Monday, May 28, 2018


     The Media Hyenas always beat the drum for tighter gun laws every time a violent criminal commits some murderous act. But they dutifully sweep under the rug the growing number of armed citizens and policemen who stop crime with weapons. The pro-2nd Amendment Trump Administration has, I believe, created an atmosphere whereby Americans---including the police--- are no longer afraid to fight back. The Left, which held power for so long, was always the defenders and protectors of the criminal class. It's that whole birds of a feather concept.

     So this weekend in Holly Hill, Florida (a suburb of Daytona) Heriberto Feliciano was closing up his Little Caesar's Pizza store when a thug wearing a hideous demon mask forced his way in and attacked Feliciano with a club. The scum hit the clerk in the head and shoulders with such force that the club broke---knocking Feliciano to the ground. He then pulled out a pair of scissors, but---Feliciano pulled out his concealed handgun. Mr. Demon-Mask got fairly well ventilated "four or five shots", according to CBS-47 News. 

     The thug died en route to the hospital and Feliciano is recovering at home from his injuries. Police officials told CBS-47 that the attacker's identity is currently unknown, but was likely a transient. This is the same class of people infesting our city streets whom the Liberals assure us pose no threat to society---unlike law-abiding gun owners. 

     There's been an ongoing debate in the United States for the last several years about the escalating wave of violence and what to do about it. But recently, there has been an increase in the number of people, like Feliciano, who have stopped attacks---even terrorist and attempted mass-murder attacks---simply by fighting back. It's really Newton's Law applied to Sociology: an irresistible force will continue in motion until stopped by a greater force. 

     However much Liberals want to promote the Opiate of 'nonviolent resistance', Newton's Law remains true. Nonviolence and passive resistance only works against opponents who believe in civilized behavior and fair play. People like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King could win concessions from governments like Britain and the US have. Their tactics never would have worked in Bolshevist Russia or Nazi Germany. We know from history that there were early peaceful protests and demonstrations against these regimes: and also that the demonstrators never came out of those assemblies alive. 

      The principle here is that there is no way to compromise with evil except meeting it with force. What Liberals fail to understand about evil is that it is always irrational. Feliciano's desire to live and the unknown thug's desire to kill him is not a mere philosophical difference in metaphysical ethics. The failure to understand the irrationality of evil is how the Liberal and Neocon Deep Statists got away with as many crimes as they did for so long; and also why under their administrations evil so frequently triumphed among the general population. 

     It's simply nonsense too to speak---as the Liberals do---about America's 'gun culture' as the problem. It's a problem of evil, and countries without such a culture are just as susceptible as we are. Norway doesn't have much of a gun culture, yet Anders Brevik committed a mass-murder there which (proportionate to population) was as devastating on Norway as 9/11 was in America. China has a strong anti-gun culture; yet they are plagued with narcotics-related violence and Jihadist terror attacks just as we are. 

      The right of self-defense is a fundamental right---a right that has been recognized in Western jurisprudence since even prehistoric times. The Liberals need to come out of their safe spaces and realize that, as President Reagan said, "All men are not angels."  And as most Western religions teach us, even some angels fell into sin and became devils. The good angels defend us from the devils; likewise it takes good men to defend us from the evil men. While it is so that all men are created equal and all have the potential for good, not all men choose to exercise that potential. Thus, "the wages of sin is death" both on the physical and spiritual planes. 




  1. I remember reading some accounts from the first responders to the Anders Brevik situation that really impacted me. Those guys arrived on the scene but could do nothing but just listen to kids being shot. They had to sit there waiting for the guns to arrive because no one was armed and it practically takes a molasses like move of bureaucracy to get a gun authorization. It was also a remote area, adding to the delay even more. Their sense of helplessness and heartbreak was really profound. As an American that was just chilling to me. We often take it for granted how close our guns are, how easy it is to call them in. Cops are usually just a few minutes away and there are a lot of armed citizens, too. To not be able to access guns is just unthinkable in the US.

    1. If I remember correctly, the bureaucracy didn't act at all (it was a weekend and they couldn't get official approval); so a Norwegian general took the initiative and the military intervened and captured Breivik. Breivik had by then killed 77 people, which was, relative to Norway's population, twice as bad as 9/11 was here.

      You also see this in countries like Mexico and Syria, where drug-cartels and terrorists have wiped out entire towns without any resistance. But once in Iraq, during the Battle of Mosul, the men in one small village left to fight in the battle, but left guns behind for the women. Some ISIS soldiers came, and the armed women drove them out of town. A big difference from what usually happened to their Syrian counterparts.