Monday, January 30, 2023


      So, we've probably already heard that the intrepid crew at Project Veritas did another sting operation: this time getting a top official and known pervert at Pfizer to confess to corrupt dealings there. This lead to one of those gay moments and an awful scene and brawl in a posh New York City restaurant.

    Before the scuffle, the twink confessed to all manner of serious probable Crimes Against Humanity---most of which we likely all suspected. The Corporate Media and their bogus fact-checkers scrambled to do as much damage control as possible, with Pfizer already reeling from another largely under-reported scandal in India. In India, Pfizer's case wasn't helped much when one of its high-profile spokesmen suddenly died of COVID (although fully vaxxed). Fortunately for Pfizer, the American Media is most accommodating and a suspiciously well-timed police shooting and subsequent series of riots distracted Ameroboob attention from their crimes.

    The Global Times, however, (the official news outlet of the Communist Party of China no less) did an editorial on the Pfizer/Project Veritas incident which is worth a read. If Americans still had a sense of national shame, getting called out by the Communist Chinese ought to be a national disgrace; especially considering that China's Media was tougher on Pfizer than ours. 

   Has the American Media asked anything like: "The video has sparked wide public concern with over 41.2 million views on Twitter alone. Walker also bluntly said in the video that COVID is going to be a "cash cow" for Pfizer for a while going forward. Is Pfizer really manipulating COVID-19 for profits and does it in secret? How far has the research gone? What risks will it bring? The public naturally has many questions and demands answers. However, most of the US and Western mainstream media outlets and US politicians have collectively kept mum on the issue revealed in the video...In the face of public doubts, shouldn't the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), lawmakers and the media conduct further investigations and give the public an explanation?"

  Well? Shouldn't they? 

   I would think that scores of millions of Americans---not to mention foreign citizens in countries where Pfizer operates---deserve more of an explanation than a hand-waved 'fact check' and an official denial from Corporate HQ. "Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News, was a rarity among US media persons on this issue as he touched upon the topic. 'In this country, drug companies spend more on lobbying the Congress than any other industry, a lot more than any other industry and they don't do it by accident. They do it because it pays off,' Tucker said.  According to data from Pfizer, more than 4.3 billion Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines were shipped to 181 countries across the world by the late of 2022. Not long ago, Albert Bourla, Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer, encountered a series of tough questions from a journalist about the efficacy of its COVID vaccine on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting." 

   Outside of Tucker Carlson---who the Whacko Left and their RINO enablers have been working feverishly to deplatform---what other prominent American journalist has bothered to say any of this? 

  "Western media doesn't speak for truth, but is profits-oriented," a Chinese expert who requires anonymity told the Global Times. "Everyone knows that major American pharmaceutical companies and capital-controlled mainstream media are inextricably linked by interests. The silence of many media outlets in face of the video once again reflects the hypocrisy of US media."

   Anyone care to dispute that statement? 

   I'm not trying to come across as pro-China or sympathetic to authoritarian Communism here: but we Americans really need to stop and reflect as to whether or not things like our vaunted 'free press' and 'medical freedom' is really working out better than their alleged opposition. If we've reached the point where we have to consult the Communist Party of China to get reliable news, then it ought to be obvious that our Media is badly broken. 

   Big Media and Big Pharma get away with this stuff because of a combination of the apathy and the opportunism of the American public. Many don't care and many want to control the narrative themselves, so incidents like these are the result. Imagine if Mike Wallace and the 60 Minutes news team of the 1970s had done what Project Veritas did and it ended with a homo meltdown in a restaurant after confessing to bioengineering deadly viruses. How would our parents and grandparents have reacted? Would it get sloughed off with a big yawn? 

   I think not. I think that Pfizer stock would have crashed; Congress would have been convening hearings---including calling the CDC, FDA, and NIH on the carpet---and characters like this Jordan Walker would have been sitting in jail (where he belongs). But that was then, this is now. Now, the Corporate Media makes major scandals into minor incidents (and vice-versa) while the Wall Street Robber Barons and their paid satraps in Government go laughing all the way to the bank. 

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