mass-shootings). 

   Dead White Male and Founding Father Thomas Paine said this about the mass-violence in Jacobin France, and it applies today: "Let us therefore examine how men came by the idea of punishing others in this manner. They learn it from the governments that they live under; and retaliate with the punishments that they have been accustomed to behold. The heads stuck upon pikes which remained for years on the Temple-Bar differ nothing in the horror of the scenes of the heads being carried about on pikes in the Paris streets: yet this was done by the English government. It may be said that it signifies nothing to a man what is done to him after he is dead; but it signifies much to the living. It either tortures their feelings or it hardens their hearts; in either case, it instructs them how to punish when power falls into their hands. Lay then the axe to the root, and teach governments humanity. It is their sanguinary punishments which corrupt mankind."

    Yes: we are seeing increases in mass-shootings and gratuitous violence in America because the perpetrators of these deeds have learned callousness and inhumanity from those in authority. The Media encouragement only makes it worse; but can anyone explain how the brutality of American contractors murdering Arab civilians in cold blood or a lone nut shooting down a classroom of Kindergarteners is materially different? Or US leaders deciding to settle personal grudges by killing foreign leaders is different than a disgruntled employee taking a gun and settling scores with his 'untouchable' managers? After seeing decades of corrupt Administrative judges and social workers destroy families and consign innocent children and minors to abusive environments---we act shocked when we hear that some psycho kidnaps and tortures people in his basement. 

    Problems like we witnessed at Nashville are problems entirely of our own making. If we want to stop these problems, then we need to get out of our collective stupor---stop blaming gun owners and school bullies, or the politicians---and take back control of our communities. It's doubtful that will happen, though. It's easier for the Left to virtue-signal and the Right to demand more draconian force than it is to face problems and look for solutions. Meanwhile, the violence will go on and the Elites will go on laughing all the way to the bank.





  1. This was well said. I especially liked this truth, "Yes: we are seeing increases in mass-shootings and gratuitous violence in America because the perpetrators of these deeds have learned callousness and inhumanity from those in authority." Absolutely, this is learned behavior, a reflection of the environment we have created, and heavily fueled by the media. Thomas Paine really nailed it, "Lay then the axe to the root, and teach governments humanity."

    One problem being, in America we the people are the government, at least to some extent. We are the authority setting the tone for how much callousness and inhumanity we're going to subject ourselves to.

    1. "In America we the people are the government" Therein lies a big part of the problem. It seems that many Americans are willing to tolerate a lot of inhumanity---as long as it doesn't happen to them personally.

  2. Excellent post - and Hanoi Jane AKA Jane Fonda was espousing murder as the order of the day as a solution for this issue for those who oppose.
    And we wonder why we have the communities that we do.

    1. My fear right now is that this the tip of an iceberg. Check out today's article....