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      There's not much dispute among anyone cognizant of the facts, that postmodern Western Culture---the Anglosphere specifically---has been denigrating and depreciating masculinity to the point where it has become an actual social crisis. A little over a decade ago, the Manosphere came into being online to help support men, especially the younger ones who've grown up in an atmosphere of discouragement; without positive role models or sources of reliable advice. Sadly, the Manosphere's good work has been hindered largely by a collection of de facto cultists who've invaded the space with scammers, 'pick-up artists,' militant incels, misogynists, white supremacists, and all manner of other moonbats. 


    There's really nothing new about what these 'Red Pilled' types are teaching. During the Early Roman Empire, the poet Ovid wrote a PUA manual called The Art of Love. After Caesar Augustus read it, he banished Ovid to the Asiatic Border, saying that he could preach his ideals to the Barbarians where they belong. Most of today's Red Pills end up about the same way.

   In the wake of the recent downfall of Red Pill cornball Andrew Tate, his disciples across the Internet have been flooding various forums in his defense. No cultist likes to see their gurus in jail; especially when they've paid a lot of money for online courses teaching them how to be 'Alphas' and not let things like that happen to them too. It never seems to occur to these deluded chumps that all of their various spokesmen seem to come to bad ends. From the deep recesses of a foreign dungeon, Tate sent word to his loyal followers:

  Which seems a bit paradoxical coming from a guy who's built a fortune bilking other men to buy all his seminars on how to be a real man just like him, and learning from his experiences. Presumably, he means everyone else's writings and experiences are of no value. However, it is fairly typical of cult leaders not to encourage reading books; because books often have ideas contrary to what we're being told. That's why the 'woke' Left hates books too.

   Norwegian author and blogger Bjorn Bull-Hansen promotes a healthier version of masculinity in his writings and broadcasts. This week, he took these losers to task in a half-hour video

   "There is nothing that is less masculine than getting involved in online disagreements; going back-and-forth in the comments sections, calling other people names; posting internet images just to make a scene or create drama...Traditionally this is something women are said to do: they gossip, and they use bad words about people behind their backs, this not's being a Drama Queen."

    I wish I'd thought of that one. It's probably a cultural oversight: in America, we're so surrounded by Drama Queens that their behavior goes unnoticed. But Bjorn is right: these manly Alpha leaders carry on online like a bunch of fishwives: gossiping, backbiting, finger-pointing is a major part of their personalities. That's how Tate got thrown in jail in the first place: he couldn't resist provoking a spat with Greta Thunberg; and when she questioned his manhood he had such a meltdown that he doxxed himself to the police where he had an outstanding warrant. 

   D.H. Lawrence, an English writer of the last century (now Dead White Male) pointed out that historically when masculinity degenerates, women tend to take on the worst aspects of men and vice-verse. There are only two genders (despite what woke academia says), and Lawrence pointed out the roles might reverse but the polarity stays in place. I've pointed out here many times that most of what we see among the Red Pills is just inverted Feminism. Bjorn continues:

   "These charlatans tell us that if you just pay money for some online courses; you will have lots of money, lots of women, fancy cars. I suppose that you all understand that that's a lie: it's not how the world works; and if you have goals like that I would say that you're not a man, you're a boy and you need to grow up."

  Now there's certainly nothing wrong with men being rich, having a cool car and female admirers; the problem with these Red Pills is that 1) they define masculinity by having these material things; and 2) they teach that good things come without working for them, or producing anything. As proof of this, we probably all know men who live well who are great men; and we all know a lot of them who are the most worthless poltroons. A man's masculinity is not defined by his circumstances. 

  "Masculinity is not easy money, it's not fast cars, it's not about easy women. That's not masculinity. It really isn't. Masculinity is about making an effort, hard work, being empathic and caring for your loved ones. Masculinity is about building, not tearing down. And that's what's important...

  "As a father, I have a daughter and can tell you: if someone like that came here---no matter who he was---he would be physically removed from my property in an instant. That's what fathers need to do; it's part of being a father. And if you'd done your job as a father right, that situation would never arise because your daughter would not be interested in that sort; she would see that that is not a real man, just a stupid moron and she will never get involved with people like that."

   Exactly. Particularly in this country we have a massive failure of fatherhood that the Manosphere over here ignores completely. It's not only a failure of fathers; Bjorn points out (correctly) that there's been a relative silence on the sociopolitical Right when it comes to calling out this kind of behavior. This, sadly, is largely because the Red Pills are politically aligned with the Right, if only as a fringe element; and too many on the Right are willing to sacrifice principle for political gain. In much the same way, they look the other way at the woke behavior of Milo Yiannopoulos, Nick Fuentes, and Bruce Jenner as if the toxicity of their presence was of no importance.

   As expected, several Red Pills appeared in the comments; mostly corroborating with their own words everything Bjorn said of them. What was really interesting was reading some of the female comments, lest any of the lost boys out there imagine that 'getting Game' really impresses women:

I absolutely love this guy. He is educated, worldly and very kind. I learn so much from watching him and get a feeling of calm from his Norwegian accent. Manners, handsome (very!) and intelligence all in one amazing man. I appreciate you, Mr. Hansen.

I agree 100%. I live in near Los Angeles and I haven’t come across any masculine men in a very long time. I rather be alone than be involved with a womanized man

As a woman what I had noticed watching these people's channels, is that there is a key part sorely missing, and that is the fact that these men are not educating themselves and their viewers as to what red flags they themselves as men are giving off. They act like they're perfect, and that women's toxicity is the only toxicity.

You absolutely right, men gossiping is not masculine and is seen traditionally among women, 😫 a lot of men in my life are not masculine, they are lazy and care for nothing. I would like to have met a masculine man but have given up on this in the past few years I’m still young but am prepared to be alone than settle for a man who is a drama queen. ⭐💛

Never heard about Manosphere before. They seem scary, weird.

As a woman - the manosphere has infected the minds of men - making them dangerous to interact with if you are a woman. They seem to enjoy out right disrespecting women and think it is funny to do so. They don't even have a basic level of decency or maturity. An immature man who thrives on petty drama and enjoys 'hating' women is not a safe man to be around. The manosphere has reduced men to silly little boys. And has driven a wedge between men and women. Just wanted to say thank you for being a voice of maturity and reason. We need this now more than ever.

So true. Real women want real men. Thank you!

Unfortunately for Tate and his followers, it doesn't seem that their attitudes, posing, and posturing is doing much to attract the opposite sex. Women want men who behave like men and treat women with respect. Working a rockpile in a foreign jail while sending out tweets calling people who can read 'losers' isn't going to impress any normal woman. It shouldn't be impressive to men either.





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