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      Josiah Lippincott, one of the rising stars among postmodern 'Conservatives' has graced us all with a rather unique perspective on the immigration crisis. Not that his article makes a lot of sense; but it is the first time I've noticed someone on the Right trying to own those Libtards by postulating that immigration is destroying the environment. We should suppose that Lippincott has some first-hand experience with such matters; he openly touts himself as formerly one of our brave xhes in uniform, so no doubt he's seen first-hand the environmental damage that American 'invaders' have done to other countries. That includes Okinawa where he was stationed.  


     It's always seemed rather paradoxical to my mind that the same people who are the most intent on keeping foreigners out of the United States are the same ones who have no problem with our Military-Industrial Complex battering down other countries' borders and imposing our will on them. It's also an interesting paradox that they endlessly crow about American Exceptionalism but want to exclude anyone who wants to come in peace and share in it.

    Be that as it may, Lippincott opines that: "Since the passage of the Hart-Cellar Act in 1965, which radically overhauled American immigration policy to favor third-world migrants, tens of millions of additional human beings legally and illegally entered the country... Without the Hart-Cellar Act, the United States would have had 72 million fewer people as of 2015. That would have been a much better America." So, in other words, nobody who's come here during the last nearly 65 years has contributed anything to society. Neither have their descendants; and this guy probably wonders why so few young people vote Republican.

    Wait for it though, it gets better: "Immigration radically transformed American society, yes, but it also radically altered the literal American landscape. Mass immigration fueled a population boom on the West Coast that the nation simply does not have the infrastructure or resources to handle." 

   There's an interesting combination of the Postmodern Conservative's vision of the ideal society: a younger population not even reproducing at replacement rates working harder to support an increasing aging population---and doing it with aging infrastructure besides. What's seems to have escaped this nitwit's attention is that since 1965, we've done very little about building infrastructure to accommodate a growing population---or for that matter, even preparing for emergency management. We actually did a lot of infrastructure building between the Civil War and the Vietnam Era. Some of us who are old enough to remember that when Civics was still taught in schools, we learned that building things like bridges and roads were one of Government's top responsibilities. Since then, of course, the focus has shifted to government providing security, and we've spent accordingly with budgets directed at building military, surveillance, security, prisons, propaganda...etc.

    I suppose that having grown up under the Postmodern Security State, Lippincott's mind really can't relate to a society based on actual freedom, using initiative to solve problems, and respect for fundamental human rights. This is one of the dangers of this 'New Breed' on the Right. Not only have they been poisoned with Red Pilled ideology, our generation's failure to teach them American values properly has left them with no frame of reference except to solve problems with force. It makes perfect sense to these types to spend resources on building Border Walls and vastly expanding police powers rather than trying to assimilate people into the American Way so that they can contribute. 

   It ought to be a wake-up call to many of us on the Right, to note that Lippincott is not some random online ignoramus running a Manosphere Alt-RINO blog: he's a PhD candidate from Hillsdale College who has clerked for Congressmen and written several articles in prominent publications---even being promoted as some kind of 'military expert' on Fox News even though he only served four years at a minor post in the Obama-Era woke military. Yet his whole article is one big toxic stew of  'overpopulation' pseudoscience. If it weren't for the very thinly-veiled White Nationalism, it reads like any of the nonsense promoted at the World Economic Forum.

    The American Society of Civil Engineers keeps a running report and a scorecard on American infrastructure. Here's how we score nationwide:

Roads: D. "Over 40% of the system is now in poor or mediocre condition. As the backlog of rehabilitation needs grows, motorists are forced to pay over $1,000 every year in wasted time and fuel."

Bridges: C. "Currently, 42% of all bridges are at least 50 years old, and 46,154, or 7.5% of the nation’s bridges, are considered structurally deficient, meaning they are in “poor” condition...At the current rate of investment, it will take until 2071 to make all of the repairs that are currently necessary, and the additional deterioration over the next 50 years will become overwhelming."

Dams: D. "Over the last 20 years, the number of high-hazard-potential dams has more than doubled." It should be noted that the US hasn't constructed a major dam since 1980.

Transit: D-. "45% of Americans have no access to transit. Meanwhile, much of the existing system is aging, and transit agencies often lack sufficient funds to keep their existing systems in good working order. Over a 10-year period across the country, 19% of transit vehicles, and 6% of fixed guideway elements like tracks and tunnels were rated in “poor” condition."

Water: C-.  "The system is aging and underfunded. There is a water main break every two minutes and an estimated 6 billion gallons of treated water lost each day in the U.S."

    As far as agriculture goes, the fact that Marijuana is our leading cash crop while eggs and butter are disappearing from store shelves speaks for itself.

   This is why Lippincott's solutions are disingenuous. Americans are not being replaced, they are self-destructing. We are reproducing below replacement rates; employers can't find people willing to work; drugs are rampant; half our families are broken; a plurality of young people are gender dysphoric and fertility-rates among the young are declining while stillbirths and infant mortality is climbing; our schools are complete failures. And people like Lippincott imagine that closing our borders and inbreeding with this kind of raw material is going to help. Take a close look at the BLM riots raging (again) this weekend. Do you see Africans, Haitians, or Jamaicans leading these rampages, or are they Americans born, raised, and educated here? Or Antifa: how many of their ranks are filled with immigrants? I don't see the foreign-born leading the charge for homo 'equality' or burning churches over "a woman's right to choose." 

    If anything, we need new people here---people seeking freedom, people willing to work and build families, people with new ideas and sense of community who haven't degenerated into what our culture has. If we closed our borders what could we build with anyway? We've reported the numbers here: 1/4 men under 30 still live with their parents and aren't even seeking marriage. 1/5 pregnancies end up in an abortion mill. 1/6 Americans between 18-30 identify as non-binary. 1/8 men aged 15-30 have insufficient testosterone to father children and 1/12 women in the same age group are clinically infertile. 

   People of Lippincott's stripe talk about a Great Replacement---which is really more of a reality in Europe than it is here---but the truth is that the multi-generational Americans are destroying themselves. The threat itself is also widely exaggerated. In Europe, the immigrants are primarily non-Christians from Middle Eastern and Central Asian despotisms; here they are mostly from other parts of the Americas or East Asian countries which have had extensive contact with Americans. These people are not coming here to build new colonies of China or Venezuela---they're mostly escaping failed/failing republics; most of which have (as hard as it is to imagine this) more governmental corruption, fewer personal liberties, and worse economies than we have.

   The idea that somehow, some based and Red-Pilled 'Manly Alpha Leader' is going to return us to the kind of America we had demographically in 1950 is an illusion. Lippincott's article is just another attempt at scapegoating immigrants for our own failures to uphold a free market, self-government, or even sustain ourselves as a society. 




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