Tuesday, April 17, 2018


       Today is the national deadline for filing income taxes in the United States. A lot of us are benefiting already from the first round of President Trump's tax reforms. Was the top headline today? No... 

      Maybe the Corporate Media is talking about the repercussions of the missile attack on Syria---especially its dismal failure? No. Maybe the Opioid Crisis? No; even though one of the largest Opioid rings in recent history was wiped out today. Or maybe the legacy of former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died today? Nope.

        No: the biggest and most pressing concern in the Corporate Media today is about the 'injustice' of a Philadelphia Starbucks' cafe not permitting two non-paying customers access to their bathrooms. This major social issue and obvious national emergency has led to apologies from Starbucks', as well as riots and some urban unrest. 

         The question is: what is this strange obsession Liberals have with toilets?  The last two years of the Obama Administration saw a huge national controversy over public bathrooms. Obama even spent millions retrofitting bathrooms on Navy warships to address this important and burning issue; and was even threatening to withhold federal funds to states which wouldn't adopt his bathroom policies. 

         Dr. Sigmund Freud and some of the followers of his school of thought believed that a variety of mental illnesses stemmed from a morbid fixation of defective toilet-training in childhood. Dr. Erich Fromm, who was one of Freud's students, was a strong proponent of that theory. During WW2, Fromm submitted a report to Allied Intelligence stating his professional opinion that Nazi SS Chief Heinrich Himmler was anally fixated. He expanded on this theory in his later book, The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness, wherein he postulated a connection between anal fixation and the often sadistic behavior of government bureaucrats. 

          We may shrug off this theory at first glace: but when one goes through a typical West Coast, Liberal-run city like San Francisco and notice how indescribably filthy they are---including filth from human waste--- then one has to consider whether or not the Psychoanalysts might not have a valid point. 

        Whatever Liberals' psychological motivations might be, we have to admit this kind of behavior is really weird. But then again, it's just the American Left being themselves...



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