Tuesday, January 31, 2023


    We might recall that during the height of the Scamdemic/Loyalty Vaxx hysteria, those hardy spirits on the 'Red Pilled' sector of the Manosphere were busily applying their philosophy to meet the crisis. They handled it about like they handle everything else: "Don't be a chump who takes a stand! Game the system! Beat the normies at their own game and laugh in your sleeves!" 

     A specimen of that kind of advice was covered here about two years ago. Doug Wilson---who set sort of the original template for the kooky fringe of the Manosphere to set up compounds in Idaho---wrote a piece encouraging all good Christians cultists to pretend to conform: get fake Vaxx Passports, even wear a Mask of Shame if you have to. "There are wisdom issues involved also", he wrote, "and so you should do a reasonable cost/benefit analysis with regard to whatever it is you are doing." Typical of that whole Red Pilled school of thought: if one's principles get in the way of your own self-interests, then your principles need to be sacrificed.


     So how well did this work in actual practice? The outcome is about what we would expect

     "Salt Lake City plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Kirk Moore, Jr.; his employees Kari Dee Burgoyne and Sandra Flores; and his neighbor Kristen Andersen were indicted by a federal grand jury on January 13 on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States; conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property; the conversion, sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property; and aiding and abetting. Their first court appearance was Thursday...Moore and his co-defendants are also accused of administering saline shots to children whose parents wanted to keep them in the dark about the fact that their “vaccinations” were fake. And they are said to have reported the names of those who received the fraudulent vaccine cards to the state immunization database as if their vaccinations were genuine."

    Some entrepreneur should come up with a board game---like the old Monopoly game---where players can draw a random card that says "Take the Red Pill. Go directly to jail." That seems to be what happens a lot in real life. 

   There are some writers who look upon Dr. Moore and his confederates as heroes in the fight against the Scamdemic. One might be inclined to think so too, until reading this part:

  "Investigators say Moore in May 2021 initially signed an agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to distribute COVID-19 vaccines and vaccination cards from the plastic surgery practice. Moore and Burgoyne then ordered “hundreds” of COVID-19 vaccine doses from the CDC between May 2021 and September 2022, court documents state. As doses began arriving at the practice, Moore and Burgoyne notified individuals who were seeking a fraudulent vaccine card that they could receive a completed card from the Midvale practice without actually receiving any vaccine doses if they paid $50 cash, or directed $50 donations to [a] private organization of which Andersen and Moore were members."

   That's Red Pill all over! Not only game the system and go about your life while 'chumps' sacrifice and take a stand---but by golly make a profit too! Which brings up an interesting point which I haven't seen addressed anywhere: what happened to all of those hundreds of Loyalty Vaxx doses that were ordered from the CDC? (According to the indictment it was closer to 2,000 doses). Where did those end up? Notice the actual Indictment which reads: "conspiracy to convert, sell, convey, and dispose of government property; the conversion, sale, conveyance, and disposal of government property." My intuition tells me that these doses of the Loyalty Vaxx didn't just get poured down the drain.

    Also typical of these Red Pill types is that Moore is playing the Victim Card, saying that "Moore’s legal team said Moore and his staff had pleaded not guilty to all charges. 'They broke no laws and harmed no person,' it reads. 'Dr. Moore, specifically, abided by his long held Hippocratic oath to First Do No Harm. We believe he and his co-defendants will be found innocent of all charges.'" 

    In contrast to this, my doctor was forced to resign from his clinic after refusing to take or administer the Loyalty Vaxx. He later opened up a private practice, where he was free to refuse to take or give it. Losing his job and reopening cost him a lot of money, but he stood by his medical oath while doctors like Moore slapped their knees and hooted over what a 'sucker' and a 'chump' he was while lining their own pockets. We're supposed to consider Moore a hero and a martyr?

   And what about the people who bought these fake Vaxx Passports? A writer named Jordan Schachtel apologizes for them as follows: "At the height of Covid hysteria, parents in Utah were faced with enormous societal and personal pressure to vaccinate their children with Covid-19 mRNA shots. For fear of having their kids prohibited from attending school and various extracurricular activities, many took the plunge on the experimental gene therapy shots, despite zero evidence showing that it had any positive benefit to kids whatsoever. To the vast majority of American parents, the choice was either to have their children take the shot or face being ostracized by many elements of society. There was no third option." 

   No third option? Homeschooling wasn't an option? Networking with other unvaxxed families wasn't an option? Protesting school boards over their policies wasn't an option? There was nothing parents could do besides get a fake Vaxx Passport so their offspring could go along to get along? It isn't any wonder why kids from families like these grow up to become operatives in Antifa. 

  I wonder too if Pastor Wilson or any of the other manly Alpha leaders who encouraged this kind of subterfuge are going to have anything to say now? If they run true to form, they'll simply slink away and be thankful that they weren't caught too. 



  1. Amen, well said. You summed up the problem with Pastor Wilson very well in his own words when he implied that our morality can be simply weighed against a, "cost/benefit analysis." That is why a great many accuse the church at large of hypocrisy and not being trust worthy.

    Jordan Peterson is another one who annoys me. He is simply a social media influencer, not a pastor, but he also was anti vaxx, actually got covid, and than allowed himself to be pressured into getting the vaxx claiming he was just doing it so they could have "their pound of flesh" and leave him alone. Now he is concerned he may have made the wrong choice simply because it is impacting his own health and apparently they still want another pound of flesh.

    Meanwhile the little people are going to jail, losing their jobs, being forced out of business, perhaps even dying, and all these so called "leaders" seem to care about is protecting their own selves from possible social disapproval or slight inconvenience. It's cowardly and self serving and it was also a missed opportunity to show some genuine leadership, some solidarity with those one claims to care about.

    This has been the nature of human beings for a long time. We get famous or powerful and start focusing on how to keep ourselves there, rather then on serving those we allegedly want to lead.

    1. I think that this is one reason why church attendance has been way down since the Scamdemic. How often parishioners heard men like Wilson preach that they should take a stand for the faith. Then he turns around and tells everyone to sneak around behind the scenes; lie and cheat to avoid standing for Faith and Freedom openly.

      Of course, not only that, but Christian leaders across the country passively let their churches be locked up and guarded by uniformed goons, then looked the other way while defiant pastors and congregants were thrown in jail. Worse still, while BLM stormtroopers were burning churches and beheading statues of Jesus, the same ministers ran out in the street and bowed to them instead of kneeling before God. Even people who believed in the Scamdemic were disgusted by that level of cowardice and hypocrisy.

    2. Night Wind- You are indeed correct on these people- Jordan Peterson, Scott Adams and Doug Wilson - they are all cowards and phony. Are you aware Roosh Valizadeth or popularly know as Roosh V returned to Christianity? He writes about the cult of pick up and the social sexual hierarchy and the danger,

    3. Yep. Roosh is in our Blogroll these days.