Thursday, November 17, 2016


    One of the extremists mentioned in our last post, Kevin Allred, has apparently suffered further consequences of his online extremism. The Rutgers faculty member, who was proscribed by Twitter for suggesting that White people should be randomly shot, was arrested on orders of his own university on Tuesday.

    A statement from New York City Police spokeswoman Kellyann Ort said, "Rutgers Police contacted the 94th Precinct and requested that a wellness check be conducted on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing White people. Based on these comments, he was transported to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation."

    Allred wasn't banned from Twitter, although his violent posts were taken down. No sooner had he been released from the Psych Ward than he was at it again: "This is ****, and proof positive that Trump's crackdown on free speech has already begun!"

     Sad that a professor at New Jersey's largest university doesn't know that Obama is still the president until January, or that the NYPD and Rutgers University aren't part of the Federal Government, anyway. But it's about typical of effete American universities these days.

      Meanwhile, over on the Far Right, Manosphere Red-Pill Cult blogs Vox Populi and Chateau Heartiste ran articles displaying a suspiciously similar pair of alleged Twitter posts---which were supposed 'proof' that Twitter tolerates so-called 'Hate Speech' against Whites, but not against minorities. 

       Assuming that the alleged posts were real and not---as is likely---photo-shopped by some Game Cult fanatic, they prove nothing about Twitter political bias. Twitter appears to be directing its efforts against spamming offensive speech rather than blocking it. This hasn't stopped the Alpha Bully-Boys from playing the Victim Card, though.

     Heartiste had a total meltdown, which probably should earn him a trip to Bellevue as well. "White Americans won't put up with this ********* much longer!" he screeches, "The anti-White Left knows this and they won't relent...They will simply crow victoriously behind an impenetrable mass of brown and black shock troops! If the Left looses their precious open borders and mass non-White repopulation, they are staring down the business-end of a noose!"

      Vox Day penned off a series of racially-charged articles, inexplicably between some posts written in foreign tongues (the anti-immigrant, English-only Vox apparently has double-standards of his own with multiculturalism). Vox declared that the Racial Détente was over and that believers in his Cult shouldn't care what others think of them. That position is, of course, making a virtue of necessity for most of the Red Pills.

        It really is beginning to appear that the Trump victory is pushing extremism out of the mainstream---again against the conventional wisdom. Twitter's moves seem to be an indication that general social trends are moving against the extremes.



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