Monday, April 30, 2018


       Since last week's historic summit at Panmunjom, the Liberal Corporate Media and the Swamp RINOs have been seething with rage that their hopes for a Second Korean War is slipping through their fingers. This weekend at Mass, Pope Francis expressed hope for global peace and disarmament. 

       The Pope sent out a message on Twitter to this effect; which incited a firestorm on the Internet. This, notwithstanding the fact that Popes and other Christian leaders have been speaking of futures where men beat their swords into plowshares. Yet many are throwing up their hands in pious horror that a Christian leader actually speaks out against the proliferation of war materials. 

       What many fail to understand is that modern warfare is simply too expensive in both lives and money to fight. It really has been since the 1950's. As an example, the 2017 and 2018 missile strikes on Syria cost a quarter-billion dollars combined: and that's only the cost of the missiles employed. The cost of deploying ships, paying technicians , sailors, pilots, etc. likely doubled the cost. And nothing has changed in Syria because of it. 

       Since the fall of the Iron Curtain---which Francis' predecessor John Paul II helped bring about--- a phony philosophy arose in the United States called the Pax Americana. The Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, and all off their hangers-on are firm believers in it. Historically, American National Defense Policy has been to maintain a military strong enough that no one would dare attack us. Pax Americana theorists believe that we should maintain a military strong enough to impose our leaders' will on any country anywhere in the world at anytime and for whatever reason (or pretext) our leaders choose. Part and parcel of that belief holds that the foreign policy of the US and that of the UN are indistinguishable. 

        Now when the Pope calls for international disarmament, he's clearly not talking about abolishing militaries used for internal security and defense. What he's talking about are the international arms-traffickers who make billions off inciting wars abroad. Supporting these gangs is not what Conservatism is all about. As Benjamin Harrison---one of our first modern Conservatives said: "We Americans have no Divine Mandate to police the entire world." And we would add to that we certainly have no Divine Mandate to police it on behalf of the freebooters in the American Deep State. 

        It's time that we re-examined our international policies in this respect. We should never back down when our national interests are genuinely threatened by a foreign power. But peace should always be our top priority. It doesn't make us weak to seek peace; it makes us right. 

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