Tuesday, May 22, 2018


     Vox Day has been taking a few short intervals from releasing his jealous rage against Jordan Peterson and Jonah Goldberg to shore up his failing foray into comics. So with great fanfare this week, the publishing-front Arkhaven released its first issue The Crackdown.

      Right off the bat, you notice something familiar about RINO-Girl's arm:

     Lest we suppose this was unintentional, the promotional on Amazon reads in part: "How is a group of superhumans based in Europe going to establish global justice?"

     Maybe with pseudoscience:

     At any rate, Vox got to appear on The Alex Jones Show ---a media outlet which promotes the Sandy Hook Massacre as a hoax--- and got their endorsement for the new series. And Vox tells his disciples: "Alex is right: the Left is panicking over Arkhaven's flagship series." Actually, nobody is panicking over it. Mostly, outside of Vox' cult, it's mostly being ignored. The website Comic Book Round-Up, which tracks all of the bestselling new releases, doesn't even mention it.

     Looking at the work itself, it suffers from a number of problems. There is very little dialogue and the comic itself seems much shorter than most produced by other publishers. The artwork ranges from mediocre to terrible:

     And it's actually not all that clear what the title has to do with the plot. This is another one that you'll get to pick up in the 'clearance section' of your local retailer's in about a week.

     While there's plenty of need for better comics, this stuff out of the Game/Red Pill Cult isn't going to provide it. In fact, if the Whacko Left was going to produce a comic that was a parody of the Right, it would look just like this Arkhaven material. Even down to giving the hero a Vox Day haircut. 




  1. Blech. I'd call this infantile, but that would be an insult to infants. Some of the old comics managed to teach valuable things about right and wrong, about men and honor, about patriotism and love, sacrifice and integrity.

    1. Modern comics have their problems, but Vox and his minions have managed to come up with something even worse.

      In this story, the redhead with the bad boob-job is supposed to be a supermodel. Captain Euro uses 'dark triad' on her and shows her that she's part of the Master Race. Being a hypergamous female, she can't resist joining with the Alphas who give her money, luxury, etc. It really does look like something some middle-schoolers might put together in their creative writing or art classes.