Tuesday, April 24, 2018


     Things continue to get worse for the Red Pill/Alt-RINO trolls. The character known on Twitter as 'Ricky Vaughn' as been exposed. Paul Nehlen, a candidate for the Congressional Seat vacated by Paul Ryan exposed Vaughn as a Manhattan financial consultant named Douglass Mackey. After Mackey approached Nehlen with a shady donation proposition (and Nehlen refused); Mackey went viral smearing Nehlen's character. And so, Nehlen decided, two can play at that game. 

      It's interesting that so many of the Red Pill gurus turn out to be engaged in marketing-related professions. The whole Game/PUA movement upon which the Red Pill is based is said to have been engineered by men in this line of work. 

       It's also quite noteworthy that these so-called 'Alphas' always turn out to be quite far from the swaggering, he-man image they project on the Internet. And generally their real-life unmanliness is in direct proportion to how big their mouths are online. As 'Ricky Vaughn', Mackey was one of the most vicious trolls; reports of him in reality show him to be a pasty, flabby milquetoast afraid of his own shadow. Unlike Vox Day and Andrew Anglin, Mackey even kept his online activities a secret from his parents. 

       "We were devastated this week to learn of Doug's beliefs and online activities." Scott Mackey, his father said, "They are antithetical to the values we hold and which he was raised. We are still trying to understand how he could have done something like this and hope that he will find some way to make amends for the harm that he's caused."

       It can probably be explained this way: Mackey is the archetypical keyboard warrior. The Urban Dictionary defines personalities like his perfectly: "A person who, unable to express his anger through physical violence (owing to their physical weakness, lack of courage or conviction in real life), instead manifests said emotions through the textual medium of the Internet...Keyboard Warriors are generally identified by unnecessary rage in their communications and are regarded as losers by other virtual identities on the Internet." To this, we will add that they are usually regarded as losers by their offline peers as well. 

       Mackey was fired from his job as an economist at John Dunham & Associates in 2016; at the peak of his popularity as an Alt-RINO commentator. Dunham could not reveal the reasons for his termination because of New York State's labor laws. But I think that we can all draw our own conclusions about it. 

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