Wednesday, May 2, 2018


     May Day in the United States used to be a fun day; especially for kids. I can remember in school making May Baskets and building maypoles. Most towns used to have a May Day parade and a May Day pageant where young beauties competed to be the 'May Queen'. It was the unofficial start of Summer in many localities. 

     These days, though, May Day is a time for Anarchists, Bolsheviks, Communists, LaRouchites, and every other political malcontent to take over the streets and behave like the violent drug-addicts that most of them are. The Whacko Left dominates these spectacles, although in recent years the Alt-RINOs have been joining in the May Day Mayhem.

     Since this is the first day of the month, the protesters usually get going in the afternoon. They have to cash their welfare checks and pick up their psychiatric drugs in the morning; before confronting the police and demanding overthrow of the government. Usually too these protests target or disrupt local businesses. The same businesses whose exorbitant tax burdens subsidize these parasites. 

      This year, it appears that Paris, France had the worst riots. But that may be because the French police actually arrest rioters and try to stop them from destroying property. In most of the Left-Wing cities of the US Pacific Coast, it's really difficult for protesters to get thrown in jail. That way, the Corporate Media can report that all the demonstrations were peaceful no matter how many personal injuries or property damage actually happened. 

       Rather than meditate on these gloomy occurrences, however, we should examine how these extremists have ruined nearly holiday in this country and how we can take them back. President Trump has given us a good start by proclaiming May 1st Loyalty Day, reviving a long-forgotten American tradition.

         Loyalty Day was enacted by Congress in 1955 and proclaimed by President Eisenhower on May 1st of that year. Here is what President Trump had to say:

        "On Loyalty Day, we reflect with humility and gratitude upon the freedom we hold dear, and we reaffirm our allegiance to our Nation and its founding principles. We cherish our system of self-government whereby each American is free to exercise his God-given and inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We honor and defend our Constitution, which constrains the power of our government and allows us freely to exercise these rights. We recognize the great responsibility that accompanies a free people, and vow to protect our hard-won liberties." 

        But you wouldn't know these words were ever spoken if you were watching the Corporate Media. They would, however, stick a microphone into the face of any black-clad, semi-literate sans-culotte spouting off about American 'oppression'. 

         And therein lies how we can take our holidays back. Ignore the Mainstream Media. Put up Christmas and Easter decorations and stand on your rights to free speech. Do things that honor Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Abe Lincoln. Kick the homos out of St. Valentine's and St. Patrick's days. We can and should follow Trump's lead and start pushing back. 



  1. I have done my part to bring back holiday cheer! We got married on May Day, so it's always a good anniversary celebration. Having an anniversary on loyalty day, just seals the deal.

    I'm with you about holidays, the sense of community,the family celebrations,those are important things for creating culture, stability, and way better than riots or pointless destruction.

    1. I always liked the idea of getting married on a holiday. It seems like that just adds some special impetus to the day.