Monday, November 14, 2016


   The corrupt American Academic Establishment became an international laughing-stock throughout the world this week for its reaction to the Trump election. Not only did these crooks organize anti-Trump campus riots, there were some behind-the-scenes policy adjustments which---when exposed by foreign media sources---were roundly hooted by citizens of countries who actually take education seriously.

    RT News reported that across the US, major universities and colleges were "delaying classes and exams, and offering stress-healing therapies after Trump victory." Then, they present us with a humiliating picture of what three decades of dumb-downed schools, dysfunctional family policy, Corporate Media indoctrination, and Political Correctness has actually produced.

    For example, Cornell University set up a post-election Cry-In where university staff provided distraught Clinton supporters with tissues and hot chocolate (all courtesy of New York State and US taxpayers). Cornell has an endowment of over $6 billion and tuition rates start at over $32,000 per year. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg, Keith Olbermann, and Bill Nye are specimens of what Cornell has produced in return for this kind of money.

    At the University of Michigan, exams have been postponed due to post-election trauma. Pyschology Professor John Snodgrass---who draws a $128,000 annual salary at UM, has delayed midterm exams "due to serious stress issues." The University of Michigan has also opened safe spaces where grown men and women are provided with things like play-doh and crayons to relieve their stress.

      "People looked tired." noted Political Science Professor Justin Phillips of Columbia University. "It looked like some people had been crying. The stress was very palpable in the room."  Phillips is a tenured associate professor at Columbia whose most recent 'scholarly' article is titled Gay Rights in Congress. Annual tuition at Columbia starts at $51,000.

     Tufts University, one of the most useless universities in America despite its $1.5 billion annual endowment, offered arts and crafts therapy for grieving students. The University of Kansas offered therapy dogs and safe spaces. Kansas has a $1.8 billion annual endowment, despite scoring in the bottom half of world university rankings. The University of Kansas was much in the news in 2016 after a professor was fired for expressing skepticism about institutional racism in May; and some Conservative students were beaten by a mob in October. Last week, the University revised its speech code to ban the use of gender pronouns.

       A Yale professor who was too ashamed to give his name to RT News after Yale postponed Midterm exams told reporters that he received communications from students who "rightly or wrongly fear for their own families."

       Donald Trump really has his work cut out for him if he hopes to 'Make America Great Again' out of material like this. The American people are going to have to decide to be great against. Trauma and stress? There are videos at places like Youtube site Syrian Girl Partisan showing Syrian women salvaging equipment from bombed-out schools and holding classes by candlelight in caves. Something like 1/5 Syrian children under 12 have lost at least one close family member to Jihadist barbarism. And as a side note, Syrian high-schoolers won seven awards at this year's International Mathematics and Physics Olympiads.

      And all of these American Academic parasites---dumbing down our schools and surfeiting on their bloated salaries---are all wholehearted supporters of Obama and Clinton and their policies in the Middle East.

       The American people had better pulling their collective heads out of their drug-induced stupors, stop listening to all the Corporate Media hogwash about American Exceptionalism and start facing the reality that our elite institutions of higher learning are academic wastelands turning out generations of people wholly unfit for self-government. Let us hope that Trump's promise to drain the swamp starts with emptying the cesspool that has become modern Academia among his top priorities.


  1. What is going on right now is appalling. Have you heard about the "rape melania" thing on twitter? They are also showing that they do not give a crap about rape either - unless it is a weapon they can use against their adversaries.

    Those people are truly sick.

    1. I looked into the "rape melania" thing - it's fake.

    2. Thanks---and also for the heads-up on the Melania story. They truly are sick people; even sicker because they're protesting Trump for things that Clinton was guilty of doing.

  2. Yes, it's all growing a bit tiresome, isn't it? Grow up, get a life people, deal with it. I was pleasantly surprised by this election, but after a few days of outright hostility and tantrums I am becoming ecstatic, deeply enthusiastic and feeling as if this entire country just dodged a bullet. These people are out of control, they are childish, they need a juice box and a nap or perhaps a spanking.

    1. I wasn't enthusiastic about Trump; but it's like both the campaign and post-election events have been peeling layers off the onion showing just how rotten the whole Liberal Establishment is.

      A part of me hopes that some of these college antics were frat-boys who were hung-over from celebrating Trump's victory who duped their Liberal professors into thinking they were stressed. And free hot chocolate's good after a night of heavy partying...